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Local Search Engine Optimization training in Kolkata

Local SEO Course Kolkata

Being a part of Search Engine Optimization, local SEO has a huge demand especially in the small business industries. Local SEO is targeted towards city specific small and medium sized companies. This technology enables companies to register their business details directly into Google (Google My Business or Google Places), Yahoo, Bing (Bing Local) etc. and as a result, if it is done properly then the companies can get benefits of Organic Traffic (Visitors from Google & other major search engines) which eventually makes more businesses (leads and sales) for them.

Apart from all the basic and advanced factors of search engine optimization, Local SEO needs some additional techniques for successful results from Search Engine Results Page. And just like SEO, Local SEO has to be natural and ethical for a stable visibility on Google and other major search engines.

All big and small SEO service companies offer Local SEO services to their customers and clients and hire SEO professionals with this special skill set. With the increasing number of new businesses, internet and smart phone users the demand of the local SEO experts is going to increase.

If you are working in SEO industry and want to switch to a big branded SEO service company or an MNC then you must know the art of Local SEO. Even if you are a freelancer providing SEO services to your own earned clients then this Local SEO Course in Kolkata can return you more clients and sales.

Local SEO is built especially for local businesses (City specific) and if you are one of them running your own business then you may also like to know this SEO technology which is going to be a really good resource for your company.

Who should attend Local SEO Course in Kolkata

  • SEO professionals & SEO freelancers, who want to learn Local Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  • Website Designers and Web Developers with Search Engine knowledge.
  • Article or Content Writers with basic SEO knowledge.
  • Search Engine Marketers, Social Media Optimizers and Marketers with SEO knowledge.
  • Digital Marketing Professionals and Inbound Marketers.
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Bootstrapped Internet Startups & Webmasters with prior basic SEO knowledge.

Why choose PromozSEO for your Local Search Engine Optimization Training

  • Learn from Experienced Local SEO Professionals.
  • Practical & genuine Local SEO Training Methodologies on various types of websites.
  • Practice and work only on Live Websites.
  • Authentic training on Local SEO.
  • Industry designed Local SEO course content.
  • Start learning from the very fundamentals of Local Search Engine Optimization.
  • Build expertise on Advanced Local SEO.
  • No batch system.
  • Affordable Local SEO course fees in Kolkata for all.
  • All required SEO Tools & SEO training materials are provided at zero cost.
  • Ready to Help attitude for everyone.


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Prerequisite skills for Local SEO training

  • Basic SEO knowledge is must (both Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO).
  • HTML knowledge is must.
Local SEO Course Content
# Module 1
Google My Business or Google Places Listing & Bing Local Listing
  • Adding a business details into Google My Business (Google Places) for Businesses.
  • Touching 100% marks on "Complete your business information" on Google My Business (Google Places).
  • Adding a business info into Microsoft Bing Local.
  • Proper optimization of Bing Local & Google My Business (Google Places) Listing.
  • Business verification steps on Google & Bing Local.
  • Importance of Reviews on Bing & Google My Business (Google Places).
  • How to get Positive Reviews from users.
  • Google My Business (Google Places) data analysis.
# Module 2
Onpage Local Optimization
  • Meta Geo Tags Optimization.
  • City Specific Keyword research.
  • Page Title & Meta Description optimization.
  • Header (H1 to H6) Optimization.
  • Image Optimization for Local SEO.
  • Rich Snippet implementation for business Name, Address & Phone number.
  • Adding exact NAP on all pages of a website.
  • Inner links optimization.
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) integration & country targeting.
# Module 3
Four Square, Yelp and other business directory listing and Reviews
  • Concept of Citation.
  • Paid vs. Free Listing.
  • Business listing & verification on Foursquare.
  • Business listing on different country specific Local Business Directories.
  • Adding business details on Yelp, Hotfrog, Justdial, Indiamart etc..
  • Building proper Citation with consistent NAP (business Name, Address & Phone number).
  • How to get positive reviews on different third party directories.
# Module 4
Blogging for Local SEO
  • How to setup & start blogging.
  • Technical details of Blog Engines.
  • Blog Optimization & various blog settings.
  • Article Writing & Optimization techniques.
  • Best SEO practices for successful blogging.
  • Social Media & Blog promotion.
# Module 5
Inbound or Backlink building
  • Quality link building from authority websites.
  • Link building from local websites & blogs.
  • Directory submission on related category & country.
  • Social Bookmarking & tags optimization.
  • Country specific Press Release submission.
  • Local (city specific) Classified advert submissions.
  • Article writing, optimization & submissions.
  • Social Optimization with social mentions & signals.
  • Google Plus Page creation.
  • Complete Google Plus Optimization.
# Module 6
Google Plus (Google+) Optimization
  • Google+ integration with a website.
  • Google+ Authorship & Publishers markup.
  • Google+ Communities.
  • Google+ Page creation.
  • Content promotion on Google+.
# Module 7
Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) Tool and Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) integration with a website.
  • Activating Google Analytics for a website.
  • Technical know how of Search Console (Google Webmaster) Tool.
  • Complete understanding & analysis of Search Console (Google Webmaster) Tool.
  • Detailed Google Analytics & Data analysis & reporting.
For more details about the Local SEO course in Kolkata, please connect at

# 9804457170

# 7278581909

promozseo site features
promozseo reviews