3 Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Start Your Career in Freelancing

freelancing career

Are you one of those individuals who don’t like being restricted by the demands of a full-time job?

Are you wondering whether there is an alternative way in which you can control your work environment while also making good money?

There is a proven solution to your problems regarding all of your full-time job constraints. And that’s none other than freelancing.

According to recent stats as stated in an article published in India Microfinance, almost 15 million Indians work as freelancers at present, with a prediction of the number getting doubled every 5 years. A career as a Freelancer is at an all-time ascending trend and you can join in the excitement too. But first, let’s understand what freelancing is.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing generally means self-employment where an individual provides services to his or her professional clients. Unlike your full-time job, these gigs are on a contract basis, not long-term. Though sometimes these jobs can last as long as a year or longer depending upon your skills, integrity, and relationship with clients. You get paid with every gig you complete successfully on time.

There are various niches in which a freelancing career can be based on, but it mainly depends on what you are good at and how well you can do it for your clients to be satisfied.

Some core niches that come under freelancing are:

Now that you know what freelancing is, let’s see what are the three main perks of having a career as a Freelancer.

1. No Boss Dancing on Your Head, You are Free

The main problem most people face working in a 9-5 job is their overbearing bosses. A guy always telling you what to do, super critical of your work and almost all the time a thankless to boot, is stressful as it is unproductive.

As a Freelancer, you are your own boss. You can decide when to work, whom to work with and what you get paid. You don’t have to answer to anyone as long as you deliver it successfully on or before time.

2. No Creativity Dead-Lock, You are Free

As a Freelancer, you are not restricted to a specific type of job. You can utilize your strengths in varied fields to make a living.

For example, say you are a bank teller, doing a monotonous job day in day out. But you also know how to write persuasively, then you could easily choose content writing as your niche in your freelancing career.

You could have any number of expertise outside of your regular job, which you are good at. You can use those and create your freelancing career profile out of it. Doing something which you love and passionate about, will enhance your creativity and give you ample job satisfaction.

3. Boost Your Finance, You are Free

As a Freelancer, you are not restricted to a fixed income profile. You can set your own price for the services you are rendering. You can earn more or less depending on how much work you are ready to put in.

Your experience and expertise also count with regards to how much you earn. As your experience and reputation grow, you can charge more for your work.

As you can already say, freelancing is a good profession with a lot of freedom and options. Working independently, anytime from anywhere you want, with a good income to support your lifestyle, is a ‘dream come true’ for any full-time employees.

That being said, there is a bit of a catch to it too.

For any venture you start from scratch, there will be uncertainties and roadblocks. In a freelancing career, there are some as well.

The three main drawbacks that you will face as a freelancer are hereby listed.

1. Embrace the Uncertainty, Be Ready for the Struggle

A freelancing career does not guarantee an assured supply of work. Sometimes the flow of work could be a deluge and sometimes it can reduce down to a mere trickle.

The workload is not always steady which means unstable income flow. With changes in your industry, your services and the future of your career can shift too.

Also, with the huge number of individuals already in this profession, the competition is quite high. You have to be very good at what you do and also adapt to changes pretty quickly to remain in the game.

So, don’t simply think that choosing this career will be like a breezy walk through life. This path is filled with hurdles and challenges and you have to be ready to hustle hard for your success.

2. It’s a Never-Ending Learning Process

To stay at the top of your game, you have to constantly keep learning new things along the way. The digital market is ever-changing, evolving every day and you, as a part of it, need to evolve too to stay in the flow.

You can never become stagnant and be satisfied with what you know. Adding new skills in your repertoire will give you the edge you need to guarantee your success as a freelancer.

3. No Fixed Rule to Become Successful

There is no fixed formula in freelancing that can earn you success. You have to experiment and use your skills as best as your client requires, to forge a name for you in this profession.

Of course, there are guidelines from other professionals available on the internet, but what worked for them will not always work for you. Blindly following someone else’s work process may not gain you much.

Your passion, drive to learn more, and intuition when it comes to what your clients want, are the ultimate tools that can boost your career as a freelancer.

Becoming a freelancer could be a freeing and creative experience that can change your life for the better, but this path is also mired with ups and downs and a bagful of challenges.

So, before you decide to give freelancing career a go, check out all of its aspects, weigh the pros and cons thoroughly before deciding if this career is something you are ready to commit to.

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6 Responses

  1. Mithun Pandit says:

    Its pleasure reading your blog.
    Freelancing gives wings to fly and explore-far and deeper in our niche.
    Whereas Jobs restrict us in many ways.
    This is why, we have many popular Digital Marketers/bloggers on internet who are self-employed, well-established.
    You have set one such big example whom I personally know and look forward to.

    • Soumya Roy says:

      Glad you liked it Mithun. Both have their own merits and demerits. Though one thing I can say for sure, in freelancing you need really strong nerves.

  2. G MAHESH says:

    First of all very good helpful article. But I am little confused where to start can you explain little this. How to increase confidence to start.

    • Soumya Roy says:

      Thanks, Mahesh. You can start small and go step by step. First of all, find out the SEO things you do the best, like keyword analysis, competition analysis, link building, guest posting, site audit, etc. Next, open your accounts on Fiverr and similar other marketplace websites. And finally, start working on the gigs that you do the best.
      Once you start, after a few weeks’ time you will understand the process and how you can use it to your advantage.
      Bottom line, start today. There is no tomorrow.

  3. Muhammad Sumair Kaleem says:

    Ussalaam-Ou-Alaikum And Wishes.
    I found this blog very useful
    I admire it. Freelancing is a way
    to understand the digital world in an best
    educated manner. It’s true that freelancing
    is very competitive than job which restricts us
    in many angles.
    We do have many freelancing opportunities today
    which is increasing time by time very rapidly
    ever than before while job makes us 9 to 5 only.
    You are the first blogger whom I know as well.

    • Soumya Roy says:

      Thanks, Sumair for stopping by. You are right, in the near future, freelancing is going to be a regular career choice for many.

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