Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Instagram

business needs to be on instagram

As soon as it became a thing, Instagram caught the eye of every marketer out there. Right from the start, it was clear that it had great potential and that it could be a powerful marketing tool. And not much time passed before this became a reality. Now, businesses of all kinds use it to expand their presence and visibility. If you do everything right, you can get plenty of followers, and you don’t even have to spend money to get them. But those are just some of the reasons your business needs to be on Instagram. There are a lot more of them, and today, we’ll take a look at what those are.

And it’s not like you can choose if your business is or isn’t for Insta. If you’re not onboard yet, you’re doing your company a great injustice. And to better understand why this is, let’s learn a thing or two about the platform.

What is Instagram?

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, you probably heard of Instagram. It’s a wildly popular photo and video-sharing network, and there are all kinds of content you can make for it. Besides sharing photos and videos as posts on your profile, you can also take advantage of Stories, Reels, and IGTV videos. All of them come with their own set of benefits. But if that isn’t enough, you can even use the app to shop directly from e-commerce brands.

So, there’s a lot of variety all around this social media platform, and that is a great thing, but it might come as a surprise. However, when you learn that Facebook owns it, it’ll all make much more sense.

On top of all of that, Insta has more than one billion active users. That alone should be a good enough reason for your company to join the fun. But if you still aren’t convinced, here are the things you should consider before making the decision.

It Offers the Potential Reach Like No Other Platform Does

As we mentioned, more than a billion people use the network. Of course, not all of them use it daily, but 500 million people do. And with that many eyeballs at your disposal, you can do pretty much whatever you like.

If you find a way to create exciting content and present your company in the proper manner at the same time, there’s no limit to your success. You’ll reach more people than you ever thought was possible, and if you know what you’re doing, you’ll sell more than you thought you would. With the right strategy, you can win every field of the game.

It can Work for Businesses of Any Size

With so many users to market to, it’s not a surprise that Instagram is popular for all kinds of businesses. Both big, well-known companies and small shops love it and use it, and that’s not by accident. It has something to offer to everyone.

Of course, even the large companies have to work their way up. They don’t get followers just for having the account, but these big players have whole marketing teams working for them.

For a small company, things do look a bit different. You’ll have to put in more effort on your own, and that can be tiring. To raise brand awareness and reach your target audience, you need to be present at all times. Not only do you have to post every day, but your content must be interesting enough, so the people want to see it.

On the other hand, some Instagram tools and plugins can help you achieve your goals. So, if you’re going to do it yourself, don’t be afraid to try them out.

You can Make Money Directly from Instagram

Another one of the reasons your business needs to be on Instagram is that you can make money from it. Let us explain what we’re on about.

Over the years, Instagram evolved, and now we can make on-platform e-commerce sales. Users have the Shop tab on their home dock, and they can use it to discover new brands and buy things from them without ever leaving the app.

And for businesses, this is a great way to make use of those shoppable posts. You can tag your products in your posts and include links with the product description and price in them. If the users like what they see, they can click ”shop now”, which will take them to your online store.

As you can see, it’s not hard to attract actual sales from the site this way. People actually like to buy things through social media. It’s convenient for them, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of that.

Reach New Audiences through Instagram Ads

While we’re on the subject of buying and selling, it’s a great time to talk about Instagram ads and all the things you can use them for. And one of the first things we want to point out is extending your reach.

The ads for Instagram are customizable and trackable. So, if you have a new product, you can target the audience that you think will love it and track how they react to it. You’ll collect valuable user data that will allow you to promote it the right way in the future. Learn how to make engaging ads, and you’ll sell plenty of things through the platform. But you can also use it as a tool to test your marketing campaigns and use what you learned on other social networks.

Stories can Get Your Brand Closer to Your Customers

If you care about your business, you want your customers to know that. You should show them that you’re not just a faceless corporation but a group of people who do something they believe in. And one of the main reasons your business needs to be on Instagram is that it enables you to do this. Of course, you can use many of the app’s features to get there, but stories and live videos are the two that are the clear choice.

Use stories to show how things look behind the scenes in your company. Familiarize your followers with your processes and the people who work there. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Show how your products are made
  • Take a video of your employees interacting with each other
  • Give your followers a tour of your office building
  • Do a live Q&A session

The possibilities are endless, really, and whatever you do will build trust and credibility with your followers. You’ll show them that there’s a human side of your company, and they’ll relate to that. If they feel for you, they’ll be much more likely to give you their money, and that’s what it’s all about.

You can Partner with Influencers

We can’t talk about social media and not talk about influencers. These people are internet celebrities, and if they promote a brand, that alone can take it into the mainstream.

Of course, they have a huge following, and they won’t provide their services for free. However, influencer marketing isn’t a new thing. So, you’re probably aware that working with them can be a worthwhile investment.

You can get access to demographics that you couldn’t reach otherwise, and a big plus is that someone they trust is an advocate of your brand. If the influencer does their part of the job well, you’ll get plenty of new customers right at your door. And the better-known the person you use is, the more potential customers you’re presenting yourself to. If you open up for the best in business, you can reach millions of new leads in a matter of hours.

If you’re working with more than one influencer, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Moreover, it can be tricky to get in touch with the people you want to work with if they’re too busy or find them in the first place. It’s a good idea to use influencer marketing tools to help you put all of those things under control. There’s no point in making it more difficult for you than it has to be.

Instagram Hashtags Make You More Visible

If you’re starting a new business, you might be a bit scared about how everything will turn out. No matter what you’re into, competition is fierce these days. However, hashtags can help you separate yourself from the rest of the herd.

Start by researching the hashtags popular in your industry. Be sure to include them under your posts to get that initial influx of followers. But when you see the number of new follows dropping, it’s time to invent your own hashtags.

Think of something innovative and easy to remember. Coca-Cola struck gold with their #ShareaCoke, and Calvin Klein didn’t do much worse with #MyCalvins. Now you need to think of something specific for your brand. Spend enough time on it, and a hashtag can bring your company closer to customers than any marketing campaign.

Instagram Lets You Engage with Your Customers

One of the biggest reasons your business needs to be on Instagram is that it makes it easy to engage with your customers. People love to share their opinion, especially if they like something. And on Instagram, they can share your posts, like, and comment on them.

The more engagements you get from them, the more visible your brand page will become. Invest in high-quality photos and fun-looking videos to get the most attention. And if you want to take it a step further, post quizzes and ask questions that your audience can answer in your stories. If you can connect with them on an emotional level, they’ll be much more likely to buy something from you.

It’s Made for Smartphones

For a long time, Facebook and Twitter were the kings when it comes to social media platforms. However, both of them have started as browser-based sites, and in today’s world, that can be a problem. You see, more than 68% of the internet searches in 2020 were conducted on phones, which is a clear indication that smartphones are killing desktops.

And when people use their phones, they spend most of their time on apps. Of course, both Facebook and Twitter now have dedicated apps, but Instagram is made to be viewed on the phone. It’s a lot less cluttered, and people love it because of that. Maybe that’s why it records a lot higher engagement scores than both of the networks we mentioned.

All in all, phone users like using Instagram more than any other social media app, and that’s why your business needs to be on it.

You can Keep Your Eye on Competitors

If you want your potential customers to choose you over your competitors, you have to offer them more value. Instagram is great here as you can use it to keep an eye on your competition and see how they handle things. Track how they engage with their followers, see if they’re giving anything for free, and always know what kind of strategy they’re going for.

This kind of information can help you build your own tactic that will get you in front of them. If you can sense their next step, you can take advantage of it and offer something similar or even better before they do. If you play your cards right, you can beat them in their own game.

Final Words on Reasons Your Business Needs to Be on Instagram

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons your business needs to be on Instagram. People pay attention to it more than ever, and it seems that the trend will continue. It’s threatening to become the most powerful social media platform there is, and you can’t afford not to join it. Take what you learned here and build your Instagram presence. Establish your brand as a leader there, and customers will start coming through your doors. That, we can promise you.

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