List of Top 10 Internet Marketing Agencies in Delhi, NCR Offering Best Digital Marketing Service to Brands

top 10 digital marketing companies delhi ncr

With the rapid growth of the internet in the past few years, digital marketing companies have grown in large numbers in India. There are hundreds of digital marketing startups are blooming everywhere, but not all of them become successful in a long period of time. Many of these companies get unnoticed even before reaching the right audience due to lack of proper planning and strategy.

There is no doubt that digital media today is the best way to reach your customers at the right time and the right place. Not only this, but employing internet marketing in your overall marketing strategies you can target the most relevant customers online, monitor the performance quite easily, scale at any time, and save a lot of your hard-earned money without breaking the bank. However, you have to be very choosy while selecting the digital marketing services as there are numerous digital marketing agencies in the country right now.

So what should be your plan of action before hiring a digital marketing company that will help you reach your goals and be a fit for your budget?

Let’s do a few things beforehand.

  • First and the foremost, define your target customers
  • Know what exactly they want from your business
  • Focus more on giving them a true solution to their problems and requirements, instead of selling them your products
  • Have a clear vision of what exactly you want to achieve by employing digital marketing
  • Consider knowing your whole digital marketing budget
  • And finally, go through this list of digital marketing companies, do your own research, talk to a few of them, and finally select the best one

Here we have carefully shortlisted the top 10 digital marketing companies based in New Delhi that can help your business to outshine your competitors. Hence, if you are doing business in Delhi and looking for a partner digital marketing company this hand-picked list will certainly help you.

So, let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi

  1. Brainwork Technologies
  2. V Spark Communications
  3. BrandLoom
  4. Sterco Digitex
  5. YNG Media
  6. Techmagnate
  7. Markigence Communications
  8. Social Eyes
  9. OMLogic
  10. Flags Digital

1. Brainwork Technologies

Brainwork Technologies provides one of the most excellent digital marketing solutions in Delhi. It offers a far-reaching and influential portfolio of full-stack internet marketing, content writing, web designing, and web development. It is a Google Analytics, ADWORDS, and Bing Ads certified partner company.

Brainwork Technologies works with the motto of providing effective quality services to its clients since its establishment in 2000. It is an ISO 9001-2000 standard company and offered its services to 1400+ major brands like Nokia, Airtel, IIHT Media, Belgium Satellite Services s.a, Hyundai, Nestle, Forexminute, Holiday Inn, Fortis, and many more.

Brainwork Technologies is known for providing services that are technically sound and satisfies the needs of the customers in an affordable budget. Their services include SEO, web designing, web development, internet marketing, and content writing. For more details, you can check out their official website brainworkindia.net.

Branches: Brainwork Technologies has its branches in New Delhi, Gurgaon (Gurugram) in India, and San Diego in USA.

Google Rating: 4.3 out of 5, based on 52 Google Reviews
Facebook Rating: 4.4 out of 5, based on 9 Facebook Votes

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-997-195-5444
Email Address: sales@brainworkindia.net
Website: www.brainworkindia.net

2. V Spark Communications

V Spark Communications is one of the top digital marketing agencies located in New Delhi. It offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions to various brands and businesses with a team of experienced and industry-best digital marketing experts. Since its foundation in 2010, the company has worked for more than 200 brands in India as well as other overseas countries.

V Spark Communications provides services like digital and social media marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, lead generation, etc. according to the target customers of their clients. Apart from offering comprehensive branding concepts and strategies to various renowned brands and start-ups, V Spark Communications believes in building strong relationships with their clients. And this customer-centric approach makes them one of the best internet marketing companies in Delhi, NCR.

V Spark works closely with several companies like Foodpanda, Veative, MediGence, DBEL studio, Royal Plaza, Sparsh, etc. For more details about the company and its services you can check out their official website vspark.co.in.

Branches: V Spark Communications has its branches in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. India.

Google Rating: 3.1 out of 5, based on 56 Google Reviews
Facebook Rating: 4.7 out of 5, based on 15 Facebook Votes

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-901-576-3157
Email Address: connect@vspark.co.in
Website: www.vspark.co.in

3. BrandLoom

BrandLoom is another renowned ROI driven digital marketing service provider that has branches in multiple cities in India including New Delhi. BrandLoom Consulting consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds of technology, sales, and marketing with practical, hands-on, and problem-solving expertise.

BrandLoom takes care of every aspect of internet marketing services including search engine optimization, social media optimization, online reputation management services, mobile marketing, digital advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and customer relationship management.

BrandLoom has worked with several leading Indian & international organizations such as IBM, Infosys, Satyam, Tech Mahindra, Philips, Coats, Panasonic and many more. You can go to their website brandloom.com for further information.

Branches: BrandLoom has its offices in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore in India, in New York City in USA, and in Toronto in Canada.

Google Rating: 5.0 out of 5, based on 1 Google Review
Facebook Rating: 4.8 out of 5, based on 4 Facebook Votes

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-964-382-2434
Email Address: care@brandloom.com
Website: www.brandloom.com

4. Sterco Digitex

Sterco Digitex is a leading digital marketing company in Delhi NCR that provides ethical and proven methods to acquire remarkable online presence for your brand. It is regarded as one of the trusted IT companies that has a strong track record of over 20 years in serving hundreds of clients.

Sterco Digitex is comprised of IT professionals with several years of experience in the field of technology and internet marketing. It provides services on search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), etc.

Sterco Digitex has worked with various well-known brands like NIIT, Hindalco, HCL, Liberty, Amity University, Sharda University, Havells, Rooh Afza, Liberty, Duro, Safi, Eastman, etc. To know more about the company log into their website stercodigitex.com.

Branches: Sterco Digitex has its office in Delhi NCR Noida in India.

Google Rating: 3.7 out of 5, based on 77 Google Review
Facebook Rating: Facebook Votes not found

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-931-558-1875
Email Address: info@stercodigitex.com
Website: www.stercodigitex.com

5. YNG Media

YNG Media is a Delhi based digital marketing company consists of more than 100 experienced digital marketing professionals who have served over 400 clients in India and overseas. Besides, they are well known for procuring best results for their clients.

YNG Media provides strategies that help you get consistent results by boosting your ROI (Return on Investment). To give you an edge over your competitors, It offers services like search engine optimization, display and rich media ads, video ads, pay-per-click marketing, email marketing, etc.

YNG Media gives you flexible, tried and tested, and highly productive digital marketing services, something that sets them apart from other digital marketing agencies in Delhi. Get more details about their company and services from their official website yngmedia.com.

Branches: YNG Media has its office in Delhi NCR Gurgaon in India.

Google Rating: 3.8 out of 5, based on 25 Google Review
Facebook Rating: 4.3 out of 5, based on 38 Facebook Votes

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-921-130-3330
Email Address: connect@yngmedia.com
Website: www.yngmedia.com

6. Techmagnate

Techmagnate is a reputed digital marketing agency based in New Delhi. Since its beginning in 2006, it has delivered successful businesses to its clients from diverse industries. Techmagnate is listed in 65 Google Premier Partners out of 4000 partner agencies in India.

Apart from this, Techmagnate has been bestowed with many prestigious awards for its remarkable achievements in the digital marketing sphere. Like, Top SEO, PPC, and web designing company of the year in 2014 by Silicon India, Best content in digital campaign in 2018 for a Quora based content marketing campaign, #7 integrated search marketing company in India by TopSEOs in 2017, Top 5 SEO companies in India by Silicon India in 2015. Techmagnate is also rated as the Best Digital Agency to work in India by CEO Magazine in 2017.

Techmagnate comprises passionate marketers and certified professionals who are adept at handling all aspects of a full-stack digital marketing campaign. Its internet marketing services include optimization, brand reputation management, website designing and development, pay per click advertisement, content marketing, social media marketing, application development, etc.

Techmagnate has offered its services to companies like Airtel, Bajaj Finserv, Reliance Communications, JK Technosoft, Honda, Fortis Health World, Aditya Birla Finance, Parsvnath, Monster.com, British Paints, etc. to name a few. To know more details and make inquiry visit the website techmagnate.com.

Branches: Techmagnate has their branches in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai in India, and Boston in USA.

Google Rating: 3.4 out of 5, based on 179 Google Review
Facebook Rating: 4.2 out of 5, based on 32 Facebook Votes

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-114-353-4779
Email Address: enquiry@techmagnate.com
Website: www.techmagnate.com

7. Markigence Communications

Markigence Communications is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in New Delhi. Since its inception in 2009, Markigence has designed, developed, and marketed 100s of visually appealing user-friendly websites, conducted loads of social media campaigns, generated millions of qualified leads for several brands in India and abroad.

Markigence provides services on SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, lead generation, etc. under one roof.

It has offered comprehensive digital marketing strategies and solutions to brands of diverse industries such as travel, manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, entertainment, and many more. Till date, Markigence has served many prestigious brands like Maruti Suzuki, Canon, Dabur, Mobipik, PVR cinemas, Lufthansa, Tripaneer, Systel and many more. To get more information about the agency and its all-in-one internet marketing services, check out the markigence.com website.

Branches: Markigence Communications has its office in New Delhi India.

Google Rating: Google Review not found
Facebook Rating: Facebook Votes not found

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-981-826-2677
Email Address: biz@markigence.com
Website: www.markigence.com

8. Social Eyes

Social Eyes is another popular digital marketing agency in New Delhi that offers a whole range of digital marketing services at affordable costs. Since the establishment in 2012, they have built their own position in the world of digital marketing with the help of a team of innovative marketing professionals.

Some of their specialized internet marketing services are pay-per-click management, social media marketing, social media optimization, SEO services, content marketing, blog management, web development, web, and graphic designing, etc.

Social Eyes has clients from diverse industries like hospitality, education, training, travel consultancy, etc. to name a few. It has served companies like Crowne Plaza, Areion Travels, Henry Harvin Education, and Atul Jewellers. Get more details from socialeyes.in website.

Branches: Social Eyes has its office in Delhi NCR, India.

Google Rating: 4.6 out of 5, based on 19 Google Review
Facebook Rating: 4.1 out of 5, based on 96 Facebook Votes

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-976-669-5666
Email Address: info@socialeyes.in
Website: www.socialeyes.in

9. OMLogic

OMLogic is one of the premium online marketing agencies located in New Delhi. It comprises a group of passionate digital marketing professionals and technology experts. OMLogic has worked with brands like HBO, Vivo, Oriflame, Jagran, Wave Group for managing their digital presence. They are also engaged in a variety of activities with NGOs and CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibility) for social media marketing and perception management initiatives.

OMLogic offers services in search engine optimization, paid media campaigns, social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, blogging, email marketing, etc.

OMLogic has partnered with NASSCOM to help them with their social media. They have also worked with the National e-Governance Department, Government of India, as well as Ministry of Power, to promote the Digital India Program. For further details visit their official website omlogic.com.

Branches: OMLogic has its office in New Delhi, India.

Google Rating: 4.4 out of 5, based on 24 Google Review
Facebook Rating: 3.5 out of 5, based on 638 Facebook Votes

Contact Details
Phone Number: +011-400-42551
Email Address: info@omlogic.com
Website: www.omlogic.com

10. Flags Digital

Flags Digital is an all-round digital marketing agency in Delhi, equipped with a team of internet marketing experts and professionals. Flags Digital has been in the digital marketing industry for more than a decade and empowered hundreds of businesses with its top of the line digital marketing services.

Flags Digital’s scope of work includes search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click, remarketing, video marketing, content marketing online reputation management, etc.

Flags Digital team has worked with GBP, VRS Building Community, Window Magic, Aero City, TATA Power DDL, Ansal University, Delhi Public School, Institute of Horticulture Technology, Mynd Solutions, Hope Care, and many more esteemed domestic and international brands. If you like to know more, please check the flagsdigital.com website.

Branches: Flags Digital has its branches in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore in India.

Google Rating: 5.0 out of 5, based on 4 Google Review
Facebook Rating: Facebook Votes not found

Contact Details
Phone Number: +91-931-005-5885
Email Address: info@flagsdigital.com
Website: flagsdigital.com


We hope you will get in touch with any of the aforesaid digital marketing companies to transform your business with a strong online presence in the near future. These are indeed some of the best online marketing companies in Delhi NCR and by collaborating with any of these agencies your brand will stand out from the crowd.

Please give your valuable feedback and let us know about any other company you have worked with that has delivered outstanding marketing results but is not mentioned here in this curated list of digital marketing agencies in Delhi.

PS. – All information, ratings are searched and collected on the date of publishing the post.

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