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Web designing course in Kolkata

Web Designing Course in Kolkata

Web Designing training is the ideal choice for those students and individuals who love to create beautiful & innovative websites and have very keen interests to work as the professional website designer in reputed IT companies across India. Our website designing training in Kolkata is designed for students and professionals keeping in mind the current industry and technological requirements. In the current digital era, all companies need their websites to reach their prospective customers online. With more and more internet penetration and an increasing number of smartphone users, digital marketing is going to be the future and websites are the windows for businesses from where they can communicate with their online consumers and clients. So the demand for web designing are increasing day by day and almost all web designing companies hire professional and trained website designers for creating nice and interactive websites for their clients. Eventually, the job market for web designers is very attractive and lucrative. But web designing is not always about doing a job in a company, the freelancing and earning opportunities are endless in this field. A properly trained web designer can work as an independent freelancer and can earn a good amount of money even without being employed.

Website designing does not require any particular educational background or any prerequisite skills. Only the person who intends to take the web design training should have a creative mind that loves colors, innovations and thinks out of the box. If you are one of them who have zeal about doing something creative and innovative and want to build your career in the IT industry then this is one of the best training for you.

We, at PromozSEO train each of our students with individual care on the modern web designing methodologies and our web design course in Kolkata includes training from the very fundamentals of web designing to the advanced mobile friendly & responsive website designing.

Who should attend Web Designing Course in Kolkata

Why choose PromozSEO for your Web Designing Training in Kolkata

  • Learn from experienced Web Designers.
  • Professional Website Designing training.
  • Industry designed Website Designing course content.
  • Start learning from the very fundamentals of Web Designing.
  • Build expertise in advanced Responsive Web Designing.
  • No batch system. We value Quality more than Quantity.
  • Affordable Web Designing course fees in Kolkata for all.
  • All required Web Designing Tools & web designing training materials are provided at zero cost.
  • Post-training 100% Job Assistance.
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Prerequisite skills for the Web Designing course in Kolkata

  • A creative mind and soul is very important for web designing. :)
Web Designing Course Content
# Module 1
Introduction to Web Designing
  • Basics of websites.
  • Website layout.
  • What is a website header?
  • what is a website footer?
  • Basics of HTML.
  • Knowing different HTML elements & attributes.
  • Color Pallet.
  • Industry-specific website layouts.
# Module 2
Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Basics of Photoshop.
  • Picture editing for the web.
  • Colors & Gradient tool on Photoshop.
  • Image cropping.
  • Photoshop Layers.
  • Photoshop Layer Styles.
  • Photoshop Filters.
  • Photoshop Lasso tool.
  • Photoshop Magic Wand tool.
  • Photoshop different Brushes.
  • Photoshop Pen tool.
  • Photoshop Rectangle tool.
# Module 3
  • Fundamentals of HTML & XHTML.
  • What is DOCTYPE?
  • Basics of CSS.
  • XHTML tags & attributes.
  • DIV structure.
  • Table structure.
  • HTML img.
  • Complete CSS.
  • Dropdown Menus (CSS & Javascript).
  • Browser compatibility.
  • HTML dos & don'ts.
# Module 4
Learn Javascript
  • Introduction to the Javascript (client-side scripting language).
  • Uses of Javascript in web designing.
  • Javascript validation.
  • Javascript form validation.
# Module 5
JQuery and Web Designing
  • What is JQuery?
  • JQuery in web designing.
  • Accordion using JQuery.
  • Carousel using JQuery.
  • Different JQuery picture sliders.
  • Styling using JQuery.
  • JQuery Hover & Click effects.
  • JQuery functions & events.
  • JQuery form validation.
# Module 6
Responsive Web Designing
  • What is Responsive web designing?
  • Understanding Media Screen.
  • Understanding Meta Viewport.
  • Creating a responsive website.
  • Redesigning a responsive site.
# Module 7
Basics of Onpage SEO
  • What is SEO?
  • On Page SEO factors.
  • Basics of keyword research.
  • Page Title optimization.
  • Meta Description optimization.
  • Header (H1 to H6) optimization.
  • Image optimization.
  • URL optimization (static website).
  • Schema understanding & implementation.
  • Footer optimization.
  • Minified Javascript and CSS.
# Module 8
Basic Onsite Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Implementing third party social media plugins.
  • Adding Facebook Like & Share buttons.
  • Twitter Follow & Share buttons on the website.
  • Google Plus +1 & Share buttons implementation.
  • Google Plus Authorship & Publisher markup.
  • Facebook Open Graph optimization (static website).
  • Twitter Card implementation (static website).
To know more about the Web Designing course in Kolkata, please connect at

# 9804457170

# 7278581909

promozseo site features
promozseo reviews