3 Reasons Why Starting a Blog Being an Entrepreneur, Will Kickstart Your Startup


As an entrepreneur myself, I will let you in on a little secret.

Our life is hard and definitely not as glamorous as it looks from the outside. Every day we fight and struggle and claw our way forward while dealing with issues that overwhelm us and are sometimes way out of our league to handle with ease. But our dream and vision constitute our indestructible backbone, forged in steel that allows us to move forward and never back off.

Yes, we are a different species altogether and we are proud to be a part of it.

All entrepreneurs; let’s raise a toast to our struggles, to our journey, and of course to our achievements.

But no stopping yet! Remember, what made us entrepreneurs is our will to forge new paths, to break the mold, to shape the world, despite our limitations, and on the very top our never-ending curiosity to unravel the unknown.

All entrepreneur has his or her limits. Me as an entrepreneur, too have limits and surely can’t be deemed as “perfect” in any way. But, I was fortunate enough to be aware of them and be privy to the knowledge on how to overcome them. And as my fellow entrepreneurs, I don’t want any of you to miss out on this awesome skill to better yourself.

What is this skill, you ask? Blogging.

I am sure you have heard this term a lot and many of you have even delved really deep into it and now enjoy blogging to its fullest. But still, there are many entrepreneurs who think that blogging is a fool’s errand that adds no value to their business.

But let me tell you; you are wrong.

Don’t fret; you are not alone in this belief. In fact, in the beginning, I too thought the same even though I was a digital marketer myself.

But, it’s better late than never, right. So let’s start blogging today.

Ohh yes, I forgot that many entrepreneurs don’t really venture into anything new unless they can foresee the profit.

So, being the most accommodating entrepreneur that I am, I will now give you 3 solid reasons why you should start blogging right now.

Blogging Makes People Know You

We entrepreneurs at some stage of our journey are lone wolves. At times this can be our strength and again it can be one of the causes for our downfall.

Blogging rescues us from this dilemma.

blogging makes people know you

Blogging lets you express your views, your experience and share with others what you are doing and dealing with currently. This not only gives you a space of your own to air your ideas and views but also allows you to connect with similar-minded individuals and fellow entrepreneurs.

In the long run, the practice of blogging makes people truly know you. And the more people know you, the more profits your business earns.

Besides, by blogging about your hard-earned experience, you are educating and inspiring loads of people who will see you as their role model and business guru. These people will in return spread the good word about you and your business, which will ultimately multiply your profits tenfold.

Blogging Helps You Master The Art of Digital Marketing

If you are a veteran entrepreneur running your age-old business without embracing the new strategies of digital marketing, then you are missing out big time.

Let’s talk about some examples of earning a staggering business profit.

blogging builds digital marketing skills

Are you aware of the young Turk entrepreneurs who sell their products online and reap profit while sitting on a white sandy beach, sipping a pina colada? These gen-x entrepreneurs can even sell their products while asleep.

Ask me how they do it.

Simple! By putting up their goods online and marketing it using the internet.

Internet is like an all-powerful genie! But instead of just 3 wishes, it gives you a hell lot more. The Internet can help sell your products and services to customers online irrespective of your store’s or your customer’s physical location. However, unless you know how to reach these distant customers online, your business sales is definitely a no-go.

So, what you need is some internet marketing skill to rectify this situation.

Believe it or not, but the fact remains that blogging will help you boost your internet marketing skills to a whole new level.

Of course, it cannot be grasped over-night. But if you spend a few of your leisure hours daily on blogging, you can substantially develop your digital marketing skills over time.

And then, my friend, the sky is your limit. You will be able to transform your local business into a global brand and sell your goods to customers who were far beyond your reach earlier.

All thanks to your blogging and internet marketing skills.

Blogging Builds Your Authority

In this internet dominated world customers buy everything from brands, they trust completely. Unless we know the brand or can vouch for its quality, we usually shy away from buying its products.

So, what makes us trust and follow a brand?

Why we don’t prefer purchasing anything from an unknown company and what makes us ready to pay even more money to buy it from a brand we have absolute faith in?

The answer is; the authority of the brand in its niche.

blogging builds authority

So being an entrepreneur, how could we build our authority and grow the trust of our consumers in your brand?

The answer again is blogging. Start blogging and see the magic happen gradually.

When you blog, you publish contents that educate and inspire your audience and customers. Over a period of time, this entices and brings more visitors to your blog (this is from my Favorite Ramit Sethi) and gradually turns them into your followers.

Not only this, but blogging will establish you as an influential authority in your industry, which in return will amplify your sales.

Hopefully, by now I am able to convince you that blogging is the core of your business’s marketing strategy. So, don’t waste any more time and get the ball rolling. Start a blog today and start creating contents that your customers need and want. All the best!

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