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SEO training for small businesses in Kolkata

Small Business SEO course Kolkata

Are you running a small business and are you worried about your website’s Search Engine Optimization? Ok, this is a very normal situation for almost all small business owners who do not have any knowledge or education on Search Engines. Most of them outsource their SEO jobs to an SEO service company or a freelancer and completely depend on them. But unfortunately they do not understand that this can be dangerous for their business. They may think that they are getting cheap SEO services at an affordable rate according to their budget but actually they are taking huge risks by doing so. There is a huge difference between SEO before 2013 and after 2013 and most of the cheap SEO services follow the same old book theories and tricks (mostly blackhat techniques) which can pull down a website from the Search Engine Results Pages.

We have seen many businesses claiming that they are on top position in the search engine results pages of Google but not getting any businesses from the search engines and when we checked those keywords on Google key Planner tool we saw that those keywords are worthless as because the monthly search volume for those keywords are either zero or almost negligible. So being on top for those keywords is practically meaningless. So if you are facing same type of problems then you should think twice before renewing your SEO contract.

Not only this, there are several other severe SEO problems which small business owners face every time they hire an SEO company or a freelancer. We understand that the business owners and entrepreneurs are busy and have a very tight time schedule but if they can learn the art of ethical SEO then that will be really worthy of their invested time. Small business SEO is not that difficult to understand and execute as the person needs an outlook and tenacity to learn this technology. This is a onetime investment and gives returns for life time.

We, at PromozSEO, provide SEO training for small and local business owners in Kolkata and surroundings. This SEO course will educate you about the Search Engine Optimization and you will be able to plan and execute your complete SEO campaign on your own without any difficulties. Additionally if you hire any SEO company or freelancer then you will be able to evaluate the quality of the SEO services you are getting from them and measure the Return of your investments (ROI).

The SEO training for small businesses does not require any particular educational or technical backgrounds or any prerequisite skills. We start this training from the basics of Search Engines & HTML and then gradually we move towards the advanced techniques. This is a completely ethical and white-hat SEO training designed for small or local business owners, entrepreneurs and internet startups.

Who should attend Local Business SEO Course in Kolkata

  • Small business owner and entrepreneurs.
  • Internet Startup companies.
  • Web Technology Consultants.
  • Internet Geeks.
  • Business Development Professionals.
  • Customer Relationship Managers.

Why choose PromozSEO for your Small Business SEO Training

  • Learn from Professional & Experienced SEO Professionals.
  • Complete Onpage, Offpage, Blogging, Article Marketing training.
  • Authentic & Ethical SEO training.
  • Customized SEO course content according to the small business requirements.
  • Start learning from the very fundamentals of SEO.
  • Build expertise on Technical & Advanced SEO.
  • SEO and Social Media Optimization under one training course.
  • Affordable SEO course fees in Kolkata for all small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • SEO Tools & SEO training PPT, PDF and video materials are provided at zero cost.


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Prerequisite skills

  • Nothing as such but basic HTML knowledge is preferred.

    If you do not know HTML, we will teach you. :)
Small Biz SEO Course Content
# Module 1
Basics and introduction to Search Engines
  • What is SEO.
  • Types of search engines, crawlers, bots etc..
  • How Search Engines Work.
  • Basics of Search Engine Algorithm.
  • Differences of Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO.
  • Complete guideline of Ethical (Whitehat) & Unethical (Black Hat / Grey Hat) SEO.
  • Knowing SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
# Module 2
HTML Structure, Semantic Errors and Validation
  • Optimized HIM & advantages on SEO.
  • HTML Elements & attributes.
  • Semantic & HTML Structural Errors.
  • W3C, HTML Validation & rectification.
# Module 3
Keywords Analysis for SEO
  • Types of Keywords & their importance.
  • Long Tail Keywords.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords.
  • Measuring Keyword Density.
  • unethical & Gray or black Hat techniques.
# Module 4
Onpage Search Engine Optimization (Onsite SEO)
  • Page Title & Meta Description Optimization.
  • Meta Author, Robots Optimization.
  • Meta Viewport for mobile, Geo Tags Optimization for local businesses.
  • Complete Header (H1, H2, H3 etc.) Optimization.
  • Content Optimization.
  • URL (link) optimization.
  • Link Title & Anchor Text Optimization.
  • Search Engine friendly User Experience optimization.
  • Internal Linking & Outbound Linking.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Structured Data & Schema implementation.
  • SEO friendly Website Layout.
  • Importance of Website Footer and unethical techniques.
  • Black Hat Onpage SEO techniques to avoid.
# Module 5
Google Search Console (Google Webmaster), Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) integration & thorough understanding.
  • Built inbound link analysis.
  • Microsoft Bing Webmaster Integration.
  • Activating Google Analytics on website or blog.
  • How to analyze and monitor SEO data.
# Module 6
Blogging for SEO
  • Why Blogging is important.
  • Setting up a Blog.
  • Content Writing, re-writing and editing.
  • How to optimize & publish article on a Business topic.
  • Blog & website integration.
  • How Blogging helps in SEO.
# Module 7
Competition Analysis
  • How to start analyzing inbound links of competitor websites.
  • Backlink analysis using free SEO Tools.
  • MOZ Open Site Explorer.
# Module 8
Offpage Search Engine Optimization (Offsite SEO)
  • Introduction to Offpage SEO & Inbound Links.
  • Ethical & unethical link building techniques.
  • Nofollow & Dofollow links & how they work.
  • Introduction to Page Rank (PR)
  • Increasing PR through high quality backlinks.
  • Search Engine submissions.
  • .EDU, .GOV & .ORG links & how to find get.
  • DMOZ & adding website on DMOZ.
  • Directories submissions.
  • Social Bookmarking Websites
  • Article submissions on article submission sites.
  • Blog posting & commenting.
  • Classified backlinks.
  • Press Release submissions.
  • Web 2.0 backlink building.
  • Youtube optimization.
# Module 9
Local SEO
  • Google My Business (Google Places) business listing.
  • Bing Local business listing.
  • What is citation & NAP & how to build citation.
  • Business listing on other business directories.
  • Importance of Business Reviews.
# Module 10
Advanced and Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO)
  • Fast loading websites.
  • Responsive Website design & SEO.
  • URL rewriting with .HTACCESS.
  • Proper Redirection.
  • Permanent Redirection & Temporary Redirection.
  • Canonicalization & Cannibalization.
  • What is Rel Canonical tag and how to use.
  • 404 Broken links (page not found).
  • Custom page creations.
  • Sitemap.xml, Sitemap.html, RSS files.
  • Robots.txt file creation & importance.
  • Complete understanding of Google Disavow tool & how to use.
# Module 11
Social Media Optimization
  • Website optimization for social medias.
  • Facebook Optimization & Business Page creation.
  • Google+ Optimization & Business Page creation.
  • Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest optimization.
For more details about the SEO course in Kolkata, please connect at

# 9804457170

# 7278581909

promozseo site features
promozseo reviews
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