How to Write Compelling Job Descriptions to Attract Marketing Pros

how to write compelling job descriptions to attract marketing pros

We live in a marketing age where brands win by competing on creative advertising. Today, it doesn’t really matter how good your product is and how much it costs. If your marketing team designs an effective branding strategy, people will buy your product at any price.

The only problem is that it might be challenging for you to attract marketing pros to your company. Global skills shortage is growing, and, as a consequence, competition for top talents is getting more intense.

Do you want to attract and hire marketing experts who know how to take your company to the next level? Write an irresistible job description that will stand out from the pack. Here is a guide on how to do it right.

Analyze Available Job Descriptions

Before you start writing a job description for your company, visit job search websites and check jobs published by other companies looking for marketers. It will give you an idea of what you should specify in your job description to grab the attention of top talents.

Your main task is to present your company and the vacant position better than your competitors do. You should find the right words to convince marketing pros that your job opening is worth considering and applying for.

Be Honest

Your job description must be relevant to what you can offer. Don’t promise that you will provide a high salary or any other perks if you can’t afford it. Don’t write it for the sake of grabbing attention.

You expect that applicants will not lie on their resumes, don’t you? Job applicants expect the same from you. Be honest with your prospective employees – it’s an essential step in building a healthy work relationship.

Be Specific

If you want to find the right marketing experts for your company, you should list specific requirements and provide project details. Are you looking for an expert in Google Ads, Facebook advertising, or influencer marketing? Do you want to promote your brand locally or globally?  Do you target teenagers, adults, or seniors? The more information you provide, the more likely you will win the attention of the right marketers.

The thing is that marketing pros know their value and see themselves as experts in specific fields. They are looking for jobs that perfectly match their unique skill sets.

You need to avoid making generic statements like this, “We are looking for a marketing expert”. Instead, you should be more specific, “We are hiring an expert in Instagram micro-influencer marketing who has previous experience with promoting cosmetic brands and engaging European customers”.

Rethink Your Requirements

Probably one of the common mistakes employers make when writing a job description is setting too high requirements. If you are looking for someone with 10+ years of work experience, knowledge of six foreign languages, and experience of using 20+ marketing platforms, you will unlikely receive any resumes. You have too high expectations – experts you are searching for do not exist.

To find a real marketing pro who will agree to work for your company, you should set adequate, realistic requirements. Do you really need someone with 10+ years of work experience? There are many young professionals out there who have just four or five years of experience but have enough knowledge and creative skills to make your company shine.

If you have posted a job a month ago but have received just a few resumes, it’s time for you to revisit your requirements. Eliminate all the requirements that are not that essential for you. It will make your job description more attractive and help you boost your recruiting efforts.

Present Your Company in the Most Favorable Light

Your job description should include some information about your company. You should specify the niche you operate in and mention a few reasons why your company is a great place to work. Here you can write about your corporate culture, industry awards, and the volunteering projects you participate in.

Also, you can state your mission and vision. It will help you attract marketing pros who share the same values as your brand does.

Focus on Real Benefits You Can Provide

Marketing experts get many job offers from different companies. If you want to beat the competition, you should list all the benefits your company can provide.

Firstly, let’s try to figure out what marketing pros are looking for in new jobs. Are they looking for high salaries? Yes, they likely want to increase their income. So if you can offer a high salary, that’s great. But is money the only thing that matters to them? Obviously, that’s not always right.

Marketing pros are also interested in the following:

  • Experienced marketers want to feel valued.
  • They want to have an opportunity to use their creative potentials.
  • They like friendly co-workers.
  • They want to make a difference (for instance, promote a product that will change the lives of people for the better).
  • Besides, they want to have adequate health insurance and more flexibility.

If you run a small business and have limited financial resources, focus on the non-monetary benefits you can provide. For example, if you are ready to approve any crazy marketing campaigns, mention that in your job description. It will help you attract marketers who think outside the box and are looking for a workplace where nothing will hold them back from bringing their unordinary advertising ideas to life.

Specify Soft Skills

As an employer, you should never forget that soft skills are as important as hard skills. It’s not enough for you to find a “marketing pro who knows everything about Facebook advertising”. You need to find a “marketing pro who knows everything about Facebook advertising AND who will be a perfect fit for your company”.

How can you describe an ideal candidate for an open position? If you want this person to have high leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, or other specific skills, make sure to specify that in your job description.

Structure It Properly

Marketing pros are busy people. They don’t have time to read each and every job description they find online. In most cases, they quickly “scan” the text for relevant keywords. For instance, if a marketer is interested in a remote job, he will check whether the job description contains the words like “remote position” or “remote work”.

If you want to grab and hold job seekers’ attention, you should make your job description easy to read and easy to scan. You should add headings and subheadings for different sections like “About the Company”, “About the Position”, and “Qualifications”. Also, you should use bulleted lists where possible. It will help you create a clear structure of the job description and engage more job seekers.

Proofread It

Keep in mind that top talents do not tolerate bad grammar. Spelling errors and typos increase reading difficulty and lower perception of credibility. It means that if your job description contains typos and spelling errors, job seekers will doubt the credibility of your offer and the trustworthiness of your company.

We highly suggest you double-check the correctness of your writing before posting a new job description online. If you are not an English native speaker, you should consider getting proofreading help. You can use tools like Grammarly, an online grammar checker. Once you polish your job description, you will attract twice more candidates.

Create Different Job Descriptions for Different Platforms

Keep in mind that if you are going to market your job opening via multiple platforms, you should create a few versions of the job description. For example, suppose you want to publish a job description on your website or LinkedIn profile. In that case, you should exclude information about your company because it’s already accessible for job seekers.

If you want to present a job opening on Facebook, you should write a shorter description and use informal language. It will allow you to maximize your social media recruiting efforts so you can find suitable candidates faster.

Keep Your Tone of Voice Consistent

The tone and style of your writing should match the overall tone of your brand voice. Let’s say you run a digital marketing startup agency and target generation Z; you’ve defined your brand voice as friendlily, playful, and quirky. Now, if you write your job description in formal language, it will not work in your favor. It will be difficult for marketers to understand what your brand is all about.

To communicate your message clearly, you need to maintain a consistent brand voice. If you write a job description in a friendly, informal tone, it will help you attract the right target audience – marketers who want to work for innovative, youth-oriented startups. In other words, if you highlight the authenticity of your brand, it will be easier for you to find like-minded professionals who will be happy to join your team.

Keep It Short

Some employers and recruiters wrongly believe that they will attract suitable candidates if they add as many details to the job description as possible. But the truth is that lengthy, too detailed descriptions work less effectively than shorter ones. As we have mentioned above, marketing experts are busy with work and private life. They will not waste their time reading the long texts in your job description.

The right strategy here is to provide prospective candidates with the basic information and encourage them to contact you to learn more about the open position. Don’t overload your job description with too many details – focus on a few key points to create intrigue and curiosity.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t really matter whether your company is big or small and whether you can offer high paychecks. If you write a compelling job description and present your project the right way, you will grab the attention of marketing pros and convince them to join your team.

Use this article as a guide to crafting a winning job description, and you will not face challenges with recruiting top talents.

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