7 Ways Content Repurposing Help You Build a 360-Degree Online Audience

content repurposing

Have you ever thought, why in spite of producing contents diligently, you are still lacking visitors to your website and suffering from a low rate of conversions?

The answer to the above question is simple: you are not promoting yourself enough.

In today’s digital market, getting more content out is not the ultimate goal. The goal is mainly to get the already published content available to more of your target audience through any means necessary. And the best way to make it happen is through content repurposing on various other online channels, social media platforms, where your target audience is most likely to hangout.

Content repurposing is a well-known secret that marketers employ to drive a constant flow of traffic to their website. All you have to do is create a high-quality content keeping repurposing in mind and then let it do all the work for you, again and again.

Ingenious, right?

But, what is content repurposing?

Repurposing content is all about restructuring, reframing, and recreating your primary content into multiple formats like videos, slide decks, infographics, social media imageries, podcasts, etc. to distribute them on diversified online channels. The sole purpose of doing this is to attract more visitors from varied online mediums to the website, retain them, and finally reap more sales.

Now let’s see where you can publish your repurposed contents besides your own blog and website

  • You can transform your article into a video and post it on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. to entice audience and customers who are cozier watching videos than reading a long post.
    According to Social Media Today, marketers who use videos grow 49 percent faster than non-video users.
  • Similarly, you can convert your content into a presentation and publish it on SlideShare and similar websites. Venngage found, audiences respond and engage best with highly visual slide decks.
  • Infographics are powerful. And you can indeed create a stunning, informative infographics from your text content and pitch it on several blogs or websites that frequently feature infographics. You can also publish them on visual.ly, venngage.com, piktochart.com, infogram.com, etc.
  • Highlight a few significant points and stats from your content and recreate those as social media pictures. You can post them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to name a few. 90 percent of social media users reach out to retailers and brands on social media.
  • What about podcasts? Yes, you can certainly create a podcast (the audio of your written content) and air it on several podcast sites like SoundCloud, iTunes, Anchor.fm, Buzzsprout, etc. According to MusicOomph, there are 700,000+ active podcasts in 2019 with more than 29 million episodes. Broadcasting niche relevant podcasts has several benefits on content marketing and lead generation.
  • Bundle up your popular contents into roundup-posts or publish as resource-hub or e-book.
  • Apart from these depending on your products or services, using your primary content you can host live videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and communicate directly with your audience and prospective buyers.

Besides these, there can also be a lot of other unique ways to repurpose content that you can brainstorm and then add to your content marketing plan.

The point is, don’t be satisfied with the web traffic that you are already procuring at your website and instead try to reach more audience through all social media platforms and online channels available on the internet. Maybe a content that you have published so far has been a masterpiece, but it had not received its due attention and applause. Repurposing the same content will give it a second chance to shine and make your brand excel along with it.

Content repurposing can enhance your brand’s marketing, save you time, strengthen your online presence, make you stand out as an authority in your field and so on. So, you get a chance to focus on the sales part of your business without stressing more about new content to write.

Just change the format of your evergreen content according to the guidelines of the platforms you are planning on sharing it on, and voila! You have various repurposed contents ready to hook more people in and thus, increase your brand awareness.

Now that we know what is content repurposing and how powerful and awesome it is, let’s delve a little further and find out in detail what are the benefits attached to it and how you can use to it to boost your brand’s marketing.

Boosts the SEO

Different pieces of the same content scattered throughout the internet-verse will give you more opportunities to target your desired keyword. Being present on various platforms will increase the organic ranking of your website as well.

Moreover, by posting the repurposed content on various other sites and online platforms, you get a healthy boost of backlinks to your website. More authority backlinks mean more audience likely to know you and reach you. All these without even writing new content, imagine that!

If you are worried about your website getting penalized by Google for duplicate content, then don’t be. As Neil Patel states “Google and the search engines reserves the right to penalize your website, only if you’re excessively copying blog content in a manipulative manner.

seo duplicate content

So, if you are repurposing your content to increase your brand awareness then Google is smart enough to distinguish that from manipulation.

Helps You to Reach More Audience

By distributing your content on various platforms, you are more likely to catch the eye of more of your target audience.

attract more audience

When you focus on posting content only on your business website or blog, you will be able to generate traffic, sure but from a limited source. But with content repurposing and publishing it on several other platforms, you will be able to use the same content and draw in more audience from diverse online channels and platforms. The more the number of people watches and reads your content, the more visibility and recognition your brand will garner.

Target those social media platforms and domains where you are likely to be more visible to your target audience who may not have heard of your brand yet. Getting more eyeballs on your content and your brand is your mission and content repurposing will help you with that with minimal hassle. Cast your net wide and multiply your chances of lead generation and conversion.

Expands Your Follower Base Across Multiple Platforms

Would ‘Tom Cruise’ be ‘The hottest action star of all times’ if his movies were only watched by Americans? Of course not. He got the title of an internationally acclaimed actor because his movies are watched and loved by movie-goers all around the globe.

Make your brand the “Tom Cruise” of the Digital Market by expanding your follower base globally through as many online channels and social media platforms available to you. You do that by content repurposing of course. It saves you time and from a whole bunch of other headaches while taking your marketing game to the next level.

You can easily mold a written content into an infographic, convert them into podcasts, transform it into a video or a presentation, or just plain old update them with new content. All of them work in driving more traffic to your primary website as well as increase the follower base of all the platforms you are publishing them on.

We are talking about followers in blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, iTunes, and many more. This way you are not only gaining the attention of the audience who like to read your painstaking articles but also those who like to listen to podcasts or are more partial to infographics or videos. You are accessible to all types of content consumers.

Revitalizes Your Old Content

Why did you think Disney remade ‘Lion King’ again even though the older one was their most successful movies of all times?

Simple, more adulation and of course more profits.

Disney gave new life to an old favorite using newer technology and more pizzazz which not only made fans jump with joy but also made the movie one of the highest-grossing films of all time with a whooping earning of 2.8 billion dollars.

So, what did we learn from Disney? Let’s break it down.

With the enormous amount of content that people consume in one single day, it is natural that your older posts, though being good and popular, are bound to lose its shine along the way. There are new and interesting things coming up daily and you always will have the opportunity to update on your already well-liked content.

grow followers

Make an updated and a snazzier version of an old favorite post and publish them in different formats across multiple platforms and online outlets. It will help you blow new life to an old post and also establish you as an authority on that subject with the additional, updated information that you are providing to your audience.

When you are writing content, you have no control over how it will fare in the digital world. It can be a hit or a total miss.

Say, Lady Luck overlooked a content that you published with big hopes and dreams, what will you do? Do you let it go to waste? Of course not! You reuse that content and distribute it in different formats across multiple platforms. I guarantee that the chances of it being a hit will be much higher than a miss.

Makes You an Authority in Your Niche

Repurposing a content requires less effort or time than creating an original content but its impact is massive. You are not only increasing the visibility of your brand but also establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

How? Let’s see.

By repurposing your content most effectively, you are establishing yourself as the master of marketing by bringing in more followers, generating sales leads, and raking in profits. You will become an example your fellow business owners will follow to repurpose their content.

build your authority

Plus, your brand being visible everywhere thanks to your content available across multiple platforms, your audience will consider you as a knowledgeable source in your niche. This builds trust and credibility as well.

Reinforces Your Message

You must think, what’s the use of repeated posting of the same thing over multiple places? Isn’t it redundant?

No, it is not.

Repeated harping about your message is essential if you want it to stick with your consumers. Most consumers don’t make a purchase after coming across one post or ad. But after repeated sightings of top-notch contents of the same brand on varying platforms, they are finally convinced to make the purchase.

So, spreading the word and being visible everywhere is a major way you can convert a lead to actual sales. Content repurposing helps you with that all the way.

It makes your message stronger and lets it be noticeable to your audience. The more they see about the same theme in various channels, the more they will start to notice it and turn into potential leads.

Maximizes Output with Minimum Effort

Content repurposing is a method, which is like a gift that keeps on giving. All you have to do is create one great high-quality content and then repurpose it to market your brand all over the internet.

No creating different content for different platforms. One will do the work of all. Money saved, time saved in exchange of increased brand awareness thus, sales.

content repurposing earns profits

You can yield more output with the same amount of input. You can stop stressing about what all new content you have to come up with and think up how you can creatively repurpose your already popular content to increase sales. Very little can beat that.

Summing Up

Content is a big tool in your marketing arsenal and you should use it to its maximum potential. For content repurposing, focus on the older popular posts and whip up ways to repurpose them. And going forward, always create content keeping repurposing in mind. Now, its time to get down in the trenches and start testing how repurposing can help your business.

Do you have any great content repurposing ideas? We would very much like to know them. Hit us up in the comments down below.

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