3 Reasons Why Introverts are More Productive than You

3 attributes make introverts more powerful than you

In the cutthroat world of business, where you always have to one-up someone to stay at the top, being an introvert could sound like being at a disadvantage.

Introverts crave a calm environment; they shy away from big crowds and generally like to spend more time working alone than in a group. Therefore, networking and socializing which is a must-do part of any business are most likely not the strong suit of introverts.

Does this mean that an introvert is less likely to succeed in business or career?

Definitely not.

Famous business personalities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk are self-proclaimed introverts, who have changed the world of business with their innovation and brilliance.

So, it’s safe to say that introverted individuals possess some cool, ingrained talents that make them a formidable adversary in all walks of life. Here are the most significant three abilities of introverts that you need to watch out for.

1. Introverts are Observant, Attentive, and Good Listeners

Where extroverts have the ability to connect with everyone with ease and have no problem being the center of attention, introverts are more likely to stand on the sidelines and observe the entire thing with minimal to no engagement. But the information that they can glean from the whole affair is significantly higher than an extrovert because they are super observant and perceptive of their surroundings.

Observation in the business platform is a highly sought-after skill. It requires patience and awareness which comes naturally to an introvert. So, it already gives them an edge in business.

To possess good observational skills, you also have to pay close attention. Introverts are naturally attentive individuals and they can suss out the finer nuances of any situation or a problem, which is a really handy ability to have.

In any business, listening to your consumer is essential if you want to keep them happy. Introverts are generally good listeners who tend to ask the right questions. They are highly intuitive about what others really want and are much focused on providing them exactly that, if not something better. This quality of introverts makes them really invaluable when it comes to after-sales services and marketing.

2. Introverts Spend A Lot More Time in Understanding, Learning, and Executing

Introverts are not ‘pack people’. They tend to spend time by themselves to recharge and mostly do their own thing. They are blessed with great focus and so, when they set their mind to something, they tend to master it effectively.

Introverts are not huge engagers who spend a whole lot of time with others. Instead, they generally spend that time working out new angles to problems, learning new techniques to solve them and putting their new-found knowledge to good use.

As a professional, an individual has to constantly evolve along with the changing world to remain at the top. For doing that, constant innovation is a must. That’s where the introverts have the greatest advantage.

Most innovators and outside the box thinkers in the business world are introverts. They spend their time coming up with new ideas to create something new or something better than what already exists. They might seem as stagnant individuals, who keep to themselves, sitting at the sidelines. But their minds are in a constant state of motion, churning out new schemes for development and innovation.

3. Introverts can Think and Plan Something Original, and Execute It Independently

Coming up with something unique and fresh is a great boost for any business. Original and unique ideas that can benefit a lot of people are worth its weight in gold. But producing them can be a challenge.

Introverts use their abilities of deep observation and analysis to create ideas that are authentic based on their customer’s requirements and future needs. Their treasure trove of knowledge regarding a topic, which they have honed over-time helps them in executing their ideas flawlessly.

Due to their expertise, they do not need substantial manpower to bring their new ideas to life. They can innovate and create something extraordinary without a whole lot of outside interference. An independent, creative working environment is where an introvert thrives. And the results of such efforts almost always give us something revolutionary.

Take Steve Wozniak for example. An introvert, he gave us the first Apple computer and the gift of personal computing to the world. Extraordinary indeed.

Introverts are mostly ‘quiet’ but for them talking is overrated as they let their work speak for themselves. They do not project themselves as hotshot; instead, they put more emphasis on creating something that can actually be considered as a gift to mankind.

So, next time you are in a meeting, don’t underestimate the silent guy hanging at the corners. Most probably their minds are working on something remarkable that can skyrocket your business to new heights.

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