9 Best Job Sites for Digital Marketers in India

digital marketing job sites india

Opportunities don’t come easily! You have to be patient and prepared all the time so that you can grab them whenever they come on your way. The best digital marketing job portals in India will help you step on to these opportunities and become a competent and professional internet marketer in the coming days.

After all, the key to success is in the launch-pad!

Look around you; we are midst this novel Covid-19 global pandemic. Moreover, this is perhaps just the first phase of it, a dry run, maybe the tip of the iceberg. A greater economic crisis and a dreadful recession are just around the corner. In the wake of all these catastrophes, making the right professional move can propel your career a long way or can cut it short abruptly.

A perfect digital marketing job portal can help you understand your real potential as a digital marketer, and also allows you to discover the best designation you deserve. As they say, put the right people in the right spot, and both will flourish together.

With thriving opportunities in the digital marketing domain, a large percentage of job seekers and working professionals are willing to try their luck in this field. Perhaps, more than ever. However, digging the internet randomly will only throw you down in a pool of works where you might not find anything worthwhile.

So, if you want to see yourself associated with the top digital marketing brands and agencies in your city, then this post is here to guide you through.

Here, I will be discussing the various scopes, digital marketing can provide to young professionals and experienced ones, and also the designations you can look out for. Moreover, I will be helping you with the list of 9 best digital marketing job sites in India that can kick-start your internet marketing career in a jiffy.

So, step on to this bridge, as these job portals for digital marketers can quickly connect you with the best agencies and right internet marketing job roles.

This might be the first crucial step to start your digital marketing career. So without much ado, let’s get started.

Why Should You Choose Digital Marketing As A Career Option?

Let’s just face the facts. An economic crisis is looming over us, and a terrible recession might just start knocking at the door any day. If you are starting up your career now, evidently, things might not get so smooth ahead of the curve. But, don’t get frightened or morose just yet! Instead, all you need to do is, choose a sector that can give you rapid career growth along with a lot of learning opportunities.

In this respect, digital marketing is perhaps the best career choice for you!

In today’s world, a brand cannot thrive without the help of digital marketing, period! Gone are the days when businesses could use the same hackneyed methods and get their desired sales numbers. With several modern and tested digital marketing processes and strategies, a brand will not only prosper in the global market but will surely fetch the best return on investment (ROI).

Moreover, the digital marketing domain has a number of job roles that work together towards the success of a brand’s internet marketing campaigns. This gives a golden opportunity to recent graduates and young professionals to start their career in digital marketing and learn a lot at the same time.

In this post, I have listed some of the best internet marketing job sites that can help you get on-boarded in some of the best digital marketing companies in this country. Even if you are looking for a digital marketing internship offer at any reputed firm, these job portals can tie you up with the right ones.

Just search for your preferred digital marketing job role along with your specialization, location, and experience, and they will fetch the best possible results for you to take the next big leap in your professional life.

The Various Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India

India is indeed one of the most prosperous countries when it comes to digital marketing. Here internet marketing holds an immense possibility of future growth, thanks to its ever-increasing number of internet-base and startup and e-commerce companies.

Statistically, India is currently the second-largest online market in the world. It already has around 564 million active internet users, which is estimated to reach 600 million by the next year. With such a colossal number of internet users spanning from various social media platforms to e-commerce websites, India is definitely the dream place to start your career as a digital marketer.

Wondering about digital marketing career opportunities and job roles? Let’s take a look at them below:

SEO Executive

Without proper keyword research or user experience optimization, the process of SEO cannot function. This can be possible only with the help of a competent SEO executive.

He/she will make sure that the website and contents attain top rankings on search engine result pages. With the help of a number of tools and optimization techniques, the SEO executives will keep search engine optimization campaigns up and running as per the SEO guidelines.

Content Writer

Content has always been the king when it comes to digital marketing, period.

The sole job of a content writer is to create comprehensive and insightful contents on compelling topics for its employer or end clients. This includes blog posts, articles, landing page contents, product descriptions, press releases, and many more.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Without the right social media strategy in place, there can be no branding for your product. Getting people talking about your business or brand is the goal here. And social media marketing (SMM) experts can do exactly that.

The SMM professionals will be responsible for managing social media content strategy and will work closely with the content marketing team. He/she will also be in charge of optimizing various social networking platforms and running and boosting profitable ad campaigns.


The job role of a digital marketing copywriter will be to provide fresh and compelling ad copies to the search engine marketers. He/she can also be accountable for helping social media managers with better posts and creative ideas for the campaigns to make them more engaging and profitable.

Conversion Rate Optimizer

Without a high sales conversion rate, any form of a digital marketing campaign is nothing but a big fat failure. This is where the conversion rate optimizers (CRO) step in. No less than an art, the CRO will help increase the conversion ratio in every single stage of a marketing campaign.

These experts work in sync with various other DM departments and consult strategies to leave no stone unturned to improve the conversion rate. He/she will also be a deft professional in using multiple conversion rate optimization tools that will produce the best ROI.

And a few more digital marketing job roles at different stages of one’s career:

  • E-commerce marketing executive
  • Facebook Ads expert
  • PPC executive
  • Inbound marketer
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Email marketing expert
  • Digital marketing analyst

And the list goes on.

Now, are you ready to find your new job?

If yes, here are the top digital marketing job sites you should start using from today to get hired by one of the best internet marketing companies in India:


digital marketing jobs naukri job portal

Let’s begin with the most popular digital marketing job site in India. Founded in 1995, by businessman Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Naukri holds the top spot among all the employment portals in India.

If you are looking for the best organization to start your career in digital marketing, then this is perhaps your best bet. With more than 50 million registered users and over 15,000 resumes uploaded daily, this is as good as it gets.

Digital marketing jobs on Naukri.com job portal

Digital marketing jobs: 34,000 plus
SEO jobs: 12,000 plus
PPC jobs: 8,000 plus
Content writing jobs: 7,000 plus
Social media jobs: 18,000 plus

  • Here you can streamline your job search and get connected with the top digital marketing recruiters and agencies near your city.
  • Enter your digital marketing skill-set and find the company and designation that you have always been looking for.
  • Naukri can also provide you with effective suggestions for resume writing and can help you with tons of certified courses.


digital marketing jobs indeed job portal

An ideal digital marketing job site should also have the maximum reach. The more widely spread it is, the better opportunities it can generate for its job seekers. Indeed is one such job portal in India, which has tremendous reach as it currently operates in 60 other countries and in 28 different languages.

Founded in 2004, this is one of the most preferred job sites among digital marketers in India. It is easy to use yet very much different in design compared to other internet marketing job portals.

Digital marketing jobs on Indeed job portal

Digital marketing jobs: 7,000 plus
SEO jobs: 4,000 plus
PPC jobs: 1,000 plus
Content writing jobs: 4,000 plus
Social media jobs: 8,000 plus

  • Indeed combines job listings from multiple recruitment firms, company career pages, websites, and other job boards.
  • Now, just create your Indeed resume and apply directly for the various digital marketing jobs of your choice.
  • Know your future employer beforehand by reading the company reviews and the salary structure within the job portal.

Monster India

digital marketing jobs monster job portal

Monster India is one of the premier job sites for internet marketers in the country. It uses advanced algorithms, the latest technologies, and features that make job searching easier and effective.

It holds a huge database of top digital marketing recruiters, which makes it easier for you to search and apply to several digital marketing vacancies that match your skillsets. The site was officially started its operation in 2001, and currently, they are operating in 11 major cities in India.

Digital marketing jobs on Monster India job portal

Digital marketing jobs: 9,000 plus
SEO jobs: 7,000 plus
PPC jobs: 9,000 plus
Content writing jobs: 3,000 plus
Social media jobs: 2,000 plus

  • The job searching options are very user-friendly and can provide the best results based on your location and skills.
  • Find the top recruiters of your city and get free job alerts on selected jobs.
  • Get some constructive career tips to start your digital marketing job hunt, and even know how to negotiate the salary.
  • Your digital marketing resume speaks for yourself. You can avail their resume writing service and turn your resume much more convincing to your recruiters.

Times Jobs

digital marketing jobs times jobs portal

Times Jobs started their journey in 2004 and is owned by The Times Group. Much like their slogan, they also believe that every employee is worth more and deserves the best opportunities.

Digital marketing jobs on Times Jobs portal

Digital marketing jobs: 42,000 plus
SEO jobs: 2,000 plus
PPC jobs: 37,000 plus
Content writing jobs: 28,000 plus
Social media jobs: 16,000 plus

  • With the use of their latest technology, Times Jobs lets you browse through a broad range of digital marketing job postings.
  • Use dedicated tabs to quickly find the best jobs in your preferred digital marketing segment.
  • You can also find opportunities to connect with the top digital marketing staffing recruiters of your city.
  • This job site also connects various clients and employers through social media.


digital marketing jobs shine job portal

Shine is one of the most innovative and fastest growing online job portals in India for fresher and experienced digital marketers. Started up in 2008, they have come a long way so far and introduced a completely new approach to job hunting compared to other job sites in India.

Digital marketing jobs on Shine job portal

Digital marketing jobs: 45,000 plus
SEO jobs: 7,000 plus
PPC jobs: 1,500 plus
Content writing jobs: 3,500 plus
Social media jobs: 6,500 plus

  • This job portal allows job-seekers to tag their social media profiles with their digital marketing resume.
  • Thanks to the integration, candidates can receive much better job opportunities near their location, even among their peers.
  • With more than 15000 companies on board, you can search for your preferred digital marketing agencies in a few clicks.
  • Search with your key internet marketing skills and discover new job vacancies that match your profile.


digital marketing jobs linkedin

LinkedIn is perhaps the best job portal for mid-level digital marketing professionals in India. It also works as a social platform where you can connect with numerous recruiters and employers from different top-notch digital marketing companies.

Digital marketing jobs on Linkedin

Digital marketing jobs: 13,000 plus
SEO jobs: 9,000 plus
PPC jobs: 2,000 plus
Content writing jobs: 7,000 plus
Social media jobs: 16,000 plus

  • Millions of companies use Linkedin for sourcing the right digital marketing candidates. So it’s really easy to locate the top digital marketing employers and job opportunities.
  • Connect with the HRs directly, follow the companies, and get the latest updates about their recent job vacancies.
  • Set up your profile and share details of your education, professional qualifications, job roles, projects, achievements, testimonials, etc. And finally, your contacts will do the rest.
  • LinkedIn also allows you to update your profile to Linkedin Premium if you want to increase your profile visibility in order to connect with more potential employers.
  • Using the premium feature, you can access tons of digital marketing courses on Linkedin, which are led by various experts from different fields, including SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, etc.


digital marketing jobs internshala job portal

If you are an under-graduate digital marketing fresher and looking for the best startup or agency to kick-start your professional journey, then this is one of the best job portals you must try.  InternShala is a wonderful platform to discover paid internship opportunities that allow students to get internships in various reputed firms in India.

Digital marketing jobs on Internshala job portal

Digital marketing internship jobs: 1,300 plus
SEO internship jobs: 200 plus
PPC internship jobs: NA
Content writing internship jobs: 1,700 plus
Social media internship jobs: 1,400 plus

  • It provides students with opportunities to intern and earn back.
  • InternShala works as a perfect launchpad for them who finished their digital marketing training but not yet completed their graduations.
  • This site has a quick search feature that gives you the best internship opportunities by stream and location.
  • Apart from regular digital marketing internship opportunities, you can get a lot of “work from home” jobs in different fields of internet marketing.
  • You can also avail of their career tips and training programs on domains like digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, etc.

Make Intern

digital marketing jobs make intern job portal

Make Intern is another top-rated internship portal for fresher digital marketers in India. Using it, you can quickly search for new internship opportunities in various digital marketing agencies and startups in your city.

  • Make Intern allows you to apply for three types of internship programs, including office internships, virtual internships, and campus internships.
  • Apart from these, the site lists various categories and locations that you can select to discover the most suitable internship program.
  • The company also conducts various workshops that you can opt in to upgrade your digital marketing skills.


digital marketing jobs letsintern job portal

Are you looking for the best winter or summer internships on digital marketing this year? LetsIntern can make it happen for you. If you want to start your career in the digital marketing industry, then this site can give you some of the best results.

  • It allows you to search for the best digital marketing internship programs in your location.
  • You can discover loads of new internship opportunities based on the skillset you possess.
  • With 22,000 onboard companies, you can just browse with your desired organization and start your career in a few steps.


I know, one question is popping up in your mind. With the Coronavirus outbreak still continuing and an impending economic crisis on a global scale, is it a wise decision or the right time now to look for jobs in the digital marketing domain?

My unbiased answer to this question would be YES!

Digital marketing is an industry, which will emerge stronger than ever when the crisis will be uprooted. Moreover, almost all small or big digital marketing brands are functioning remotely with their full capacity as their employees are delivering their services from home.

And with the economic crisis around the corner, many traditional professions might need to undergo certain changes and corrections. In that respect, digital marketing is way more immune. In fact, this is one of those few domains, which can always cope up with the ever-changing market conditions.

So head straight to these job portals and find the best launching pad to start or boost your career as a digital marketer. These job sites also allow you to learn new skills and understand the art of approaching a job. In India, where recession still is a burning issue, these digital marketing job platforms can work as a silver lining for you.

Also, if you have recently changed your industry to digital marketing or joined your first internet marketing agency, please feel free to tell us about your job-hunting process. Our readers will like to know how you landed in your first digital marketing job, which portals you used, which one of them got you the final breakthrough, and of course, how you prepared for the digital marketing interviews.

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