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Social Media training in Kolkata

SMO Training Kolkata

In today’s digital era, the Social Media websites are playing a major role in the promotion and branding of the companies and brands. Most of all companies are utilizing social media to attract new customers and retain old consumers to their businesses. With the exploding number of users on social networking sites, this trend is going to increase day by day. Eventually more and more Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing companies are coming into operations every day and hiring fresher and experienced Social Media Professionals left and right.

Almost all of us use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Linkedin for various types of works but most of the users do not know that these websites can be optimized and utilized for the sake of business promotion, user engagements, and branding of various products & services. There are numerous numbers of companies who are looking for Social Media freelancers who can deliver then good job and the companies are always ready to pay a handsome amount of remunerations for the same. Freelancing and consulting opportunities in this industry are also huge and this is just the beginning of Social Media. In the next 3 to 4 years down the line, it is going to be a full-fledged occupation. Today the competition in this profession is not that tough and expert and trained Social Media professionals are drawing a huge salary per month doing freelancing and company jobs.

If you are an internet enthusiast or a computer savvy or if you want to work in the Digital Marketing industry then this course is going to be the best for your career. We, at PromozSEO, are offering the best Social Media Optimization training in Kolkata for students, professionals, freelancers and business owners. This SMO course is up-to-date and designed according to the industry’s requirements.

If you are an entrepreneur, starting up or running your own company and worried about how to strategize the Social Media Networks for your business or product or service then this SMO course in Kolkata can be a great help for you. We have included training on all major social media websites in this course and will train about how to use each of them effectively for your company so that you get maximum exposures, engagements, followers and likes socially and organically which will ultimately generate more sales and revenue for your business.

Who should attend SMO Course in Kolkata

  • Students, who want to make their career in Social Media & Digital Marketing.
  • Individuals, who want to work from home at their free time on SMO.
  • Marketing Professionals.
  • IT Professionals, Internet & Technology Geeks.
  • Graphic & Web Designers and Website Developers.
  • Content or Article Writers & Inbound Marketers.
  • Search Engine Marketers, Search Engine Optimizers.
  • Internet Marketing Professionals.
  • Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Bootstrapped Internet Startups & Webmasters.

Why choose PromozSEO for your Social Media Training in Kolkata

  • Learn from Experienced SMO Professionals.
  • Practical & industry designed SMO training course.
  • All Social Media modules are included in one course for better collaboration & understanding.
  • Affordable SMO course fees in Kolkata for all.
  • All required SMO training materials are provided at zero cost.
  • Post-training 100% Job Assistance.
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Prerequisite skills for SMO training

  • Basic HTML knowledge is required.

    Ouch, you don't know HTML, no worries we will teach it. :)
SMO Course Content
# Module 1
Website optimization for Social Media
  • Responsive website for mobile users.
  • Fast loading site for better User Experience.
  • Targeting separate keywords on each page.
  • Strong Call To Action (CTA) on all pages.
  • Facebook Open Graph (OG), Google+ Author or Publisher & Twitter Card onpage implementation.
  • Optimized interlinking for user engagements.
  • Attractive and sharable pictures on webpages.
  • Informative and engaging articles with proper keyword targeting on each page.
  • Third Party Tools (if required) for seamless Social Buttons integration.
# Module 2
Google Plus (Google+) Optimization
  • Understanding Google+ structure.
  • Google+ dos & don'ts.
  • Setting up a profile on Google+.
  • Google+ Communities.
  • Creating a Google+ community.
  • Google+ +1, shares, comments & mentions.
  • Google+ Hash Tags (#).
  • Google+ Local.
  • Creating a Google+ Local business page.
  • Google URL Shortener for content sharing & promotions.
  • Connecting Google+ with the website.
  • Google+ Author & Publisher markup.
  • Google+ for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
# Module 3
Facebook Optimization
  • Introduction to Facebook optimization.
  • Differences between Facebook Profile, Page & Groups.
  • Facebook Open Graph (OG) and Onpage implementation.
  • Facebook engagements with Facebook likes, shares, comments, mentions & # tags.
  • Facebook business pages.
  • Setting up a Facebook Page.
  • Managing & updating Facebook Page.
  • Scaling up Facebook Page in terms of Likes, Shares and Social Reach.
  • Building an Audience on Facebook Page.
  • Monitoring and analyzing Facebook Page engagements.
  • Third party tools for Facebook Page Fan Acquisition.
  • Posting guidelines for Facebook Pages for better ROI.
  • Utilizing Facebook Groups to reach to the targeted customers.
  • Creating a Facebook Group and scaling up.
  • Creating events on Facebook.
# Module 4
Optimizing Twitter
  • Understanding Twitter.
  • Twitter dos & don'ts.
  • Twitter Cards and Onpage implementation.
  • Twitter Followers.
  • Know who to follow & whom to unfollow.
  • Retweet & Favorite on Twitter.
  • Twitter & Hash Tags.
  • User engagement on Twitter.
  • Networking with influential individuals and companies.
  • Monitoring Twitter data using social tools.
# Module 5
Linkedin Management and Optimization
  • Linkedin management.
  • Linkedin dos & don'ts.
  • Profile creation on Linkedin.
  • Networking with influential decision makers.
  • Scaling up connections.
  • Question & answering on Linkedin.
  • Public & private messaging on Linkedin.
  • Targeting & reaching prospective clients from Linkedin.
  • Setting up Company Pages on Linkedin.
# Module 6
Pinterest Optimization and picture sharing
  • Joining Pinterest.
  • Adding related categories to the profile.
  • Creating boards on Pinterest.
  • Sharing information & pictures on Pinterest.
  • Repin on Pinterest.
  • Infographics sharing on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest for businesses.
  • Verifying business website on Pinterest.
  • Adding Pin-It button on the website.
# Module 7
Youtube Management and Optimization
  • Introduction to Youtube.
  • Creating a Youtube Channel.
  • Creating simple videos for Youtube.
  • Super engaging, viral videos on Youtube.
  • User engagements on Youtube.
  • Running Ads on Youtube Videos.
  • Monetizing Youtube Videos.
  • Youtube for SEO.
# Module 8
Blogging and Social Media Promotions & Engagements
  • Setting up Blog.
  • Optimize Blog for SEO & SMO.
  • Writing viral contents for Social Media.
  • Promoting & distributing contents socially on Social Media.
  • Measuring engagements.
  • Quality, quantity & consistency for blogging.
  • Guest blogging (must be valuable, well researched, informative & engaging).
# Module 9
Utilizing Content Distribution Sites
  • Image sharing on Flickr & other picture sharing sites.
  • Video sharing on Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. (apart from Youtube).
  • PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) sharing on Slideshare, Docstoc etc..
  • Article submissions on article submission sites.
  • Press Release management.
# Module 10
Google Analytics and Third Party SMO Tools
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Measuring SMO ROI with Google Analytics.
  • Analyzing Social Reach on various social media websites and platforms using Bitly, Buffer, Tweepi, Hootsuite etc.
For more information about the SMO course in Kolkata, please connect at

# 9804457170

# 7278581909

promozseo site features
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