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digital marketing growth opportunities india

With 1.3 billion people, India is one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world and the digital lifestyle is becoming an integral part of Indian society and economy. About 25% to 40% in annual growth of digital marketing in India indicates that a lot of businesses are now relying on digital marketing. As per the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) prediction, India has crossed 500 million internet users by June 2018. This staggering number has widened the scope and demand for digital marketing professionals since the year 2018.

The Indian Express reports predict that by 2020, there will be tremendous growth in the digital marketing industry and demand for expert digital marketing professionals would rise exponentially. This increases the future scope and overall digital marketing progression in India. After the UK and USA, India is the largest online shopping country that deals with many big-brand and medium-sized e-commerce businesses. It is expected that in the coming years the majority of businesses in India will rely on and incline to internet marketing. Naturally, this will ensure a huge demand and growth in the scope of digital marketing in India in the near future.

It is expected that by 2020 the majority of the Indian brands will have and expand their online presence. And obviously, these companies will create a lot of new digital marketing job opportunities available in the industry. These opportunities will certainly tend to scale up India’s economic expansion and also help India to reach a 5 trillion US dollar economy by 2025.

The Evolution of the Digital Marketing Industry in India

India has always relied on traditional ways of marketing such as door to door advertisements, word of mouth publicity, radio ads, TV commercials, print media promotions, etc. Previously, brands and marketers used to invest heavily in physical marketing, and skilled and unskilled manpower to promote their products and services. But in modern times, the easy-access of the internet and the ever-growing user demand of computainment (computing + entertainment) devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. have increased the usage of internet-based marketing. And day by day this is penetrating deeper in the market making it brands’ first choice.

In India, the digital marketing industry started to pick with the entry of Indian e-commerce players like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc. These e-commerce websites along with other big internet startups like RedBus, Zomato, OYO, OLA have permanently changed the digital marketing landscape in India. This caused a steep rise in the number of people picking up smartphones for online shopping, home delivery services, internet banking, and other online activities.

Ever since digital marketing has become mainstream in India, the tools of marketing have changed. And now it is much easier to reach a larger segment of the audience with minimal efforts and investments. As the number of internet users keeps expanding, digital marketing is more likely to spread its wings wide and far.

How Digital Marketing is Transforming Businesses in India

Not only big organizations but over the years, the digital marketing industry has prospered and brought a large percentage of local businesses online. This happened due to its ability to flourish brands and create a global network even for the small businesses internationally. Digital marketing is very much about influencing the audience online with multiple mediums of content to increase a brand’s awareness among the consumers. Today, the majority of the business in India prefers digital marketing over other traditional marketing channels, and even the startups are launching their business using out of the box internet promotions.

The availability of multiple online marketing platforms eases the process of branding and marketing for every business. Creative contents on the internet that showcase ideas and products through images, videos, texts, etc. leave strong marks in people’s minds that ultimately translate into their living. Companies don’t require deploying large manpower to go physically into the market and promote the products or services.

Internet marketing offers a wide range of powerful, economical, and contemporary mechanisms and mediums of marketing. Every type of business, be it a tech giant or a small restaurant chain, all are now opting for digital marketing because they know that this is the proven platform for the upcoming years.

The Emergence of Digital Marketing Professionals and Agencies

With more and more businesses are looking for creating an online brand image and reaching out to their global audience, the technicalities around internet marketing are also changing frequently. Websites, blogs, videos, paid campaigns, SEO strategies, social media marketing, etc. have penetrated deep into the market that influence one’s presence on the internet greatly. As a result, it needs well-equipped digital marketing agencies and professionals to create marketing strategies that will empower a brand and help it stay two steps ahead of its competitions.

Over the last few years, digital marketing freelancers and agencies with deep insight into the subject-matter have arisen to fulfill the needs of domestic and international clients. With par excellence knowledge, profound skill set, creative thinking, and the experience of what will work for a business online – these experts are the true flag-bearers of digital marketing in India.

Digital marketing is a big umbrella term under which several technical, as well as non-technical skills,  are covered. The industry has created a variety of career opportunities for individuals who seek employment and want to display their talents in the fields of web designing, web development, SEO, social media marketing, brand consulting, content writing, graphics designing, etc. As the digital marketing industry expands in India, the demand for creative experts in the field is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Promotion of the “Digital India” Campaign By the Indian Government

To transform the entire system of public services using digital technologies, the Government of India had launched the “Digital India” campaign in 2015. This futuristic initiative by the Indian government has a vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered e and knowledge hub.

Ever since the launch of “Digital India” as an initiative to improve the online infrastructure and digital empowerment, it has resulted in a rise of active mobile users, internet connections, social media traffic, etc. The Indian government has launched many projects like “Startup India”, “Make in India” under the “Digital India” initiative for the digital empowerment of common people and businesses in the country. As a result, even the small businesses in India are getting used to technology, though it’s going to take some time for them to get acquainted with various functionalities and usabilities of internet marketing.

With the rapid increase in the internet and mobile users, the opportunities are not only available in Indian metro cities but also accessible in tier two cities and small towns. The government’s e-marketplace is seeing a considerable rise in its analytical graphs and has also come up with the application for employment programs in various fields of digital marketing.

The Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India

The return on investment (ROI) for businesses through digital platforms has exceeded that from traditional marketing. Today companies are shifting towards a more digitally empowered set-up to make the most of the golden period of digital marketing that India is going through right now. The majority of the Indian population is more likely to make purchases online through e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. as these online shopping platforms are making waves with their influence over the market.

In spite of this digital wave and govt. initiatives, India still has about 2/3rd of her population with no access to the internet or smartphones. As the access to the internet rises over a larger population in small towns, remote areas, and villages, India will witness a revolution in terms of digitalization that will soon make India as one of the largest digitally empowered economies in the world.

Today news, entertainment, sports, shopping, business, social awareness, education, career, etc. in India are getting more dependent on digital platforms for generating revenues, educating people, and sharing information. As a result, digital marketing is increasingly becoming a promising industry with rapid growth and increasing influence that ultimately is boosting India’s economy and overall progress.

Wrapping Up

The scope is becoming wider and broader when it comes to digital marketing growth in India. As per the experts and professionals, digital marketing will remain as one of the most powerful ways of marketing in the future.  But as the dynamics of digital marketing is changing every day, a digital marketer has to be creative and adaptive to the latest changes, technologies, and tools. Not only that, the digital marketers of today and tomorrow will have to foresee changes and implement them before the changes actually happen in order to get ahead of the competitions.

Moreover, today or tomorrow all businesses in India have to be well-versed with digital marketing in order to present the business in the global marketplace. Not only businesses but also the job seekers who are looking for career opportunities in this field must build digital marketing skills in order to find ample job opportunities in almost all the Indian cities.

This traditional to digital marketing shift is bound to happen more in the coming years. More and more brands will adjust and incline their marketing budgets towards digital marketing and the traditional offline marketing avenues will no longer be preferred. India, being the 7th largest country in the world in terms of size and 2nd largest in population will have a huge base of internet users in the near future. As more people have access to the internet, the need for internet marketing and skilled digital marketers is bound to go up.

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