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Content writing training in Kolkata

SEO Content Writing Course in Kolkata

Good quality contents are an essential component of any website as these can add great values to the digital presence of any company or an individual. On the other words, a good content is an inseparable part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The main concept of SEO is to have a good resource - the contents, which can attract the links naturally. But just knowing this concept is not enough to increase the ranking on the search engine result pages of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or Bing. Actually, it is necessary to learn how to write the contents successfully.

According to a popular saying the content is the king and it is rightly the king. Without quality contents, the websites or the blogs will be one empty space with much left to be filled. So, it is quite evident that the quality content writing can bring loads of things to the table that are really necessary to compete in the present competitive business environment. Besides, the contents of the websites have the power to amplify the business goals which in tern generates more business leads, sales and ultimately more revenue to a business. This is why a number of companies are now shifting away their focus from the conventional strategies of marketing and concentrating on content writing & digital marketing.

The websites mainly depend on the contents to attract the visitors or their prospective clients, to increase the traffic and to increase the overall visibility of the sites. Apart from that, there are also some other benefits associated to the contents like the contents help in enlarging the size of websites and this way the visibility of the sites enhance on the web. Due to these reasons, numerous people are opting for this as a great and lucrative career option. In case you want to opt for the same, then you should get enrolled to any professional content writing service provider to learn all the do and don’ts of content writing.

In content writing, the writers mainly have to write the documents that are to read online and not in the papers. So, producing good writing online is quite different than writing any document on the paper. Whether it is an article, a blog, a newsletter or a press release, the online content writing requires a particular skill set that is really different from writing the print materials formats. Therefore, at this content writing training program in Kolkata, we have designed the content writing course in such a way that can offer the learners the needed skills to create some highly effective contents.

At PromozSEO, we completely believe in offering proper guidance to all the people, who come to us to get the knowledge and insights of the various aspects of content writing. This course is meant for all those people, who want to learn the techniques like the latest strategies of SEO friendly content writing, the contents that can enhance the social share and the contents that can make the clients happy because of getting the right information. This type of writing is mainly the job of engaging the audience and the search engines with the content. So, at PromozSEO, we ensure that our students learn the ways to write effective online contents for the websites, social media and most importantly for SEO by maintaining the right voice.

Apart from that, here we teach the students how to prepare the contents that are easily accessible, usable, sharable and also easily searchable. Our course is mainly based around a complete series of writing exercises and the learners will get the scope to practice the materials while learning.

Who should attend Web Content Writing Course in Kolkata

  • Students want to make their career in Content Writing.
  • Freelancers want to work on Article Writing.
  • Search Engine Professionals.
  • Internet Marketers, Inbound Marketers.
  • Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers.
  • Social Media professionals.

Why choose PromozSEO for your Content Writing Training in Kolkata

  • Learn from Experienced Content Writing professionals.
  • Professional Content Writing Training.
  • Industry designed Content Writing course content.
  • All types of Web Content Writing.
  • Build expertise on SEO Content Writing.
  • No batch system.
  • Affordable Content Writing course fees in Kolkata for all.
  • Post training 100% Job Assistance.
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Prerequisite skills

  • A creative mind and soul who loves to read, listen and write is very important for Content Writing. :)
Content Writing Course Content
# Module 1
Introduction to Content Writing
  • How to create contents that are easy to read and easy to scan.
  • How to speak with the web audience in the most effective manner.
  • How to engage the busy web readers through the contents.
  • The techniques of content writing that can persuade the audience to take some action.
  • The secrets of SEO content writing.
  • The most effective ways to structure the content navigation paths.
  • Convert any content into the web friendly contents.
  • How to write the social contents and blogs.
  • The best techniques to write the e-newsletters.
  • Developing topics and ideas to write great quality contents.
# Module 2
Article writing
  • Our expert article writing trainers make sure every detail and section of article writing is refined so that the writers can meet their prospects while maintaining the proper keywords density.
# Module 3
Blog writing
  • Though people often create blogs for fulfilling their writing passion, but it is necessary to create the blogs in a proper manner to make it successful. Therefore, we teach the writers to create blogs with the proper usage of keywords maintaining the right density.
# Module 4
Website content writing
  • Effective content writing can enhance the visibility of the sites as well as this can improve the search engine rankings of the site. So, at PromozSEO, we teach the students each and every details of successful web content writing according to the industry standards.
# Module 5
Press release writing
  • At PromozSEO, we have a complete team of press release writing consultants, who train the writers to write the best quality press releases.
# Module 6
Product or Service review writing
  • It is one of the important forms of content writing. These reviews are mainly written to bewilder the interests of the readers regarding any particular products or services offered by any company. So, here at PromozSEO, we teach our students to make the reviews as attractive as possible.
# Module 7
Contracts and business proposal writing
  • Writing the business contents in the form of contract documents and business proposals is a great way to define the details, testimonials, strengths, financials and the benefits of any organization. We help our students in learning the ways to write the best business contracts and business proposals.
# Module 7
Content Writing Technicalities, Blogging and SEO
  • Why Content is the King.
  • SEO content writing techniques.
  • Content Title and Headings.
  • Content duplication issue.
  • Ho to rewrite contents.
  • What is content curation.
  • Content optimization & publishing on Blogs.
  • Content Moderation.
  • Checking content's originality.
To know more about the Content Writing course in Kolkata, please connect at

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# 7278581909