PromozSEO - A leading institute in Kolkata for SEO, PHP and Web Designing training

We are PromozSEO, a premium training institute for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization, SEO Content Writing, Blogging, Youtube, PHP Web Development and Web Designing in Kolkata, India. We provide excellent training facilities to students, graduates, professionals, business men and entrepreneurs in various domains of Web technologies and Internet. We value ethical, authentic, industry ready and result oriented training to our students so that they can be benefited professionally, personally and financially.

Websites are the business windows for companies and internet is the medium for organizations to communicate with their online consumers and customers. With the growing number of internet penetration and smart phones, today information are just a click away from us and we can consume all digital information on the go as and when required. With this trend more and more companies are coming online and they need websites and SEO for better productivity and thus they are generating a huge employment and working opportunities for web and internet technology experts.

Industries are willingly hiring trained freshers and professionals who are capable of delivering quality jobs from the very beginning. But unfortunately the education system in our country does not prepare a graduate as per the industry requirements and that is why the new generation young graduates finding it difficult to get a deserving jobs as per their qualifications and on the other side the companies are facing difficulties to get skilled and specialized resources on various domains.

We, at PromozSEO are working hard to minimize this gap between the demand and supply by preparing qualified and efficient resources in the field of Search Engine, Web Development and Web Designing.

As a premium institute, our main aim is to creating industry ready professional resources for the companies by delivering affordable and hands on practical training to each of our students with individual care and support. Our extensive course curriculums and intensive training are geared to provide every student with vital competitive edge in the world of Search Engine Optimization, Web Development and Web Designing.

It is always not about doing a job or being employed in a company but there are talented individuals who love and enjoy being self-employed or entrepreneurs and we provide complete support to them apart from providing the trainings. So if you are a freelancer, or running your own businesses and thinking of enhancing your skills in the field of Search Engine or Web Development or Web Designing then our industry designed training courses and teaching methodologies are going to be the best fit for you.

We believe that if we can work together with each of our students with much care and support then it is not difficult for them to get though their desired and deserving positions as per their qualifications and expertise. Above all we are strong minded that we will put our hundred per cent to each of our students in terms of excellent training and assistance but at the same point of time we expect our students to be hardworking, ethical and serious about their courses.