15 Most Powerful and Feature-Rich Webinar Tools and Platforms for Digital Marketers and Businesses

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Communication is the key to a successful business venture! Considering the current situation, as it turns out, hosting webinars is the most convenient way to stay connected with your teams, customers, and clientele.

However, the slightest glitch in this mode of communication can make things quite difficult for you. Ergo, to make your life easier, this blog post is here with the top 15 webinar tools for digital marketers.

Don’t let the clutches of Covid-19 dampen your spirit as these tools can easily keep your business communications afloat.

However, much like anything else, hosting webinars also comes with a set of challenges.

From the perpetual issue of participants getting disconnected to having problems sharing documents or the window, the list is quite long. Hence, we have prudently curated this list of webinar tools, bearing in mind all the hassles you might be facing during a live webinar.

Conversion is also a headache that comes with the package. But with these webinar tools around, you can work your way out even in these trying times.

It’s time to fish in troubled waters! So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

15 Powerful and Feature-Rich Webinar Tools and Platforms

  1. WebinarJam
  2. Demio
  3. ClickMeeting
  4. WebinarNinja
  5. GoToWebinar (GoToMeeting)
  6. EasyWebinar
  7. BigMarker
  8. Livestorm
  9. WebEx
  10. EyesOn
  11. Skype Video Meetings
  12. Adobe Connect
  13. EverWebinar
  14. MegaMeeting
  15. Blackboard Web Conferencing and Collaboration

1. WebinarJam

webinarjam webinar tool platform

First up on our list is WebinarJam, one of the most popular webinar platforms around. If having a user-friendly platform is your first priority, then this is the tool for you. Even someone with almost zero technical knowledge can seamlessly set it up and connect with the desired audiences.

This makes the entire process automated, which is exactly the idea behind this mode of communication. WebinarJam also allows you to stream your session directly to your Youtube channel, to target even a wider array of audiences. A reliable and encrypted password-protected system makes the entire communication safe and secure for you and the participants as well!

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • It can record the session automatically and also respond at the same time.
  • You can easily integrate all your social media handles.
  • Seamlessly manage multiple participants all at once.
  • Absolutely compatible with all the major and popular browsers.
  • Super-easy to use and takes no more than 60 seconds to set-up.
  • You can also conduct polls and surveys with your webinar.

2. Demio

demio webinar tool platform

Next up, we have Demio, another very popular and sought-after webinar tool for digital marketers and common users alike. With this, you can record your session easily in the cloud, and it is visually stunning – plus, the real-time HD streaming really appeals to the eyes.

As standard features, you get 24/7 support through chat and email, a huge storage space, helpful analytics, and advanced set-ups.

But that’s not all – a few more powerful features you get with this webinar tool are –

  • Easily record the webinars in the cloud and download them later as per your convenience.
  • You can customize the platform in a number of ways to make it more effective during the live sessions.
  • In-built analytics offers valuable webinar insights.
  • You can also use powerful tracking options and integrate the Demio platform with other marketing tools.

3. ClickMeeting

clickmeeting webinar tool platform

The next platform on the list is ClickMeeting. This is just perfect for creating a wider reach for your sales, training service, and other aspects of brand marketing. With a very well-designed interface, ClickMeeting comes with a great set of features for hosting customized webinar sessions.

This can be a great virtual communication and online meeting tool for all small and medium-sized businesses. Without too much technical complexities, you can get helpful information about your audience and also plan your future webinars.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • Efficiently conduct polls and surveys to receive valuable feedback.
  • Make the sessions more and more interactive with the powerful in-built chat option.
  • Seamlessly connect the ClickMeeting platform with all your social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • More than one participant can stream HD video at the same time.
  • Easily store your sessions in the cloud and download them later whenever required.

4. WebinarNinja

webinarninja webinar tool platform

WebinarNinja is one of the most popular webinar tools amongst businesses and marketers all around the world. Being one of the most reliable all-in-one platforms, this is used by several big-shots in the industry. With this webinar tool around, you can seamlessly host your webinar in a minute.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • Super-fast live chat to create more engagement.
  • Easily share screens with zero buffering and quickly conduct polls whenever you want.
  • Customize the landing pages to increase webinar joining conversions.
  • Import and export data with a complete set of helpful analytics.

5. GoToWebinar (GoToMeeting)

gotowebinar webinar tool platform

When it comes to having a webinar platform that is smart, sleek, and free of all the technical hitches, GoToWebinar stands tall. With this, you can leave out all the technical worries and reach out to your targeted audience in a jiffy.

Just choose a preferred date for your next webinar, and this amazing tool can take care of the rest. Loaded with a bunch of cool features, your webinar experience will surely leave the participants happy and your growth-scale soaring.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • It offers you the option to schedule your webinars as per your requirement.
  • A range of great in-built business templates makes the webinar more prolific.
  • You will also have a ton of customization options like smart email-reminders, registration pages that promote conversions, and many more.
  • Easily promote your latest and upcoming events and drive more visitors to your business.
  • Automatically record and download the session anytime for further use.
  • In-built polls and surveys to get easy feedback from attendees.

6. Easywebinar

easywebinar webinar tool platform

Up next on the list, we have Easywebinar, which is one of the unique webinar platforms out there. This is a one-of-a-kind platform where you can see the perfect juxtaposition of webinar technology and marketing strategies.

This platform provides a unique solution to both live and automated webinar users. With loads of other business-friendly features, this platform can really boost your brand forward.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • Effortlessly share screens and do HD streaming.
  • Easily add up to 100 attendees and make the session more interactive with live chat.
  • It also comes in a mobile app version, and you can seamlessly integrate it with Youtube.
  • Use advanced analytics to gain more insights and quickly integrate it with a WordPress plugin.

7. BigMarker

bigmarker webinar tool platform

Just as the name suggests, the BigMarker webinar platform will surely help all digital marketers leave a great impression on their webinar attendees. Specially designed, keeping in mind the needs of digital marketing, this platform is fully automated and comes with powerful hosting features.

Smart automation features will help you create sales presentations and even customized spaces within the webinar platform. If you want to reach out to your audience in the most interactive way possible, then this is the tool for you.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • This works as an all-in-one platform, making your communication super-easy.
  • Very user friendly and easy to get started.
  • BigMarker is also planning to incorporate a webcast feature that will allow you to broadcast your session to attract a broader audience range.

8. Livestorm

livestorm webinar platform tool

Wondering what would be the best way to promote and present your brand in these crisis hours? Livestorm can surely carve out the best possible options for you.

Created with a bunch of specific features to launch and promote new brands, this is one of the top webinar platforms to look out for this year. With Livestorm, you can quickly create super-impressive demos and presentations of your product – this will eventually allow you to attract top-level customers and generate more sales leads.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • This is perhaps the best platform to host all types of live events, tutorials, and even podcasts.
  • Livestorm is very easy to use, and there are a lot of powerful webinar features for you to discover.
  • Also, it is well compatible with almost all the major browsers out there.

9. Cisco Webex

cisco webex webinar platform tool

Just like I’ve mentioned earlier, communication is the key to a successful brand – Cisco Webex will help you precisely establish that. More than just your clients and other prospects, this fantastic webinar tool lets you connect with your entire team.

Now, you can easily host virtual meetings and update your entire team about all the latest developments regarding business. With everyone on the same page, needless to say, business operations will become smoother than ever.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • If your business has a global spread, then this is the tool for you – it will connect your entire team in a jiffy!
  • You can easily connect Webex to a plethora of different apps and devices and share the content across teams.
  • Harnessing the power of video conferencing using Webex, you can make compelling content presentations to attract new prospects towards your business.

10. EyesOn

eyeson webinar platform tool

Next, we have EyesOn, an excellent video meeting platform for both desktop and mobile. This is one of the most useful tools out there as all the participants can connect with you, irrespective of their device, instantly.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • EyesOn will consume a very small fraction of bandwidth, no matter how many attendees you have in the video conferencing.
  • This is a web-based video meeting application that doesn’t require downloads or installations.
  • From your mobile device only, you can join up to 9 people, create groups and meeting rooms easily, communicate and stream video on the go.
  • It allows you to stream superior quality video and audio content.

11. Microsoft Skype Video Meetings

skype video meetings webinar platform tool

Well, Skype is undoubtedly one of the most well-renowned video meeting applications around. The best part is that even if you don’t have a Skype account, you can still use this platform to host a video meeting with no less than 50 participants.

It’s one of the easiest platforms out there to use – just create a conference, generate the link instantly, and share it with your participants – that’s it!

The key features of Skype Video Meetings are –

  • The conference you create never expires.
  • Just opt for Skype for Business, and you can easily connect with your business contacts and create sales funnels.
  • Easy screen sharing and live chats make the conference even more interactive and engaging.

12. Adobe Connect

adobe connect webinar platform tool

One of the pioneers of innovation and technology, Adobe has come up with a wonderful solution for webinars with its Adobe Connect application. This is a multipurpose tool, along with webinars; you can easily host videos and even share all types of documents.

To make the session even more effective for conversion, you can customize the hosting space as per your convenience. Adobe Connect also allows you to present your products and services in a unique way to attract targeted audiences.

The key features of Adobe Connect are –

  • With a series of professional templates, you can make the session more business-oriented.
  • The unique registration process works towards increasing the conversion rate.
  • You can even target your audience with captivating video presentations and gauge your influence by incorporating polls and surveys.
  • Adobe Connect enables you to integrate the platform with popular CRM applications out there.

13. EverWebinar

everwebinar webinar platform tool

Automated webinar software is the future, and EverWebinar can fulfill all your requirements in this regard. The webinar sessions you conduct with this platform will be fully automated and seem nothing less than live webinars.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • It comes with in-built autoresponders for easy response.
  • You can also enable the live chat feature to make it more interactive.
  • With instant support, setting up and getting started with your first session is quick and easy.

14. MegaMeeting

megameeting webinar platform tool

Next, we have MegaMeeting, a brilliant platform featuring a ton of facilities to make webinars better and more effective. You can share files, share your screen, and even incorporate polls within the webinar platform painlessly.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • From entry-level to advanced-level, all packages include the features mentioned above.
  • You will have instant phone, chat, and tech support facilities – plus, MegaMeeting also comes with a free trial.

15. Blackboard Web Conferencing and Collaboration

blackboard webinar platform tool

Last but certainly not least in our webinar tools list is the Blackboard Web Conferencing and Collaboration tool. Primarily popular for its training interface, a favorite among teachers, this tool offers wonderful solutions for businesses as well.

The key features of this webinar tool are –

  • It works as advanced level video conferencing software.
  • If you wish to provide training to your teams that are separated geographically or share related materials, nothing can be better than this one.
  • Unique registration page, integrating video presentations are some of Blackboard’s other notable features.


With the Coronavirus pandemic around us, as entrepreneurs, we need to think outside the box. Since more and more people are compelled to work from home now, having convenient webinar tools is definitely a boon.

Also, they can save a lot of your time – in these dire circumstances, the more you do within the stipulated time-frame, the better it is for you. Thanks to the powerful features of these webinar platforms, you can connect, share, and follow-up with your teams, clients, and potential leads in the most interactive manner possible.

Compared to an average article or even a short video, a webinar session can actually give you a great space to connect with and speak your heart out about your product to the targeted audience.

So which webinar platform do you use to put your message across? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, did you try any of the webinar tools mentioned above? Then please share some insights from your past webinar experience.

Your first-hand and impartial suggestions will be beneficial for our readers, planning to host their first live webinar.

Until next time, good luck!

Disclosure: This blog post doesn’t contain any affiliate links.

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