5 Unused but Powerful Link Building Techniques that You Have Been Missing for Years

link building techniques

Link building still remains as one of the most effective performance-based SEO strategies in spite of a lot of doom and gloom in the SEO world. Many proclaim that link building is dead and it is not a tactic that is worth pursuing anymore. But in reality, it is quite the opposite.

Links obviously are not the sole indicator of a website’s authority and content quality but they do have an impact on organic search results when executed properly.

Google’s algorithms remain incredibly dynamic and are incorporating hundreds of updates regularly. So, stop looking at link building as a static thing to manipulate search engine rankings. Instead, focus on giving your audience value and building relationships within your niche, especially with influencers and industry bigwigs.

The important thing to remember is that each link building tactic should be employed and practiced strategically. When something is difficult it only makes the return all the more rewarding as others aren’t prepared to put in that extra effort.

Below are 5 new backlink building techniques and strategies where all SEOs and content marketers must invest time and resources, and it will certainly bring them a good return over time.

1. Link Reclamation

Link Reclamation is one of the easiest and effective methods that link builders are using to get high-quality backlinks quickly. Well, if you are new to this technique let me just sum it up for you briefly.

Link reclamation is the process of finding and fixing broken links pointed to your website or replacing links that aren’t passing link juice as efficiently as they could. These could be links from your own internal pages or external links that other website owners are using on their sites.

Remove 404 errors

Reclaiming links of your own internal pages is considered to be the low hanging fruits in the link building world. Use web crawler like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, or Deep Crawl to identify broken or dead links on your website. After you’ve got all the links, sort the pages that are returning 404 status codes.

Afterward, just go to the pages linking to those 404 URLs and give them the correct links. Even though it is possible to fix the broken internal link problem via 301 redirects but it is always better to fix the links to make sure you’re preserving the vital link juice.

Unlinked brand mentions

Fixing all your internal broken links is not the only way to reclaim your links. There is a possibility that someone has mentioned your brand, website, or company name online but that is not linked to your website.

So the first thing you have to do is monitor your brand using Google Alerts or any similar tool. Use your company, product, or brand names as keywords in your Google Alerts to know whenever someone is talking about you online. After you find the opportunities just convince the site owner or webmasters to mark those mentions as links to your site since it’s good for their visitors also and benefits both of you.

2. Give Testimonials

Brands love positive feedback and usually take the opportunity to feature it on their website. Many companies offer the chance to say a few words about your experience using their products or services. Not only does it give their website the boost factor, but 84 percent of people trust online reviews written by other consumers.

testimonial link building

So, on one hand, testimonials or reviews add credibility to a brand and on the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for you to get a quality backlink and potential traffic from that site. In that sense testimonial link building is a win-win scenario.

To get started with this type of link building, first, you need to find trusted and authoritative brands that feature reviews and testimonials on their website. But it is not as straightforward as you may assume. You need to make sure that the site is relevant to your business. For an SEO agency, it makes sense to get a testimonial backlink from a branded SEO or digital marketing tool website but not from a kitchen appliance distributor.

Once you find your target, build a relationship with them and offer to write a testimonial. Then ask the business to link to your site when they publish the testimonial on their website. Since you have done them a favor, it is most likely that they will return you a link as a reward.

3. Guestographics

To put it simply, guestographics method is the process of creating informative content along with infographics and publishing them on other high ranking websites to build quality backlinks. Brian Dean, the Founder of Backlinko first coined the term Guestographic and came up with the idea of combining infographics with guest posting.

According to him, guestographics is a combination of three strategies: infographics, guest posting, and link-building. This means that you get the link and the website or blog gets the content. Additionally, you can list the references for your information on the infographics, since people are more likely to share those on various social media channels.

How to get links using guestographics?

Today, guestographics method is one of the proven SEO strategies and according to several online research, visual contents appeal the most to people. Hence, whenever a content marketer publishes infographics to deliver information, there’s a noticeable increase in shares and traffic. So follow the below-mentioned steps to use guestographics effectively.

  • Step 1: Publish an awesome infographic on your website
  • Step 2: Find effective link prospecting
  • Step 3: Show them your Infographic
  • Step 4: Offer your prospects to write a guest post for free
  • Step 5: Get your contextual backlinks

The method of guestographics is a fantastic way to draw more traffic to your website. However, an infographics created for guest posts needs to be of the highest quality and only then it would appear worthwhile and compel users to share it.

4. Get Interviewed on Podcasts

Putting yourself out there as a guest on podcasts is one of the best things you can do for your business these days. A podcast interview is not only a piece of content, but it’s also an awesome way for you to build authority, expertise, and brand for you and your business. When people hear your voice, it builds a deeper level of trust and the more a person trusts you, the more likely they will buy from you.

guest podcast link building

Here is why the podcast interview is valuable

  • Episodes show notes that will drive links back to your website.
  • Links to your social media sites.
  • Gives you access to an engaged audience.
  • Improves the diversity of your link profile.
  • Increases your authority and trust not only on search engines but to your potential audience.

To get featured in good podcasts, do some research around the top podcasts in your niche, reach out to them and give a short brief about your expertise and achievements, and why you’d be a great guest for them.

5. New Research and Case Studies

Your personal research and opinion can be interesting and valuable, especially if you have been in a specific field for a long time. But, if you want to become an authority and earn a lot of backlinks, you will have to show your industry based relevant stats and facts.

New data and case studies are something that consistently attracts links and if it is done the right way, can lead to lots of links in a quick span of time. Surveys are one of the best ways of collecting data from buyers that you can use to establish interesting trends.

Always try to be the first to write about a certain topic based on your industry niche. In your research include all relevant data, test results, reviews, comparisons, charts and finally don’t forget to link your sources. The key here is to collecting data and forming research that shows off something new and interesting that your industry will feel compelled to cover.

Over to You

The guidelines of link building may change in every few years or so, but its utility remains the same. So, you can’t stop building links. If you do, you will eventually be outranked by your competitors.

You don’t have to start every one of these strategies straight away. But even if you just carry out one or two of these you can generate some high-quality backlinks that will help you push your overall SEO performance upward. Identify the approaches that will be the most effective in your industry and fits best with your own time, resource and budget limitations.

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