11 Most Powerful Lead Generation Tools for Small Businesses and Startup Companies

lead generation tools

What is the lifeblood of any business? Well, it is, of course, the sales prospects that drive a business forward. And when it comes to small businesses and their growth, getting more and more prospective clients every day is perhaps the most crucial step.

But how do you acquire more customers at a steady pace? Well, ask the marketers! For a marketer, generating new sales leads is one of the most important tasks to keep the lifeblood running for your business.

The next question that comes immediately is, how do you generate qualified leads in large numbers? This is where the lead generation tools come into the picture to make the job easy and much more effective for you. They can help you acquire more and more potential customers in no-time so that you get a launchpad to kick-start your business on the right track.

But how do these lead generation tools work? Well, your approach to acquiring sales leads matters the most in this case. To begin, one can say that some businesses tend to use multiple online channels in order to get hold of the leads. Of course, in today’s time, almost everyone has access to the internet. Hence, potential customers often share their information online in exchange for freebies, newsletters, site memberships, and whatnot. Essentially these are leads for your business.

Some brands even use social media platforms to get more potential leads pertaining to their respective line of business. But are you looking for a much more sure-fire approach? Then the lead generation software is what you need.

There are a number of competent and powerful lead generation tools that do not just capture data from your customers but also segment and save them for your convenience. Later on, your sales team can contact them through emails or over the phone and turn them into your paid customers and clients.

Wondering how to go about using these tools? Well, fret not as this blog post comes to eradicate the trouble for you. Here, I have listed the top 11 lead generation tools for your small business along with their features.

This meticulously curated list of lead generation software will help you determine which tool you can use as per your business requirement.

So, let’s get started with it.

11 Best Lead Generation Software

  1. AeroLeads
  2. Callingly
  3. Growbots
  4. Lead Forensics
  5. Marketo
  6. OptinMonster
  7. VoilaNorbert
  8. LeadPages
  9. Prospect.IO
  10. Pardot
  11. Pipedrive


aeroleads lead generation tool

AeroLeads can help you find the email addresses and phone numbers of your prospective customers or clients in real-time. Now, what could be better than this if you are a B2B business?

Just by installing AeroLeads web browser extension, you can start acquiring verified business emails, phone numbers, and other crucial data of decision-makers within a jiffy! This tool is packed up with some of the most salient features that can make your lead generation process more streamlined than ever. Let’s look at what the tool has to offer you:

  • Collect business emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn, or you can just upload the name and company, and quickly fetch the respective email address.
  • Get no less than fifteen crucial data like full name, location, job title, and much more.
  • Easily export the lead data to CSV or integrate them directly with other CRM applications like HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, etc. with just one click. It’s just that simple!
  • Get round-the-clock support via chat, email, and phone in every step along the way.


callingly lead generation tool

An increased number of closed deals with your prospective clients will always upsurge the odds of getting ahead of your competition. With Callingly, you can now respond to your new prospects much faster, and convert them into loyal customers and clients.

If you are working with multiple remote teams across different time zones, then Callingly can be the most effective lead response tool for you. With this, every new lead gets a call within a few seconds, and your team can monitor all the progress in real-time as your CRM always remains updated and synced.

It also enables you to integrate multiple sales CRMs like HubSpot, SalesForce, Drip, and many more to link up the lead data across platforms. The modus operandi of this tool is as follows:

  • Easily trigger and set up calls as you get a new lead from your landing page, web form, or the CRM.
  • Capture all the lead information effectively and notify the sales team via the application to assign an agent for the fresh lead.
  • Seamlessly route leads based on their sales category, territories, and schedules.
  • Get accurate reports and analytics to understand the progress of each and every lead.
  • Record every lead-call to track the development, and improve the team and sales performance.


growbots lead generation tool

Does your business require a system that fully automates your outbound sales? Well, then this is the best solution you have. Growbots is perhaps the only tool you will ever need to make your outbound sales downright automated and convert your prospects into sales leads.

Trusted by over two thousand amazing brands, this comprehensive lead automation tool encapsulates prospecting and outreaching in one place. It can take your outbound sales operation to the next level in just three simple steps.

  • Use the most advanced AI technology to obtain an absolutely tailor-made list of all potential customers relevant to your business almost instantly.
  • Effortlessly set up and automate your campaigns with customized emails and also schedule followups to reach your potential leads.
  • Not just a few random lead outreaching, but Growbots’ AI-based recommendations allow you to reach the most prospective ones and optimize your campaign results by no less than 40 percent.
  • Connect with the right decision-makers based on their designations, departments, and interests, and track the progress at each step of your campaign without much hassle.

Lead Forensics

lead forensics lead generation tool

Want to turbo-charge your lead-generation process? Well, use Lead Forensics. This tool can take you two steps ahead of your competitors by connecting you with the right prospects before they do. If you are a start-up, then this is the best lead generation tool for you.

This tool can help you discover sales leads that otherwise you never knew you had. Lead Forensics is so powerful that it can even convert anonymous site visitors into your potential leads. Using its mobile app, you can now track and convert your leads using any device on the go. Let’s see some of its crucial lead generation features:

  • Unwrap your regular website visitors’ data, including their names, emails, phone numbers, etc.
  • Lead Forensics helps you monitor your leads closely using its customized portal so that none of them slip through the cracks.
  • By assigning leads, triggering notifications, monitoring the lead-journey, and converting them, you can accelerate your lead generation process and increase your return on investment.


marketo lead generation tool

Marketo is perhaps the best lead management tool that not only helps you drive more prospective leads to your business but can actually build your brand and increase revenue like never before.

Marketo allows you to attract buyers, nurture the leads along the way, and finally convert them into sales. Its customized acquisition to conversion lead management features help you turn the prospects into clients when they are engaged and ready.

  • This tool lets you drive multiple top of the funnel activities through inbound and outbound programs.
  • Quickly improve the quality of your leads and qualify the potential buyers way before they are turned into sales.
  • Helping your sales to convert the leads is now easier than ever. Prioritize the conversion with quality and urgency.
  • Painlessly track and measure what is working, what is not, and what can improve your lead generation and sales by using bizible by Marketo.


optinmonster lead generation tool

Want to convert and monetize your website traffic? Well, then OptinMonster is here to help you. Unlike its name, this amazing lead management tool can actually turn out to be quite beneficial for your small scale business.

This is one of the most powerful lead generation and conversion optimization toolkits in the world. It can very quickly grow your email list with a number of prospective lead details. With very minimal steps, you can achieve amazing results using OptinMonster.

  • Creating visually stunning offers to attract new prospects and anonymous traffic has never been this easy.
  • Using its behavior automation feature, you can segment your prospects, and come up with personalized offers for the targeted leads.
  • Track all the pivotal statistics in real-time, which you need to improve your lead generation strategies and increase the sales conversion rate.


voilanorbert lead generation tool

Be it a small-scale agency or an established enterprise; without a continuous influx of sales leads, your brand can not achieve the desired mileage. But with VoilaNorbert, you can acquire qualified leads quickly and start working on your sales conversion process.

This tool can find out anyone’s email address, and you will get 50 free leads after you sign up for it. That’s definitely something to start working on. Isn’t it? Some of its features are:

  • Discover emails of decision-makers, reach to them quickly, and build meaningful business relationships.
  • Its in-built email address validation system allows you to send emails to the right people with a 98 percent success rate.
  • Make your contact list segmented so that you can send personalized responses to the right prospects at the right time.
  • Its Google Chrome extension, multi-integration feature, API, and Gmail plugin help you increase your lead generation productivity.


leadpages lead generation tool

Leadpages can help you turn clicks into leads! This is as simple as it gets. This is the perfect tool for small businesses as it connects you with your audience, allows you to collect leads, and eventually helps you increase sales conversions.

For a small business, it’s not enough to just put it up online. You need to nurture it so that it grows. And for that, you need traffic and targeted leads that can be converted into paying customers and clients. This is exactly what Leadpages can do for you. This is much more than just a landing-page builder! It’s the lead generator that you have always needed.

  • Get all the necessary details and data points of anonymous visitors so that you can grow your list of potential leads.
  • Create high-quality landing pages to attract an insane amount of visitors that you can further convert to attain an all-time highest ROI.
  • Engage every single lead from the very first click with customized contents, optimized call-to-actions, pop-ups, opt-in messages, etc.
  • Track the data insights in real-time and improve campaign performance.


prospect io lead generation tool

Have you ever found the process of acquiring sales prospects or lead generation tedious? Well, then fret not, as we introduce you to one of the perfect lead management tools that can make the entire process rather enjoyable and mostly automated.

Now discover potential leads, capture information, build lists, segment prospects, and convert them into your customers and clients with Prospect.IO. This is the future of automated lead management.

With a multi-integration feature to sync multiple sales CRMs and automation platforms, you can finally bid adieu to the manual data syncing process. Loaded with salient features, this tool will make monitoring the visitor-to-customer journey smooth and streamlined.

  • Using its powerful automation and sales prospecting feature, you can build the list of potential leads quickly.
  • Tying up multichannel lead emails and followups, you are allowed to automate the outbound sales process extensively.
  • Suggests a set of to-dos every day, which can significantly increase your lead generation and sales conversion rate.
  • Provides an all-in-one data analytics that helps you closely monitor the performance and increase productivity.


pardot lead generation tool

Without the right tool, your B2B lead generation cannot ramp up! This is why you need powerful lead generation tools that can cater to your needs as per your business requirements.

Besides, if you wish to automate your entire B2B lead management process, then Pardot is the tool you need. This is one of the world’s top CRMs that can help you build a list of potential prospects, generate more sales opportunities, engage buyers, and ultimately increase the bottom-line.

  • Use drag-and-drop form builder and create high-converting landing pages to capture fresh leads quickly.
  • Integrate search engine, and social media paid campaigns with Pardot to measure the exact goal conversion rate and ROI.
  • Use its streamlined lead management system to enhance the engagement level between your campaign and potential buyers.
  • Implement the intelligent lead nurturing facility that adjusts in accordance to your customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Identify leads that seek out your quick attention, outreach them, and close the deals before your competitors do.
  • Use the segmentation and automation features to come up with better strategies while dealing with the new prospects.


pipedrive lead generation tool

Finding accurate and verified lead information of anonymous prospects is much like searching a needle in the hay-stack. But you can cut to the chase and get the qualified leads with Pipedrive.

This excellent lead generation tool can boost your close rate by up to 28 percent. Needless to say, with due time, you could be closing over a quarter more deals than at present if you organize your lead and sales management with Pipedrive.

It uses simple and step-by-step methods from building a list of potential leads to managing the entire sales process. Let’s look at them.

  • Installing chatbot and web forms, you can continue acquiring numerous qualified leads.
  • Monitor your email interactions and call conversations to optimize the lead generation and sales conversion rates.
  • Free your time by automating regular tedious jobs that don’t require much intelligence.
  • Focus only on those metrics that you must track and analyze, and include them into the sales pipeline and tool dashboard.


This is it, folks.

These are the 11 best lead generation tools for small businesses and startup companies. All of them are armed with numerous essential features that will make your lead generation process streamlined and straightforward.

They will manage your potential prospects in a way that no quality lead skips your attention. With verified information and a systematic lead management system, you can make the best use of your website and paid campaign visitors.

Finally, if you have used any of these lead generation tools for your businesses, then kindly share your feedback in the comments down below. Let us know which tool helped you acquire the maximum number of qualified leads. Your experience and recommendation may help many like you explore the right lead generation tool and accelerate their business growth.

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