9 Ingredients You Must Keep In Your Perfect Digital Marketing Résumé (CV / Biodata)

perfect digital marketing cv résumé

A piece of A4 size paper cannot write your future. Absolutely! But this A4 size piece of paper can put you one step closer to getting your dream job. Yes, we are talking about your résumé!

If you have always wondered how your entry-level digital marketing CV (curriculum vitae) should be, then voilà! You have knocked on the right door.

Your curriculum vitae is your first presentation about yourself. Before even uttering a single word, this is the brief introduction that you put forth about yourself. If you are a digital marketing aspirant, looking to start your career in this domain of endless possibilities, then preparing a proper résumé is the first and foremost important step for you.

But what are the things your digital marketing biodata should reflect about you?

In a word, it should show your eagerness about the job profile and how competent you are for the position!

Your entry-level digital marketing résumé should make a well-organized and attractive presentation of all the hard work and preparation you have done prior to this interview.

In this post, I will be sharing some actionable tips to keep in mind while preparing your CV for the digital marketing job profile.

When it comes to your résumé, Unique and personalized one works the best. It must stand out from the bunch of other A4 papers that the recruiters will lay their eyes on.

So without any further beating around the bush, let’s get started.

Objective as a Digital Marketing Professional

The job you are applying for is in the digital marketing domain, so your CV should reflect all your objectives as a digital marketing aspirant. Your résumé should be based on this simple equation.

To put it simply, your CV should echo all the key-facts about you, which answer the employer’s query, “Why should we hire this guy?”

From the top corner of your biodata, it should have elements that cater to this initial query. Let them know what are your goals being a digital marketer? Where do you want to see yourself in the future? What is your view towards the digital marketing industry, and why?

Most of the employers will only have a minute to spare on your CV (some of them even may have less). So, bullet points are very useful in capturing their attention. You should mention all this information in a crisp and concise manner so that it immediately strikes them.

Also, make sure to mention your motto in life or the philosophy that drives you to become a better professional irrespective of any field. After all, they are not hiring a machine, they are hiring a personality.

Be careful, though. Your motto may reveal a few characteristics which can form an impression of you on their mind.

About You as a Digital Marketer

Your curriculum vitae should introduce you as a focused and motivated digital marketing aspirant and not just any other job applicant willing to start their career in any field.

The approach should be much more direct and should present your determination and hard work to get into this field. The “About You” section must have a personalized touch towards the job profile. What do you expect from this job? Why have you embarked upon a career in digital marketing and not any other? And what are your fortes?

With all this information mentioned in an attractive way, the employer will have a primary impression about you. And indeed, this can be an excellent start to the interview.

Cracking the digital marketing interview is your final goal here. So with the résumé, you can guide the conversation accordingly. Your CV will act as a supporting document to all your claims, staying there as a navigator towards the finishing line.

Certification/Courses on Digital Marketing

Just stating your aims and objectives are not enough, one must provide supporting evidence as well. Hence, never forget to mention all the details of your certifications and courses that you have completed on digital marketing.

Without a solid strategy and hard work, you cannot just jump-start into a field and become successful. There are numerous fantastic digital marketing certifications available on the internet, which can provide you with a fundamental understanding of how the digital marketing field works. You can even go for specialized digital marketing courses, focused on each aspect of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click ads, content writing, email marketing, and so forth.

The certification and course details will show your eagerness and knack for this domain. After all, every recruiter and hiring manager look for self-motivated, go-getter professionals who would develop themselves every day to perform their jobs in the best possible ways.

Mention all the details of your certifications and courses, and of course, the final outcomes. To put it simply, brief the proficiency you have achieved along with the documents, for their better understanding.

It would be even better if these courses and certifications are aligned with the job profile you are applying for.

Bottom line:

The preference of your candidature will be elevated.

Internships Done in Digital Marketing

This is another crucial aspect of your digital marketing CV, which plays a vital role in your selection. If you are appearing for the first-ever interview on internet marketing, then a digital marketing internship is perhaps the best possible trump card you have in your arsenal. It shows the hands-on experience you have acquired in this field in a professional environment.

When most digital marketing freshers start from scratch, with an internship experience in your kitty, you can easily have an upper hand over them. Training and grooming such a candidate would be much easier for an organization compared to a complete fresher. Trust me; every employer takes that into account!

Also, your digital marketing internship experience can help you cope up well with your new job role. Plus, thanks to your previous certifications, courses, and hard work, you can now adapt to your job confidently.

So make sure you apply for a few good digital marketing internship programs, as they may really help you in the long run. There are dozens of digital marketing job portals like Internshala, LetsIntern that can get you the perfect internship opportunity with some of the most well-known digital marketing agencies in your city.

If cracking the interview is like a race, then your internship details can give you a much-needed heads-up!

Blogs/Websites You Are Running

Being a digital marketing aspirant, you should have one place where you can implement your digital marketing skills consistently to practice them and simultaneously test the results. In other words, you should start your personal blog or a website that you can manage to supercharge your SEO, social media, PPC, and email marketing skills.

This is like a shining sword in your armory, the best asset you have developed to date. Mention the name in your CV along with the current stats of the blog or website.

However, remember, having a website or blog is one thing and maintaining it following the proper digital marketing techniques and guidelines is another ball-game altogether. Hence, state the current stats as well so it becomes legitimate and also proves your real potential as an entry-level digital marketer.

Interviews are all about impressing your employer in the best possible way. And needless to say, your personal blog or website is a great space to showcase your digital marketing prowess.

Maintain them with the knowledge you have gathered from your certified courses and internship and let the stats do the rest. It will boost your confidence and present a great example of your potential before the recruiters.

End result: You might just get the opportunity to work for the company’s digital assets.

Digital Marketing Skills You Have

Usually, one can choose two different approaches to prepare the ideal résumé for digital marketing job interviews. You have to select only one based on your experience and candidature.

If you are a fresher with little to no job experience apart from the digital marketing internship, then you should go for a much more functional approach that will emphasize more on the digital marketing skills you have hard-earned so far.

Here you can list the certifications and courses along with all the digital marketing skills you possess. The orientation should be eye-catching so that the interviewer gets an overview of your digital marketing competence even at a glance.

On the other hand, if you have a little bit of professional experience in digital marketing, and are now looking for a better opportunity to propel your career further, you should go for the reverse chronological format where the emphasis will be on your real-work experience.

Here as well, your digital marketing skills need to be highlighted, but they should be presented in the backdrop of your previous work experience. Mention your job roles and the responsibilities you were entitled to, and it will automatically support your skill-set.

You can also keep a few of your work samples handy in case you need to demonstrate something right in front of the interview panel. This will vouch for your competency as a digital marketing candidate even more.

A few Internet marketing skills that you must include in your digital marketing biodata.

Achievements as an Entry-Level Digital Marketer

Actions speak louder than words.


Your own work as a digital marketer is perhaps the best spokesperson for you. No recommendations or buttery words can testify to your skills as your own work can.

So the best possible asset on your résumé is, your achievements as a fresher digital marketer.

Hence, decide on a space on your biodata that will hold the details of some of the stupendous projects you accomplished as an entry-level digital marketer, along with the testimonials you received. After all, it’s the users who can give you the final verdict.

Mention the key digital marketing skills you have implemented for the success of the project. And also the functional aspects to which you have catered to. In such scenarios, a digital résumé can be very beneficial as you can quickly share accessible links so the recruiters can check out your work without much hassle.

You can also mention the accolades you received for your outstanding contributions from the organization you have previously served as a digital marketing intern. Additionally, a couple of testimonials on Linkedin from a few seasoned internet marketers could be a real game-changer for you.

So the point is, let your work vouch for your digital marketing competence!

Do Check the Curriculum Vitae Design, Use Sufficient White-Space, and Take Care of the Font and Formatting

What pleases the eyes pleases the mind as well. This same concept goes for your curriculum vitae as well. If it doesn’t look good, if it is not eye-soothing, it may leave no impact at all, no matter how much impressive details you have managed to compile there.

Other than the information and contact details, the presentation of your digital marketing résumé also needs to be ideal. You have to follow a compelling layout and even think about the perfect font for the different sections of the CV.

Like what should be the ideal font for the heading, the style of the bullet pointers, the size of the text, and even the ratio of white-space to make it look more organized and less-cluttered; you need to ponder over all these aspects before deciding the final CV design.

If you don’t have much idea about all these aspects, feel free to get in touch with an expert, and follow the suggestions. After all, you will only have a few seconds before the employer moves on to the questioning part, so make it count!

Proofread Your CV

Who would want to have a negative remark in an interview for a mistyped word? Not a very good idea, I guess. That’s why proofreading your CV is a must before taking the final draft with you for an interview.

Remember, being a digital marketing aspirant, your language skill could be tested right on your résumé and cover letter. Besides, staying neat and cautious is always a virtue. Having a lousy yet inadvertent typing error or a misprint will immediately create a repelling effect from the employer, resulting in an unsuccessful interview.

Make sure to thoroughly proofread the final copy or even use some tool to check the grammar and spelling. Essential details, like phone number, email address, residential address, cannot be corrected using tools. Hence, you have to be meticulous in proofreading them by yourself.

One wrong digit on your phone number or an extra letter on the email address can cost you dearly. Therefore, proofread the biodata carefully and avoid such ghastly consequences.

Bonus Tip: Digital CV

Imagine a knight without his shining armor! It seems odd, right? A digital marketing interviewee without a digital curriculum vitae will look something exactly like that! Incomplete! Much like the Knight’s armors, a digital CV is an essential asset for a digital marketer’s profile.

Apart from that, it packs a ton of benefits for any digital marketing aspirant. A digital CV is very easy to carry, and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in some way or another. Just keep a back-up somewhere, and you are good to go.

Unlike the paper one, here you can put multiple links to your social media handles, your accolades, digital certificates, work examples, personal blog, and what not! These links can redirect the recruiters to the desired pages within a jiffy! Imagine the impression it can create!

Also, you can tweak the design of your CV anytime you want to make it tailored for an interview, and updating or changing any information becomes equally effortless.

A digital curriculum vitae is smart, resourceful, and adaptable!

Just like an ideal digital marketer!

In a nutshell:

I believe the above discussion has given you enough ideas to start brainstorming about creating your perfect entry-level digital marketing CV. As mentioned above, always keep in mind the 9 ingredients that you must keep in your digital marketing résumé.

Always remember to add all your essential details like your contact details, email address, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profile links, etc. You never know where the door might knock again, and you’ll get a ping on LinkedIn. Staying accessible is essential; your CV (especially the digital one) can be the bridge for that.

This piece of paper will actually mean a lot to you, so make sure to be diligent in your approach.

Did I miss anything in the above list? Well, let me know your views in the comment section below, and we can have a healthy exchange of ideas and tips for digital marketing interviewees. Also, feel free to share your thoughts on an ideal digital marketing résumé. Remember, exchanging is the only way to become better informed and help each other.

Till then, Best of Luck!

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