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PHP training in Kolkata

PHP Training in Kolkata

PHP training is one of the best ways for students and graduates who want to build their career in Web Development in the IT industry. PHP is a server-side web scripting language and this is an ‘Open Source Technology’. PHP is the widely used web programming language across the world and almost all medium-sized and Multi-National IT companies work on PHP technologies. PHP along with the MySQL database is used to build database driven, dynamic and interactive websites and applications. Job vacancies in PHP technologies are huge and to fulfill this enormous demand numerous fresher and professional PHP programmers are regularly employed in this technology at varying experience levels. Keeping this ever-increasing demand in mind, being a premium PHP training institute in Kolkata we offer valued, modern and result oriented PHP courses to our students.

Our PHP training course consists of the very basics of website creation with HTML to the most advanced dynamic website building with PHP, MySQL and AJAX technologies including advanced PHP securities. This is an industry designed training content which helps students to get through the proper knowledge on how to build a web application from the scratch to the production level and also assists them to get hired in reputed IT companies.

Being an Open Source Technology, PHP has several advantages over other web programming languages. It is hugely cost-effective as it has no license charges, unlike other technologies. PHP runs on Linux or Unix platforms which are also open source in nature and highly secured. Besides, PHP uses the MySQL database (mostly) which is an open source database and highly scalable. PHP requires lesser time to build a web application as compared to other technologies. Apart from that, PHP is comparatively easy to learn the programming language and students from any educational backgrounds can learn PHP if they have a prior knowledge of C Language or Java or any other programming languages.

As because PHP and MYSQL are super scalable, secured, less time consuming and cost effective most of the IT companies prefer PHP over other web programming technologies. These companies hire trained PHP developers left and right and create huge job vacancies and new opportunities for graduates and master degree holders regularly. There is a huge gap between the number of required skilled PHP resources and the number of trained & industry ready PHP professionals and here the big opportunities lie for graduate students.

So if you want to hit this industry with your programming skills and if you want to get through the IT industry then our PHP course is going to be the best for you. We prepare our students in such a way that they get their jobs even before they complete their courses. So why would you waste your time and risk your career? Enroll yourself in our PHP Training and make a strong future in the IT industry.

Who should attend PHP Course in Kolkata

  • Students, who want to make their career in PHP & Web Development.
  • Students or professionals, who are looking for PHP jobs in Kolkata.
  • SEO professionals with basic programming skills.
  • Students or professionals, who want to work from home at their free time.
  • Java, Dot Net, C# or other technology programmers.
  • Website Designers with basic programming knowledge.
  • Mobile App Designers & iOS or Android Developers.
  • Web Developers & Application builders.

Why choose PromozSEO for your PHP Training in Kolkata

  • Learn from Experienced PHP Professionals.
  • Industry coding standard & result oriented PHP training course syllabus.
  • Complete HTML, CSS & Javascript training.
  • 80% practical training on PHP, MySQL & AJAX.
  • Basic to Advanced PHP training.
  • Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) Training.
  • Complete training on PHP Securities.
  • PHP project works.
  • Affordable PHP course fees in Kolkata for all.
  • All required PHP software & PHP course materials are provided at zero cost.
  • Post-training 100% Job assistance.
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Prerequisite skills for PHP training

  • Basic programming knowledge on C Language or Core Java is a must.
  • Basic HTML knowledge is required.

    Ouch, you don't know HTML, no worries we will teach it. :)
PHP Training Course Content
# Module 1
Basics and introduction to HTML
  • Basic HTML training.
  • Different HTML elements, tags & attributes.
  • HTML DIV Structure, different DIV positioning and effects.
  • HTML Table Structure, Table Row, Table Data etc..
  • HTML Hyperlinks & Images.
  • HTML Forms.
  • Advanced HTML Training.
# Module 2
CSS, Javascript, and Basic JQuery
  • Cascading Style Sheet or CSS Training.
  • Different types of CSS.
  • Understanding HTML Class & ID.
  • Basic Javascript Training.
  • Javascript variables, loops, if-else structure etc..
  • Javascript Arrays.
  • Javascript String handling.
  • Javascript Functions.
  • Javascript Form Validation.
  • Basic JQuery Training.
# Module 3
Static Website Design
  • Static Website Designing.
  • External CSS, Javascript, and JQuery.
  • Jquery Banners for websites.
# Module 4
Introduction to PHP
  • Understanding the Dynamic Websites.
  • Understanding Database, Database Table, Row & Column.
  • Understanding PHP.
  • Introduction to MySQL Database.
  • XAMPP Installation.
# Module 5
Programming with PHP
  • PHP Variables & Expressions.
  • If-else, switch-case conditional operators in PHP.
  • PHP Events.
  • For loop, while loop, for-each loop in PHP.
  • PHP Arrays.
  • Types of arrays in PHP.
  • PHP String handling & manipulation.
  • PHP Functions.
  • PHP File handling.
  • PHP Pagination.
  • PHP Email function.
# Module 6
Introduction to the Database
  • PHPMyAdmin training.
  • Creating a MySQL database.
  • Creating a MySQL database table.
  • The concept of Primary Key.
  • The concept of Foreign Key.
  • The concept of Unique & Null Key.
  • Data Redundancy & Normalization.
  • Inserting data from PHPMyAdmin.
  • Selecting data from PHPMyAdmin.
  • Deleting data from PHPMyAdmin.
  • Importing data to MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin.
  • Exporting data from MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin.
  • Dropping a table from database using PHPMyAdmin.
  • Connecting PHP with MySQL database.
# Module 7
PHP Programming with MySQL Database
  • PHP form building.
  • PHP Post method.
  • PHP Get method.
  • Introduction to Structured Query Language.
  • SQL Create query to build table into MySQL database using PHP.
  • SQL Insert query to store data in databases using PHP.
  • SQL Select query to fetch data from database using PHP.
  • SQL Delete query to delete data from MySQL database using PHP.
  • SQL Update query to edit data in MySQL database using PHP.
  • SQL Where clause.
  • SQL Limit.
  • SQL Ordering (ASC / DESC).
  • SQL Grouping.
  • SQL Joining.
  • Types of SQL Joining.
  • SQL Inner Queries.
  • SQL Aggregate functions.
  • Database driven PHP data insertion, selection, updation & deletion project.
# Module 8
PHP Data Validation and Sanitization (Server Side)
  • Data validation and filtering using PHP.
  • PHP data sanitization.
  • PHP functions and coding to verify and validate user data (input).
  • PHP data purifier coding.
# Module 9
PHP Session and PHP Cookies
  • Complete PHP Session control.
  • PHP Cookies and cookies data handling.
  • Complete Sign Up & Login Page Design and development using PHP & MySQL database.
# Module 10
PHP Securities
  • Understanding the SQL Injection & how to fix.
  • CSRF attacks & how to fix.
  • XSS & PHP coding.
  • Session Hijacking & PHP.
  • PHP INI.
  • PHP display error handling.
# Module 11
Introduction to the AJAX with JQuery and Javascript
  • Advanced JQuery.
  • Complete form validation using JQuery.
  • Understanding AJAX structure.
  • DOM concept.
  • Problems with AJAX.
  • Data insertion into MySQL database using AJAX.
  • Data selection from MySQL database using AJAX.
  • Data updation into MySQL database using AJAX.
  • Data deletion from MySQL database using AJAX.
  • Live Rating system project with PHP, MySQL & AJAX.
# Module 12
Live Server Control
  • CPanel & FTP control.
  • Database Table creation using CPanel & PHPMyAdmin on Live Server.
  • PHP INI Handling using CPanel.
  • Database Backup.
  • Company Email ID creation.
  • Creating a FTP connection.
  • File upload, update & delete using FTP.
# Final Module
Complete Project on PHP
  • Complete Project on PHP with MySQL, HTML, Javascript, JQuery & AJAX.
  • Post-training Job Assistance to each trained individuals.
For complete details about the PHP course in Kolkata, please connect at

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What You Gain at PromozSEO Academy's PHP Training in Kolkata
  • Complete understanding of server side and client side programming languages.
  • 100% practical training on PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX technologies.
  • Real-time CPanel and FTP software handling.
  • Basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • 100% placement and job assistance and support after successfully completing the PHP MySQL course.
  • -----------------------------------
  • Learn a highly demanding IT and web programming skill which has great future potential.
  • Enter into the most demanding web application or web product development industry.
  • Upgrade your technical skills and soft skills as an IT job seeker or an employee.
  • Start coding on very advanced level PHP Securities.
  • Learn industry standard PHP MySQL coding which will boost your IT career growth.
  • Start earning by working part-time on PHP website development while pursuing your study or job.
  • Start working as a PHP or web development freelancer.
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