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I was a student of promozseo and my experience was awesome. Soumya Roy (the faculty of promozseo ) not only a good teacher but also a very nice person. He helped me to learn real SEO. I would recommend it to everyone that if you want to learn real SEO, join promozseo.
PromozSEO is very helpful to learn about seo and thanx to soumya for sharing their knowledge with us.
As a fellow marketing professional,it's my pleasure to recommend Soumya Roy as your mentor and guru. I have had the opportunity several times to watch him share his expertise in SEO ,which is excellent. He is a generous person and someone you could benefit from associating.
Soumya is a delight to work with. He is a smart person who knows how things are done, and his knowledge in SEO and digital marketing is commendable. Overall he is an excellent person for a leadership position, definitely recommended.
#SOUMYA is a self devoted person. apple of the eye for all his clients.. God bless for his Endeavor :)
Promozseo is an excellent place to learn SEO and SMO. I am a student of this institute and my experience is awesome. Soumya is very knowledgeable and professional in nature. I am very satisfied with his teaching style.
I think ProMozSeo is the best place to learn SEO and SMO and start a golden career in digital marketing.
Very good and professional trainer,I would say he is the best in his business
5 starI have learnt the SEO from PromozSEO & and my experience was awesome there. Now a days it really helps me to work with SEO Campaigns with great results...
PromozSEO is the best platform to build and gather expertise in the horizon of Search Engine Optimization. Soumya Roy is a gem of a person who has been imparting state of the art training on this and hence nurturing talents to be best used in this trade. Being a corporate trainee, it was a wonderful experience to have undergone through a set of knowledge sharing sessions under him. I wish all the very best to Soumya and PromozSEO for future.
It was a wonderful experience to learn SEO at this institute. Soumya Roy has very good practical knowledge and his examples while explaining things are very much industry oriented. Thanks to him for giving us a great understanding and a good confidence in Search Engine Optimization concepts.
A treasure trove of SEO posts, painstakingly collected from all over the net. And it doesn't get boring - as there are some other interesting non-SEO posts too! Great work!
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Parul Dubey reviewed PromozSEO
After completing my MCA degree in 2014 from Future Institute of Engineering And Management, I was at a course of searching a good job. After few months of searching I took an admission at PromozSEO for a short term professional course on SEO. Then after completing the course I found my first job in IT industry in Kolkata. Now I am working as an SEO Webmaster in NeedsWebsite in Kolkata. Thanks a lot to PromozSEO and Mr. Soumya Roy.
I got the opportunity to learn SEO from PromozSEO... After completion of my course. I have been successfuly working on SEO. Not only that if somewhere my techniques stucks then Mr Soumya Roy is avalibale to help me out.. The support is awesome.. I found my self lucky to get Mr Soumya Roy as my Guru in SEO.. Thanks to PromozSEO and Mr Soumya Roy..
I am fresh entrepreneur running my own business ,I always Knew that, without a proper website,it is impossible to reach more people,and in-turn impossible to increase business volume. But one of my friend told me to that, I need to optimize my site in a right way to get the the maximum benefit through my website .I actually searched a lot to learn SEO online, and my search ended on PromozSEO, which really helped me a lot to learn SEO and optimize my website .  Thanks a lot PromozSEO for helping me to increase my business.
I have been following your post for a few days as I am interested in “SEO and Digital Marketing”. I have found your post informative, covering a lot of areas from the basics to advanced topics, that is really helpful for a novice like me and also have the potentiality to attract a experienced person in this field. Your post helped me to correct few “wrong” ideas what I have had and also helped me to pick up some new concept that I was lacking. I must say your approach to “SEO” is very unique and deals with the reality.
Myself Jayita, a professional Web designer. I learned SEO from Soumya Roy at PromozSEO for my professional growth and skill development. I am completely satisfied with this advanced SEO training at PromozSEO. This is a basic to advanced SEO training and recommended to all.
Very Professional and in-depth training on SEO. I completed the SEO training successfully at PromozSEO , kolkata and got my first SEO job. Thanks PromozSEO and Soumya. Always recommended.
I took the admission at Promozseo’s SEO course in April 2015 and within 3 month of SEO training, I got 2 jobs in Kolkata. Currently I am working in one of those companies. Now I am fully capable of optimizing any website and currently working on 8 sites in my company. Surely recommended to everyone.
I am Saikat from Bangalore. I did the SEO training from PromozSEO and I am really very much satisfied with it. Now I have clear idea on how to start optimizing a website. This is an advanced and in-depth SEO training by PromozSEO which is very effective for all levels, beginners as well as professionals.
My name is Rima Kundu. I have one and half Years of experience on SEO but was not able to work properly. I learned SEO from Promozseo and now I am fully confident about how to optimize any site starting from the zero till the end. Recently I got another SEO job in Kolkata.  I am really thankful to Promozseo and Soumya Roy for this advanced and complete SEO Training. I always recommend Promozseo to all my friends and colleagues.
Hi I am Priya from Chennai. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to build a career in Digital Marketing to attend PromozSEO Online courses conducted by Sowmya Roy from Kolkata. He is thoroughly professional and knowledgeable.He always ensures the doubts are cleared before moving on to the next topic.If we don't ask doubts he will start asking questions from the previous topics so we have no other choice other than to be on track. Such is his dedication and passion towards teaching.I appreciate the time and effort spent at PromozSEO.Thanks a lot Sowmya.
I am a young entrepreneur from Kolkata. I was looking for an SEO training, So that I can myself optimize my company website.  I was lucky to join PromozSEO and got the training under Mr. Soumya Roy. Now I am completely capable of optimizing my site. Thanks to Soumya Roy and many thanks to PromozSEO.
Promoz Seo has helped me a lot for advancing in my career. The way of teaching by soumya sir is excellent which I have not come across before. Certainly he taught me the advanced portion of seo which I did not know earlier.Right Now I am having a great growth in my career after undertaking the training in Seo. I am fully successful in my work now.I would certainly recommend promozseo to anyone who wants an advanced growth in his/her career.Thanks a lot to soumya sir.
Hello friends, I am Partha Debnath, a trainee of promozseo. Promozseo is one of the leading SEO,SMO institute located in Kolkata. Atmosphere is very friendly and faculties are industry level professionals. Pure white hat SEO knowledge is delivered from this institute. Pursuing SEO,SMO related courses from this institute is not only beneficial for students, but also effective for professionals too. I got training from Soumya Roy(founder and coach of promozseo), instructions were very clear and examples were excellent. Highly recommended.
If you are looking for an SEO training, then nothing is better than PromozSEO. I am Rakesh from Sikkim. I took the optimization training from PromozSEO and today I am completely confident about this subject. Now I am planning to start working as an SEO freelancer independently.  Surely recommended to all.
I Couldn't express my feelings in words. The man behind the institute is the reason behind me being a professional SEO. When I enrolled for an SEO course, little did I knew that this was much more. And in complete course, as per my interest area, I thoroughly enjoyed the SEO Classes which were taken by none other than Soumya Roy, the director of PromozSEO. He knows the capability of students and gives his best to bring out the best from his students. I surely believe, he'd have passed on his knowledge skills to his team too, and thus trust in the quality training of PromozSEO.
Guys, if you are looking for SEO or Digital Marketing training institute, I will strongly recommend PromozSEO. It is the best SEO and Digital Marketing training institute in India. You can avail the training online also from any part of the world. Training from PromozSEO is equally important for professionals as well as freelancers in this industry.   And lastly Mr. Soumya Roy (Owner of PromozSEO) is full of energy, he knows how to guide every individual and how to bring out the best from his students.
Being a student of Promoz SEO , I am very satisfied with the SEO training. I am usha and I recommend everyone who wants to learn SEO, learn it from Promoz SEO . You will learn the subject properly and they also assist you in getting an SEO job. Recommended to all.
I am Xavier Dominic, I learned SEO from Promozseo (Soumiya Roy),he is professional in teaching SEO,SMO having in depth practical knowledge on his subject, Now i have enough confidence in SEO after Course Completion and he love clearing doubts on his subject.
For me it's the best institute to learn SEO and others courses like SEM, SMO, SMM & PPC. I am very grateful to the founder and director of this institute Mr. Soumya Roy. He is a great person and carefully looks after the SEO related needs & query of his students. He is always helpful and gives you assistance, guidance & suggestions in every aspect of SEO & Digital Marketing. If you want to pursue your career in SEO industry, PromozSEO is the right place - Sukanta
I studied SEO at PROMOZSEO which built my career.
I would recommend Mr. Soumya Roy, the best SEO trainer in Kolkata. I did the SEO training in 2013 from him and now I am in a MNC company in Delhi NCR and working as an SEO Webmaster. His teaching technique is superb and he has got huge experience on SEO, SMO and overall digital marketing. You can contact him at 9804457170.
" I am Subrata Roy, completed my MCA from Techno India College Of Technology on 2011.After completing my master degree, I was searching for a job but was unable to find.Then I came to know about Search Engine Optimization and I completed my training at Promozseo under the guidance of Mr. Soumya Roy. Then after completing the course I got a job in a reputed IT company in Kolkata. Now after couple of years of experience I am working as a senior SEO executve. I am really thankful to Promozseo and Mr. Soumya Roy for the advanced and ethical SEO training. I recommend this training to all." -- SUBRATA ROY
" Myself Souvick Mitra and I had done my schooling and College with Commerce. I never thought of ending up being a PHP Developer. But its only the credit of this person, Soumya Roy, who taught me PHP, even though I was not from a Programming background, He made me a successful PHP Developer. He and his site promozseo.com helped me a lot to learn and turn my carrear in the right path. Thank you from my soul for supporting me to become a successful developer." -- SOUVICK MITRA
" I came to know about online seo training through promozseo.com. I would like to thank Soumya for online seo training. His explanation is very clear and even though I do not have any technical knowledge I am able to do seo for my website. Thanks Soumya." -- ROSHNI JAIN
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