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Technical Optimization training in Kolkata

Technical SEO Course Kolkata

Search Engine Optimization is not only about few simple Onpage techniques and Offpage link building. There are certain advanced HTML and SEO techniques which ultimately drive the ranking of a website or webpage on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). And on the contrary if these technical parts are not done properly and according to the search engine's guideline then the expected results can’t be achieved or the ranking is bound to fall eventually over time.

All the branded and Multi National SEO companies follow all these SEO technicalities on their SEO projects and at the time they hire search engine optimizers, they find such resources who are capable of understanding, doing, rectifying and finally delivering the technical SEO to their projects. This is where a proper and ethical Technical SEO training plays a vital role.

If you are an optimizer working in an SEO company and now thinking of joining a big organization where you can excel your career then you must have these advanced SEO skill sets. Technical SEO has various factors starting from the onpage technicalities to the advanced offpage techniques. A good training on this advanced SEO can give you immense capabilities of doing some of the very advanced parts of search engine optimization and which in turn can boost your career as a successful optimizer.

We, at PromozSEO, offer authentic Technical SEO training in Kolkata to our students who have a previous background on Search Engine Optimization. We start from the simple Technical Onpage SEO and then gradually we move towards the most advanced modules. As we have already mentioned, this is an advanced training and learners who intend to take this training must have at least 1 year (or more) of experience in SEO industry in reputed Search Engine Optimization or Digital Marketing Companies.

Who should attend Technical SEO Course in Kolkata

  • SEO professionals & SEO freelancers, who want to learn advanced Technical SEO.
  • Website Designers and Web Developers with Search Engine knowledge.
  • Article or Content Writers with SEO knowledge.
  • Search Engine Marketers, Social Media Optimizers and Marketers with Search Engine Optimization knowledge.
  • Digital Marketing Professionals and Inbound Marketers.

Why choose PromozSEO for your Technical Search Engine Optimization Training

  • Learn from Experienced Technical SEO Professionals.
  • Practical & genuine Technical SEO Training.
  • Practice and work only on Live Websites & Blogs.
  • Authentic training on Technical SEO.
  • Technical SEO course content according to the search engine guidelines.
  • Build expertise on Advanced Technical SEO.
  • No batch system.
  • Affordable Technical SEO course fees.
  • All required free SEO Tools & SEO training PDF materials are provided at zero cost.
  • Ready to Help attitude for everyone.


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Prerequisite skills for Technical SEO training

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization knowledge is must (both On Page SEO & Off Page SEO).
  • HTML knowledge is must.
Technical SEO Course Content
# Module 1
HTML Structure Validation and Website Loading Time Optimization
  • Understanding different HTML Semantic Errors.
  • Common structural errors of HTML.
  • HTML Validation & W3C.
  • CSS & Javascript optimization.
  • Minified CSS & Javascript.
  • Image optimization.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • GZip Compression of HTML, CSS & Javascript files.
# Module 2
SEO Friendly URL Optimization
  • What is an Optimized URL Structure.
  • HTML file name optimization (Static).
  • Dynamic URL Optimization.
  • Understanding .HTACCESS.
  • URL Rewriting using .HTACCESS.
  • Avoiding Get Parameters in an URL.
  • Importance of # in an URL.
  • Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues.
# Module 3
Duplicate Content Issue
  • Understanding Canonical Issues.
  • Understanding www & non www versions of a website.
  • Static website's Canonical issues.
  • How Canonical problems arise in dynamic websites.
  • Effects of Content Duplications on SEO.
  • Understanding of Rel Canonical tag.
# Module 4
Search Engine Friendly URL Redirection
  • Understanding URL Redirection.
  • Understanding PR (Page Rank) Juice & PR Flow.
  • Types of Redirection.
  • 301 Permanent Redirection.
  • 302 Temporary Redirection.
  • How to use 301 & 302 Redirection.
  • URL Redirection using .HTACCESS.
# Module 5
Cannibalization Issues
  • What is Cannibalization.
  • How to identify Cannibalization Issues.
  • How to fix Cannibalization.
# Module 6
HTTP Header Error Handling
  • What is 404 Page Not Found.
  • What is 403 Forbidden.
  • What is Soft 404.
  • How to handle 404, 403 & other HTTP Header Error Codes.
  • Custom 404, 403 etc. page creation & redirection.
# Module 7
Sitemap, RSS and Robots.txt Files
  • What is Sitemap.
  • Sitemap.xml & Sitemap.html file creation.
  • RSS file creation & syndication.
  • What is Robots.txt.
  • How to write a structured & optimized Robots.txt file.
# Module 8
Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) and Analytics
  • How to integrate Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) to a website.
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) Site Settings.
  • How to analyze Search Console (Google Webmaster) Tool to identify different Crawl, Indexing & HTML Errors.
  • How to use Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) to monitor indexed (or reindexed) backlinks.
  • Google Analytics integration with a website.
  • Data Analysis & Report creation using Google Analytics.
# Module 9
Inbound Link Analysis and Cleaning
  • How to analyze quality of Backlinks.
  • How to remove spammy Directory Backlinks using .HTACCESS.
  • What is Google Disavow Tool.
  • How to use Google Disavow Tool to remove bad inbound links.
# Module 10
Website Audit and Recovery
  • How to analyse and audit a website.
  • Website audit using different SEO tools.
  • Complete understanding on Google Algorithm updates.
  • Recovering a site from Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and EMD (Exact Match Domain) updates.
For more information on the Technical SEO Training in Kolkata, please connect at

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