How Creativity Can Help You Create a Community Around Your Brand

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Have you ever wondered how a newly-fledged brand becomes the talk of the town and skyrockets to success in no time at all?

Is it because they have come up with a genius idea that no one has ever thought of before? Or because they have a huge marketing budget to rival Apple’s to achieve brand recognition?

If you consider certain cases with popular brands like Uber, Yelp, etc., you will find that none of the above reasons behind their success stories are true.

These companies have come up with inventive and less expensive ways to create brand awareness, gain consumer trust and earn brand loyalty.

So, what are these ingenious ways and how do you use them to help your brand succeed?

Well, all it needs is a whole lot of intuition, understanding your audience’s needs, anticipating what they need before they do and a pinch of creativity.

But first, building a brand community is a must.

Why Building A Brand-Community Is Invaluable for Your Business?

To achieve brand awareness and loyalty, first, you need to create a community around your brand. Your consumers are the king of your business. They are the ones who matter the most, so, besides just catering to them you ought to make them an active part of your brand.

Your consumers should feel welcome and involved in the process of your product development. Give them a platform to express their views and opinions and spread the good word about your brand. Use their feedback as an input to better your brand.

It’s a revolutionary way to create a trusted relationship with your consumers and build a loyal community who will always be 100 percent behind your brand.

Now that we know what a brand community is, we need to know how to create one effectively.

Attract Relevant Audience and Customers

Creating a loyal consumer base can be a lot of work. I won’t say it isn’t. But a little bit of creativity goes a long way to get results with much lesser effort.

For example, Uber came up with the strategy of providing free rides to influencers when they attended tech and venture capital events. They knew that these individuals would very likely share their experience with the press and their social media audience, getting Uber’s name in front of their target audience.

Everybody knows using freebies to market a new brand and Uber used it creatively to gain recognition. All it took was a bit of a twist on a cliché and voila, they have attracted tons of interested and potential consumers.

Build Relationships With Influencers

Positive reviews and recommendations from industry Influencers are vital for brand success. With inventive ideas, your brand can get the coveted glowing recommendations from these influencers boosting your brand awareness.

Apart from collaborations and providing samples of your product for free to Influencers to review, you can open up an interactive platform on your business website, where these Influencers will be able to discuss your products, talk to consumers and basically spread the word.

This way, you spread your brand awareness throughout the followers of the Influencers while also building an open and genuine rapport with the Influencers themselves.

Acquire Backlinks from Authoritative Sites

A powerful link profile is an important tool for brand recognition. Getting backlinks from authoritative sites to your landing page, will boost your PageRank and propel your brand in the limelight.

Don’t keep your brand aloof from consumer interaction. Be a part of the community by creating relatable, beneficial guest posts on big sites.

Be creative and come up with engaging posts to garner the attention of their readers. For example, if you are a clothing brand for children, create content based on comfortable and fashionable kiddie clothes to wear in a particular season and post them on influential parenting sites.

Either create content on authoritative sites or respond to other comments on relevant posts on other sites, you are not only creating a powerful link profile but also creating an online community for your brand.

Improve Organic Ranking

Your product’s innovation or brilliance won’t be worth anything if no one knows about it. The best way to let people know about your brand is by ranking on the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERPS) for relevant search queries.

And for doing that, you have to create quality content, especially SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content. Almost always the first rank holder of a google search gets almost 33 percent of organic traffic. So, it’s essential to try to be the first rank holder.

Apart from written content, you can launch campaigns in social media and involve consumers to take part in them. For example, in 2015 Airbnb launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #OneLessStranger. They asked the community to perform random acts of kindness for strangers, and take a video or photo with the person and share it with the hashtag. In just 3 weeks after launch, over 3 million people engaged and created content.

These user-generated contents and social mentions help their organic rankings a lot.

Build A Brand

As a product developer or service provider or marketer, creating a brand that resonates with people is the most significant requirement for achieving success.

Attracting consumers, interacting with them and selling them on your brand requires trust and honest communication. Listen to your consumers about what they want and strive towards making your product more relevant to your target audience.

For example, Domino’s has innovated its menu based on the regional tastes and preferences to gain popularity. The basic idea of pizza remains the same, but depending upon the region, the toppings are changed. In India, you get ‘Indi Tandoori Paneer’, whereas in Korea you get ‘Korean Sweet Potato Super Seed Dough’.

If you are here, it means you now have an idea about how to build a loyal and strong brand community. All it takes is a bit of innovation, creativity and a whole lot of passion.

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