How Not Obsessing over Metrics Makes You a Successful Blogger

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I rarely check my blog metrics.

But my life reads like a movie.

I have circled the globe for 7 years. I lived in Fiji, Bali, Thailand, and Costa Rica for months at a time. I have even been featured on Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and Richard Branson’s Virgin blog.

How did I see success despite not obsessing over metrics?

I learned the secret of successful blogging: focusing almost exclusively on what you give – not what you get – opens the doors to stunning success.

What You Give Leads to What You Get

How freely and generously you give determines how freely and generously you get. During my job as a security guard in a shipping terminal, I spoke to a trucker who had a fellow trucker buddy from the Western United States. His buddy had a cousin named Jeff who asked his trucker uncle for a $5000 loan to start his business out right, promising stock in his company. His trucker uncle laughed at his silly business – he ran the business out of his garage – and turned down the offer. This was in the 90’s.

Jeff was Jeff Bezos. The mail order business he ran out of his garage was Amazon. Jeff Bezos is now worth $150 billion. His trucker uncle would be worth hundreds of millions to billions of dollars now.

jeff bezos amazon

The point is this: Jeff Bezos just began giving freely 25 years ago, in the 90’s, so he started Amazon out of his garage, a simple mail order business. He *got* very little back then. But he progressively gave generously and also scaled his business, giving more and more, serving humanity, until he became the richest man on earth.

Do you honestly think he obsessed over sales and the bottom line when he began building Amazon in a garage? Heck no! Seeing great success is determined by how you give, not by obsessing over getting, or by focusing on small details that meddle with your big picture thinking.

Stats Are Mile Marker Posts Not Stop Signs

I see statistics like mile markers on the highway. Imagine speeding by a mile marker at a high rate of speed. You see it for about 2 seconds before driving on. Likewise, view stats for a few seconds here and there to see if you are heading in a direction of growth, stagnation or regression. But only check statistics infrequently, and for no more than a few moments. If you treat stats like stop signs, poring over numbers for hours, analyzing metrics like mad, you lose your giving momentum and you will always be outshined by generous, detached bloggers.

Generous, intelligent giving guarantees success. Your stats will gradually increase if you give intelligently and generously for a sustained period of time.

Your Metrics Improve As Your Giving Improves

Many bloggers lost in stats wrongly believe that obsessing over numbers improves your metrics.


Obsessing over generously creating content, promoting other bloggers and believing deeply in yourself improves all of your metrics because how you give determines how much traffic and profits you get.

If you want to lower your bounce rate you would be foolish to stare at numbers on a screen for 5 hours straight, poring over metrics. Lower your bounce rate by generously creating helpful content, by generously linking to prior posts from your blog and by staying on topic every single post. Again; giving freely and intelligently improves your metrics, not staring at numbers for hours.

Good Things Take Time So Ease Up on Stat Check Frequency

Feel free to check stats. Seeing metrics and observing patterns can help you change direction or proceed forward with your current blogging strategy. But since good things take time, ease up on the frequency with which you check your metrics.

Stop obsessing over day to day fluctuations in your email subscriber count or traffic stats. No blogger becomes successful day to day. Every world-renowned blogger I know became successful year over year.

Give yourself some time to build up your metrics. Your numbers will grow as your generosity and creations grow.

Check your metrics here and there as guidance; not as an all out obsession.

Successful bloggers become successful by giving most of their energy to giving, not getting.

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