Terms and Conditions

Welcome to PromozSEO. This site contains all the digital properties controlled by the staff and the faculty on behalf of our company. By signing the terms and condition agreement, the clients will understand and accept the following conditions:

These terms of use are applicable to every user and every visitor of this site, including the mobile version and the blog of PromozSEO. So, by utilizing or accessing this website, the users signify that they have read, understand and also agree to amend by the rules published in the terms page without making any type of modification. These things are also applicable in case you want to use any details of this site.

In this company, we reserve our right to change all the notices, terms and conditions under that this site is offered, containing but not only limited to the charges that are related to the utilization of this website. The continued usage of the site or the services offered on this site continuously after these modifications constitutes the acceptance of the new terms and use. It is the responsibility of the users to check the details of this page on a regular basis to decide if there has been any change to the terms and use and in order to review these changes. Please go through these carefully before using the services offered on this site.

  • The users must not use this site in any unlawful way and they should always maintain the terms of use mentioned in this site
  • Under any circumstances or situations, our company will be accountable for any type of changes in the content that is mentioned on the site through the services, containing but not limited to the omissions, errors, damage or loss experienced in relation with the use of the exposure, the contents made available through the services or different types of resources like blog, email etc.
  • The users must have to provide their personal data for a few sections on the site and our company completely reserves the authority to block the access of the users to the services, who don’t follow the mentioned guidelines.
  • We always ensure that our clients always get uninterrupted access to the services that we offer. But no obligation is there to do that.
  • We are not obliged or responsible for the issues in the server or the network of our users beyond a particular limit.

The Guidelines for using our Site (PromozSEO website and it's blog):

  • The users should not abuse, harass, insult, threaten, stalk or infringe the rights of other people
  • They don’t post, publish, disseminate or distribute any kind of infringing, defamatory, unlawful, offensive or indecent information or material.
  • They are prohibited from editing the HTML source code of the site, reverse the engineer or they must not attempt to hack the site
  • They should not install, upload or transfer the files that are guarded by the software or by the Intellectual Property laws that really have an effect on other computers.
  • They should not advertise, sell or communicate spam or other services like phishing links or digital downloads
  • The users should not run any scripts or spam services or any other thing that can affect the infrastructure of the site or the other users of this site.
  • The users should not indulge in copying, distributing or submitting the content of our site or any user submitted content to other places.

Links and Hyperlinks:

PromozSEO website may contain various external links to other websites or blogs. This is to note that neither we hold or undertake any control on those sites nor their website contents. The only purpose of including links is sharing knowledge with our website users. Hence, PromozSEO will not be held responsible in any manner.

  • The users may not frame mirror any pages of PromozSEO website or it’s home page in any other website or webpage
  • Do not link to PromozSEO pages and inner pages (sub pages) with spam links or anchor texts that could provide false or wrong information. This can create misunderstandings for our users.
  • Do not use, include or attach any of the registered or copyrighted trademarks, intellectual properties, contents, images or design as a link to PromozSEO website.
  • Do not link to webpages which support racism, terrorism and/or provide pornographic, drugs, auction, gambling related contents and violate human rights.

Rules regarding the Payment Methods:

At PromozSEO, we accept cash and cheques as the mode of payment. While collecting the payment, we ask the users to provide some of their personal details to our company. But we only keep the information for the future use and don’t utilize or share the information with others until there is any requirement of fraud verification as per the Indian law, any court order or regulation. We also take complete liability that can arise as the consequence of the unauthorized use of the information provided by you. We don’t refund the payments.

Termination and Cancellation:

We may terminate the account at the sole discretion in the occasion of serious breaches like activities of any fraudulent or any illegal nature or any kind of activity that is not considered keeping with the goodwill of the company. Our company reserves all the right to stop the account or the connection at any time in case the services are used in such way that our company finds inappropriate.

Authorization of the information or the materials posted or provided to our site

We don’t claim any ownership of the information or the materials that our users post to our site including the suggestions, comments or feedbacks, posts, submit to or input to any details on our site or to the associated services offered by this site. But by uploading, posting, providing, inputting or submitting the details or the information, the users are actually granting our site to use their submissions with the operations of our online businesses without any limitation and with the rights to distribute, copy, publicly display, transmit, reproduce, publicly perform, reformat, translate and edit the submission or to circulate the name of the user along with the submission. No compensation would be provided to the users because of their submissions, as mentioned herein. Under no obligation, our site can use or post the information provided by our users and similarly, our company can remove any comment or any submission anytime at the sole discretion. So, by inputting, uploading, posting, submitting or providing the submission, the users only warrant as well as represent that they control all the rights to the submissions they have made as mentioned in this terms of use section of our site without any kind of limitation. All the rights are required for you to offer, upload, post, submit or input the submissions.

Trademark and Copyright Notices:

All the contents published on this site are copyright protected and all rights are reserved by the PromozSEO and its links therefore you may not copy, duplicate, modify, spin, publish or reproduce the contents in any manner.

PromozSEO reserves the rights to modify the prices for any/all of our services, products, courses, or offers.