Why Digital Marketing is a Better Career Option for New Grads and Working Professionals

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The professional world is a cutthroat place where you can easily be left far behind or end up as roadkill if you do not make appropriate choices along the way. It’s competitive and has no place for error if you want a stable income while doing a job that you like and enjoy.

Well, I don’t want to be the harbinger of ‘doom and gloom’ for all the fresh-faced students who are about to enter the professional realm, but let’s face it, it is true. Only those who dare to think something different and out of the box are successful and satisfied enough to live the “professional” life and tell the tale.

Having a job that fulfills your soul while earning you enough money to enjoy the finer things in life may be the ultimate dream of all students, but only a small percentage of them are able to achieve it. Most of them enter professions that reward them with nothing but everyday 9-5 drudgery, a yelling boss whom you can’t satisfy even after selling your soul to the devil, and a job with no satisfaction in doing it.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But if you ask job-goers around you then you will find 90% of them giving you the exact same response.

So, now the question arises, if you are a student, on the cusp of entering the professional world, what to do differently so that you get counted in the remaining 10% of the professionals who enjoy what they do while having a stable income.

Well, one such career option that is surely a rising star in all the professional fields, and has no chance of losing its shine in the near future is ‘Digital Marketing’.

With the internet being an important and necessary part of our life, digital marketing has bolstered its position as a career that is exciting as well as very rewarding.

How you ask? Let’s see.

Digital Marketing is a Relatively New Industry

The explosion of the internet is not a very old event and yet, people all over the world have taken to it like a duck to water. We now need the internet for almost all things. From buying household grocery items to selling used goods, from learning online to paying utility bills, it’s all possible online.

Whatever you buy online, someone is selling it online. And whatever it is that you sell online, you need marketing for it. So, digital marketing encompasses a whole lot of avenues that were not open before. Every digital marketing professional can use their creativity and passion for doing some or the other form of digital marketing. For example, if you are a good writer, try content writing or if you are a good designer, then you can go for graphic or web designing.

So, that solves your dilemma of not liking the job you do.

Digital marketing is a relatively new industry and so it has an abundance of opportunities when it comes to professionals who are just starting out or for those who want to make a career switch. There is no hard and fast curriculum that you must have mastered and had a degree of it hanging on your wall, to venture out in digital marketing. It is a career that teaches you what you need along the way.

With the majority of all businesses already engaged in digital marketing, getting an opportunity in this career is not that difficult. Plus, it is a career that earns you really well. If you know what you are doing and can pursue that, then you can grow in this career faster than fungi on a wet wall.

A very yucky visual but true nonetheless.

Learning new things and applying them in real-time and seeing your hard work bringing fruit is a gift that few professionals get rewarded with and as a digital marketer, you can be one of them.


Digital marketing is a career that is not constrained to a specific location. You can be anywhere in the world while doing your job thus giving you the flexibility that very few jobs can offer. This is the ultimate career for becoming a freelancer without the yoke of any office or boss to pull you back.

With many reputed websites catering to freelancing, finding freelance digital marketing jobs that are perfect for your skillset is easy. You can work when you want, where you want, and be your own boss.

Another important aspect of freelancing is that it is a valid option for everyone. From an experienced professional to a newbie, if you have a skill set you can get work. The wages may vary according to your skills and experience but that is a given. You can work your way up to a higher wage as you gain more experience and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Be a Blogger Extraordinaire

Blogging in your own niche is a lucrative and very coveted career. But most of the time, even after dedicating energy and time, the result is a big fat zero. You must have wondered what is it that separates you from the successful bloggers.

Well, the answer is that you are just a writer who has a passion for writing but a successful blogger has all that, plus he is also a proficient digital marketer.

Being a digital marketer will open your eyes to how the blogging industry works. Especially how to make people notice what you are writing by promoting it and knowing what to do to make your efforts a resounding success.

With the exclusive knowledge of a digital marketer, gradually you will be able to make your blog the talk of the town, become an authority in your niche and earn big bucks too.


If you are one of those people who watch pictures of places far and wide with a longing eye, then you better start thinking seriously about taking up digital marketing as a career. It will give you the opportunity to become a digital nomad and live a laptop lifestyle. Doing your job that is stable and well paying while roaming around the world can be your life. And who doesn’t want that?

So, students as well as already working professionals, you have an awesome opportunity to get the most out of your life and your job if you opt for digital marketing. Are there struggles and hardships in their career, of course, there is. Achieving something doesn’t taste as sweet if there aren’t a few roadblocks to overcome on the way. But the results here are very rewarding and will give you the fulfillment that most careers can’t even begin to deliver.

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