how to write compelling job descriptions to attract marketing pros

How to Write Compelling Job Descriptions to Attract Marketing Pros

We live in a marketing age where brands win by competing on creative advertising. Today, it doesn’t really matter how good your product is and how much it costs. If your marketing team designs an effective branding strategy, people will buy your product at any price. The only problem is that it might be challenging…
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time tracking tools

10 Best Time Tracking Tools and Time Tracker Apps of 2021 for Digital Marketing Freelancers

Time tracking is a crucial thing for digital marketing freelancers, professionals, and businesses. It not only helps them work more efficiently, but it has a technical side as well. They often need to create invoices for their clients, indicating the hours it took to finish a particular job or proof to the man-hours mentioned in…
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emoji marketing - how to use emogy in marketing

Emoji Marketing: How to Use Emoji in Marketing – Are We Speaking the Same Language?

In this era of digitalization, where people are constantly texting each other through messaging and social media apps, Emojis have become a part of everyone’s life. Emojis are everywhere, text messages on messaging apps, emails, social media, online ads, and more. You can communicate your expressions with anyone anywhere through emojis. Emoji lights up a…
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digital marketing companies chandigarh

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Chandigarh Promising Best in Class Services

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has taught us one very important thing, among many other crucial things, and that is: there’s always a way! What was considered absolutely absurd even in the last year is now the “new” normal, and we are still counting! Much like everything else, digital marketing practices have gone under some corrections…
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benefits digital marketing career india

15 Most Significant Benefits of a Digital Marketing Career in India

They say only imitators go with the flow; creative people carve their own path. Well, but there’s another saying, “sometimes it’s fun to run with the pack” So what’s your philosophy? It’s hard to choose between these two, isn’t it? Both are subjective and appeal to a certain mindset! But what if you get an…
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how to get your first digital marketing job in india

How to Get Your First Digital Marketing Job in India – 15 Tips to Thrive

Digital marketing is a booming industry in India and around the world! Wait, hold on. I bet you’ve heard this loads of times! But what about the digital marketing job opportunities we have in the country? How can you get your first digital marketing job in India? That’s something we are going to talk about…
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digital marketing companies bhubaneswar

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Bhubaneswar Offering Premium Internet Marketing Services

In this article, you will find top 10 best digital marketing companies in Bhubaneswar, which offers full-stack digital marketing services to companies and brands worldwide. When it comes to business, growth matters the most. You can’t just opt for some marketing gimmick and expect to earn a high Return on Investment (ROI) in the long…
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