15 Best Podcasting Platforms for the New-Age Digital Marketers and Content Creators

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As a successful digital marketer, your strength lies in your engaging content, period. But with the changing taste of the audience, what is the next best thing that guarantees an exponential increase in your readership, engagement rate, and authority?


Yes, you heard it right. Podcasting is the next sure-fire strategy to build-up an amazing audience for your brand.

Don’t believe us?

Well, just check the stats!

There are millions of podcasts hosted on the internet so far, and the amount of listeners is snowballing every day in leaps and bounds! And there’s a podcast for everything under the sun!

So how can you get started with yours? Well, if you are not a pro podcaster or feeling a bit jittery, then we have 15 best podcasting platforms for you to kick-start your first episode!

The sheer accessibility of podcasts is winning the hearts every day. And to turn a significant percentage of this huge audience into your loyal customers, these platforms are indispensable.

15 Best Podcasting Platforms for Beginner and Pro Podcasters

  1. BuzzSprout
  2. Podbean
  3. Spreaker
  4. AudioBoom
  5. Libsyn
  6. SoundCloud
  7. Transistor
  8. Anchor
  9. Blubrry
  10. Captivate
  11. Simplecast
  12. Acast
  13. Podiant
  14. Backtracks
  15. Castos

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the first one on the list!

1. BuzzSprout

buzzsprout podcasting platforms tools

The first podcasting platform on our list is BuzzSprout. This is one of the most popular and perhaps the most easy-to-use platforms for newbie podcasters out there. Starting their journey back in 2009, BuzzSprout has come quite a far and successfully managed to build a community of great podcasters.

If you are quite new to podcasting, this can prove to be the perfect one. It’s super-easy to use – all you need to do is upload your media file, and the platform can take care of the rest.

But that’s not all! Some of the other features of this podcasting platform are:

  • This amazing platform can automatically post your episodes to all the top directories around. It will ensure the maximum visibility of your podcasts across all devices and podcast apps.
  • Thanks to BuzzSprout’s in-built player, your podcast will look super-cool irrespective of the screen size.
  • The listener can see the cover art and sharing and other control options right on the screen.
  • BuzzSprout offers an absolutely free WP plugin that makes podcast embedding seamless on your WordPress blog or website.
  • This platform can also make a website for you if you don’t wish to create one by yourself. Fret not, as it comes with all the customization options.

2. Podbean

podbean podcasting platforms tools

Arguably the best platform (to some enthusiastic fans) for podcasting, Podbean comes next on our list. Well, where else can you get unlimited podcast hosting plans without any restrictions on the bandwidth at only USD 9 per month?

Moreover, if you wish to design your own podcasting website with some great themes and layouts, this is the platform for you! With seamless embedding directly into WordPress posts, this is as good as it gets!

Some of the other features of this fantastic podcasting tool are:

  • You get a bunch of tools to make your podcasts even better and put them in the most popular directories around.
  • It automatically allows your audience to use the tools of their preference to enjoy the podcast, and even quickly download them!
  • The podcast platform empowers you with inbuilt analytics that comes with a ton of valuable data insights to measure the performance of your episodes.
  • One of the best perks of Podbean is having the advertising market that helps you make money out of your podcast episodes.

3. Spreaker

spreaker podcasting platforms tools

Next up, we have Spreaker. Starting back in 2010, this podcasting platform gives you a set of cool features to create great podcast episodes.

If you want to opt for live podcasting, then this is your best option. You can even allow your audience to chat with you live, and make the whole session even more interactive and engaging.

Some of the other features of this podcasting platform are:

  • Spreaker offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces to do live podcasting episodes.
  • The tool comes with both a desktop version and a mobile app to make the entire thing even more effortless.
  • You can now record your podcast, live stream them, and keep a tab on the stats across all devices.

4. AudioBoom

audioboom podcasting platforms tools

Want to make top dollars out of your podcast episodes? Then AudioBoom is the platform, which can kick-start the campaign for you! With this platform, you can get several different tiers for hosting based on the number of downloads you get.

Some of the powerful features of this podcasting platform are:

  • Effortlessly host, distribute, and make money out of your podcast episodes.
  • If you are just getting started, you can avail of the plan to publish 5 episodes with 10,000 plays in a month.
  • Managing to surpass the 10,000 monthly download mark will open up a bunch of new opportunities such as sponsorships, partnerships with brands, etc. to make more money from podcasting.
  • AudioBoom also allows you to explore other options for tie-ups with radio groups.

5. Libsyn

libsyn podcasting platforms tools

Next up, we have Libsyn on our list, one of the most recommended and reliable platforms for podcasters out there. They started their journey back in 2004, the very early days of the whole podcasting trend. Even in these heydays of podcasting, this tool can prove to be very useful.

Some of the other features of this podcasting tool are:

  • It can give you numerous great features to put your brand at the center of the audience’s attention.
  • Using Libsyn, you can seamlessly promote your brand through podcasting across various platforms and podcast apps.
  • It will allow you to become a part of a huge community consisting of some of the most influential podcasters.
  • Although your hosting plans will differ based on your storage limits, you will get unlimited bandwidth with all of them.
  • Apart from helpful analytics, Libsyn offers you a bunch of podcast monetization options as well.
  • You can also get a seamless WP integration along with their WordPress plugin: Libsyn Publisher Hub.

6. SoundCloud

soundcloud podcasting platforms tools

When it comes to music and audio hosting, very few platforms can match the brilliance of SoundCloud. Started back in 2015, they are currently at the top of the podcasting platforms. With a staggering 175 million monthly visitors and a content volume of 12 hours being uploaded every minute, this is a platform you must watch out for.

Some of the other features of SoundCloud are:

  • Opting for their hosting services will enable all their embedded players and other functionalities.
  • Even with a free SoundCloud account, it allows you to upload 3-hours’ worth of content every month.
  • With a Pro Unlimited account, you can upload without a time limit, schedule your releases, and embed controls.
  • The tool offers a powerful and comprehensive real-time analytics that lets you see the listeners listening to your episodes and measure overall performance.

7. Transistor

transistor.fm podcasting platforms tools

Transistor is a fantastic platform for beginners and professional podcasters – it is easy-to-use yet very effective at the same time. Here you are not limited to any hosting plans. Hence, you won’t have to pay for the content you will be uploading on an hourly basis.

Some of the great features of this podcasting platform are:

  • This is one of the easiest platforms to upload your audio content and publish it. Also, thanks to the analytics, you can track the performance of your episodes in real-time.
  • This platform can create a website for you, in case you don’t have one, and also lets you add content directly to your WordPress posts/pages.
  • It allows you to publish your podcasts almost everywhere – Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Overcast, to name a few.
  • Transistor podcasting plans vary based on the number of downloads. So the more you grow, the more you can upgrade your hosting plan.

8. Anchor

anchor.fm podcasting platforms tools

If you are just getting started and not quite sure about your skills as a podcaster, then Anchor is the perfect podcasting tool for you. It is one of the most sought-after all-in-one platforms offering great packages for every podcaster irrespective of their prowess.

They have a principle of “democratizing audio”. Hence, they are of the opinion that your voice should not be limited to any paid subscription or limited bandwidth.

A few amazing features of Anchor.fm are:

  • It’s absolutely free, and you can have an unlimited number of episodes hosted on Anchor.fm.
  • You can also monetize your episodes through a number of sources available on the platform (as of now, only limited to the podcasters in the USA with a USA bank account).
  • You can even connect with many other great podcasters and speakers through this platform.
  • Not just this, the free podcasting platform also has powerful yet easy-to-understand analytics that helps you quickly measure the growth along with multi-platform data insights.

9. Blubrry

blubrry podcasting platforms tools

Wish to have flexible podcast hosting plans? Well, Blubrry gives you a much-needed respite from the clutches of expensive podcasting plans.

Here, you can also get a very powerful WordPress plugin specifically made for podcasting, called PowerPress, which makes uploading audio content directly to your WordPress website super-easy.

Some of the great features of this podcasting tool are:

  • Thanks to Blubrry, you can easily upload your content to other platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
  • This will make your podcasts available on almost all digital platforms.
  • With Blubrry, you can also make money out of your episodes, track their performance, and even share them on social media accounts.

10. Captivate

captivate.fm podcasting platforms tools

Next on the list, we have Captivate. It’s a unique growth-oriented podcasting platform designed for individuals and a large team of professional podcasters.

The platform is developed by Rebel Base Media, a UK based company specialized in building podcast solutions and technologies for brands across the world.

Some of the features this podcasting platform offers are:

  • You get an amazing podcast player that looks superb on every website.
  • It allows you to use advanced analytics, which is very easy to understand and shows the real growth of your podcast channel and episodes.
  • Here, you can perform batch uploading and get WordPress integration with cool custom plugins.
  • You can also use its Sponsor Kit feature to quickly generate PDF of your podcast account to send to the potential sponsors easily.

11. Simplecast

simplecast podcasting platforms tools

Simplecast offers some of the most advanced podcast features at the most unbelievable price range. They have a dedicated set of tools to make your journey from one listener to a million, smooth throughout. With this, you can manage, share, and grow your podcasting every day.

They have been around for a long time now, and have supported some of the giants in the podcasting industry.

Some of the features of Simplecast are:

  • Here you get a powerful set of tools to make the whole podcasting process super easy.
  • From seamless publishing, integrated web players to a fully functional podcasting website, get it all under one umbrella.
  • You also get the Recast tool that allows you to share audio clips right from your podcast on social media, blogs, and even messaging applications.

12. Acast

acast podcasting platforms tools

Next up, we have Acast, an excellent podcasting platform, which has earned its vote of confidence from many reputed brands and individual podcasters. At a minimum cost, it hosts podcasts with no limits and also provides you with unlimited storage.

This is a platform where ads can help monetize your audio content. Thanks to a cool set of features like dynamic ad insertion, posting ads here is as easy as rain.

Some of the other features of this podcasting platform are:

  • To post ads, you just determine specific points on the podcast, and the platform will put befitting ads dynamically.
  • Every ad will be unique, which creates more chances of revenue earning.
  • The tool offers advanced analytics to track every move on the go.

13. Podiant

podiant podcasting platforms tools

Podiant is another podcasting platform that’s perfect for both newbies and seasoned professionals. It gives you several potent features to make podcasting simple and engaging.

This platform is currently hosting 20,000 uploads on a daily basis, and the total minutes of listening have surpassed a million. Surely a great platform to start off, isn’t it?

Let’s look at some of its podcasting features:

  • There is no bandwidth limit, plus you get unlimited storage to stack all your episodes together.
  • You can also find experts working as podcast consultants to guide all the beginners in getting started.
  • This platform is absolutely spot-on for directories like Apple Podcast and Spotify.

14. Backtracks

backtracks.fm podcasting platforms tools

Next up, we have Backtracks that boasts one of the most advanced podcasting platforms backed up by a superb analytical and advertising facility.

Check out its power features:

  • With advanced analytics like Switchboard and Open Podcast Analytics, you can track the effectiveness of every podcast episode from the ground up – no matter where you aired it.
  • This podcast analytical tool allows you to migrate from one host to another without worrying about losing data.
  • They also offer a great podcast embed player that comes with one-click transcription feature and smoothly works on all devices.

15. Castos

castos podcasting platforms tools

Lastly, we have Castos, a wonderful podcasting platform, offering some brilliant features and effortless integration with your WordPress blog/website.

See what you get at Castos podcasting platform:

  • With their Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, uploading and managing your episodes and measuring performance metrics are indeed quite easy on WordPress.
  • At very economical pricing, you get a ton of features like unlimited uploading, no caps on bandwidth, and a feature-rich customizable player.
  • Not just this, using Castos, you can create the podcast transcription in one click and automate YouTube republishing.


What we hear registers better in our brains!

So here you have it – 15 best podcasting platforms that allow you to harness the power of listening and create better engagement for your brand.

Since you will always have an emotional connection with your audience, podcasting is a wonderful way to educate them about your product and services without much hassle. From storing your large audio clips to delivering and distributing the episodes seamlessly, these platforms cover every aspect of successful podcasting.

So tell us about your experience. Do you use any of the podcasting platforms mentioned above? Then tell us in the comments below and also bestow your suggestions to the new and upcoming podcasters.

Your first-hand experience will be immensely helpful for all the individuals who want to try their hand at podcasting.

Till the next episode, stay tuned.

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