5 Major Benefits of Content Marketing You Aren’t Considering But Your Competitors Are

content marketing benefits

Content marketing is an integral part of any business’s online success and longevity. By now, if you are in any way related to a business, you must have heard of if not employed content marketing. It’s a strategic marketing technique that costs less and gives you more in comparison to paid marketing.

So, if content marketing is so effective then why only a small percentage of brands and digital marketers devise a content marketing strategy?

The answer to this question is simple. Though content is vital for the success of any business, most business owners are still unaware of its benefits and its long-term repercussions on the online market. They don’t consider setting aside a budget for content marketing at all. Most are convinced that the time and money spent on content marketing is a complete waste of resources.

If you are one of these entrepreneurs, then let me tell you that you are completely wrong. Opting for paid marketing will give your brand visibility but only for a specific time period. It’s costly and creates an impact only for the time you have paid. The moment you retrench your paid marketing budget you will see a downward spiral in paid traffic to your website or online store. But if you want overall online success in the form of brand recognition, credibility and customers’ trust, then content marketing is your only salvation. Plus, it is budget-friendly and a gift that keeps on giving.

So, if you are an entrepreneur and have not considered content marketing as a part of your digital marketing strategy, then it’s high time that you do so.

In this article, I am listing 5 major benefits of content marketing that will help you understand why this internet marketing technique is necessary and also effective. So, if you are still not convinced then stick around to find out more.

1. Improve Search Engine Optimization and Increase Organic Traffic

If you are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you already know that Google indexes almost each and every page of your website and more the number of pages it indexes, the better your website’s odds to get ranked in Google searches for your business-related keywords.

And how do you create more high-quality pages of your website for Google to index? Just create top notch content consistently to keep the Google Gods happy. It will catapult your SEO to greater heights which in turn will mean more traffic and thus more sales lead generation and brand awareness.

You can target long-tail keywords to create content based on what your targeted consumers are actually looking for on the internet. This will help your consumers to know you better while making your business more accessible and visible to customers globally.

2. Boost Social Media Engagement and Social Traffic

Social media is a master tool to help market your business online and to harness its true potential, content is a must. Your content is the ultimate fodder to keep the social wheel going and gaining your brand the much-needed recognition and visibility.

Generate content in all forms to post on the various platforms of social media. Generally, the more the number of posts you share, the more followers and subscribers you gain. This is a must if you want your brand to be a household name.

Consumers tend to buy stuff from brands they have heard about and are familiar with. And what could be a better way to convert your brand to something your consumers will know and love than by engaging them in social media and letting them know what your brand is all about. Your brand gets the exposure it needs to leave its mark on your intended consumers, which is the ultimate goal of marketing in any form.

So, use content marketing to fuel your brand’s social media to increase audience engagement and making them an active part of your marketing strategy to turn your brand into a raging success.

3. Enhance Brand-Image and Establish Brand-Authority

The advent of social media has leveled out the playing field for businesses big and small. Now small businesses can compete with their bigger counterparts as they have the means to reach out and be visible to their targeted consumers.

Content is a necessary part of this process. It helps create an identity for your brand. Through your content, you touch the lives of several people all over the world and let them know about your brand and what it stands for.

Your content will add value to your consumers’ lives and in turn, will make your brand an authority in your niche. This way your brand gains credibility, trust, and recognition.

When your customers have read about your brand and known you through social media, they will be more likely to buy from you rather than from a brand they are not familiar with.

4. Boost Growth and Increase Sales

As discussed in the first point, content marketing helps you in SEO which means more traffic and more followers. With the increased exposure, you can cast a wide net to lure in more customers. More customers knowing and visiting your site or online store means more lead generation and in turn more sales and profits.

Content plays a big role in convincing your consumers to make a purchase. The more they consume the content generated by your brand the more inclined they are to buy a product from your company.

The content is the ultimate means for your consumers to understand and better know your brand which if done right develops trust. And consumers generally tend to buy from those brands they trust and can vouch for.

You can also repurpose your contents and produce free resources like podcasts, eBooks, webinars, guides, and case studies to help your consumers and give the first-timers enough incentive to engage with your brand more, to check it out and even make a purchase.

In no time, you will see your verified consumers spreading the word about your brand through social media and your brand/business’s profit curve soaring.

5. Save Money in the Long Run

Owning and operating a business, however small, can be expensive. It takes a lot of effort and also a comprehensive capital to kickstart and then manage an overall business. So, any method that will help achieve more while costing less should always be a ‘Hell Yes!’ in every entrepreneur’s book.

Content marketing requires small investments of time and effort and pays off exponentially in the long run.

With comparison to paid marketing, content marketing is very cheap with the potential of being more effective. So, why waste money on traditional marketing strategies when you can reduce your marketing budget without compromising the outcome.

Over to You

It’s rightly said that content is the king. However, even a king needs time and continuous efforts to become the true emperor. Therefore, don’t expect content marketing to start pouring in business leads and sales right after you ignite the process. Content marketing is the real powerhouse for any type of business but it’s a slow process and not a 100-meter sprint but it’s a marathon.

Depending on your business goal, marketing blueprint and budget, you should ideally invest at least 9 months to 1 year time in content marketing before you can reap in any measurable profit in terms of traffic to your website, lead generation, and sales.

One last and final tip for you here. Do not start measuring the results and numbers unless you create and publish no less than 50 cornerstone contents that truly excite and empower your audiences and customers.

So, if you haven’t started the content marketing yet, frame a content marketing strategy that suits your goal and budget, dive deep into it, and never turn back.

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