Facebook Contest Strategy: How to Grow With Facebook Contests

facebook contest strategy

Do you want to run a Facebook giveaway? Yes, it is beneficial in attracting more leads to a social platform. For this purpose, you can prepare an excellent plan to attain success. The understanding of how to craft a contest to meet business goals is essential. You can develop Facebook advertisements for conducting a campaign. How to nurture a campaign? You can follow some steps to organize a campaign on Facebook to attract more leads.

If you learn about Facebook contests, then you will get more leads and customers for the business. The meeting of business goals is possible for individuals. You can follow easy-to-go steps to get success at an online social platform. It is providing desired results to people in generating leads and growth of an enterprise.

Decide What to Give in a Facebook Giveaway

Before starting a procedure, you need to understand what to give in a social platform contest. A list is available with people to meet business goals with fewer efforts. Through it, you can decide what to offer in a giveaway. The offer delivers effective results when you opt-in, register, sign up or call for an appointment.

The customers should buy directly what you are offering after a contest ends as it is essential to have benefits. Once you have a clear picture of it, the promotion of brands and products is becoming comfortable with Facebook giveaways.

Prizes to Give in a Facebook Contest

johnsons baby facebook contest

You can decide about prizes to give in Facebook giveaways. It will result in the real registering of potential customers to purchase a product. The prize should tie directly with an offer that you are providing to potential customers.

As a result, it makes sense for individuals to buy them and increase the sale of a business.

Identify the Need for a Product

With a prize, you can identify a need for your products in a targeted audience. If a business sells horse equipment and provides Air Pods as a prize, then there is no attraction of customers to buy horse products.

The purpose of the contest is to understand the needs of customers. If people are entering a contest, it means they want a product. So, you can use a prize to identify a need in Facebook contests and giveaways.

Yes, it is beneficial to offer special bonuses for participating in giveaways. It refers to thanks to customers for purchasing products and getting prizes from Facebook contests.

Set a Facebook Contest Timeline

pj trailers facebook contest

After identifying the need, you should decide on how long Facebook giveaways or contest should run. It is an essential element to meet business goals and earn more profits. If you give away something you are selling, but the contest is long, people will wait to know what they are winning.

Businesspeople should plant a seed among people of excitement for getting a prize. In that state of mind, you can promote the product with skills and intelligence if customers are no resulting in winnings.

Monthly Contest

One important option to consider while running a Facebook contest is monthly running it. Many house cleaning businesses are adopting it to get more leads and customers for the growth and development of business. They want that customers should register at a contest and get services.

When you structure a contest for monthly purposes, there are some shorter time frame benefits available to people. Customers can also register for free house cleaning services in a month. If you win in the contest, then you get free services; otherwise, not.

Picking 12 Winners

Another option available with people is picking of twelve winners. It is making people happier to get services from the Facebook contest.

As a result, you will get clients for life for house cleaning or other business. It is an essential benefit available to business people to meet business goals and get development.

Holding Monthly Contests for Email Subscribers

facebook contest email subscribers

There is a monthly contest on Facebook for email subscribers. The customers can subscribe to a contest and then unsubscribe when they do not win. It is preventing that from happening with monthly contests organizing for email subscribers.

The hosting is possible each month to provide prizes and other rewards to customers. Access is available directly for them to become a monthly winner.

Decide How People will Sign-Up for a Contest

Once you have decided about the prize and timeline, you need to concentrate on how people register or sign-up at Facebook contests. The process requires the skills and intelligence of people to get the desired registration services. Either is it funnel, form, or Facebook Messenger application?

You need to decide on one to get benefits in more generation of leads at the social platform.

Likes and Comments

gary vaynerchuk facebook contest

Many businesses are running contests and ask customers to like or comment on them for registration. The sharing of the contest page is also useful to get a registration. It is a great exposure available to a comprehensive customer on a social platform.

People share contest details with friends and relatives and encourage them to register at a contest to get prizes and free services. In the future, you can market a list with email and upload it.

Call People to Enter the Contest

absolut facebook contest

Another method refers to calling people to register at Facebook contests. The number of participants is increasing through the adaptation of methods at online social media platforms.

It depends on the need and requirement of people to enter the contest or not. But you can convince them to have benefits with registering at Facebook contests.

Get Personal Information for Valuable Prizes

One cool thing about Facebook is to ask for personal information to provide a valuable prize in the contests. It is not a traditional magnet available with marketers.

You can learn about it and useful methods to register at Facebook contests to increase sales and achievement of business objectives.

Sign-Up with Business Help

The participants can register on an online social platform with business help. They can give them a reason to register and pay the customer’s right then.

An online product will allow them to purchase products directly from the social platform. The preparation of a schedule is essential to get the desired results in the growth and development of business.

Facebook teams and lead forms are also available to allow people to register on an online platform. You can make an appointment to get business help for registering at Facebook giveaways and contests.

Promotion of Facebook Contest

shulas facebook contest

After mapping how people will enter, there is an encouragement to people to sign-up. The promotion of contests is easy and straightforward for individuals. A good prize is available to participants who are registering at Facebook contests. It is eliminating the requirement to create complex advertisements.

You can create a set of graphics that is showing contests and giveaways on a social platform. Some bright images are available for the fun and enjoyment of individuals.

It helps create a brand name for the contest so that it becomes more visible among customers. The remembrance of a brand name is excellent to get the desired results.

Advertisement Copy

You can create an advertisement copy of a Facebook contest. It should be short and sweet for the benefit of the audience to read and understand it.

All additional details are available that you have gone through in advertisement copies available at a Facebook contest. You can link information with your website or landing form. A messenger registration flow is also possible to promote a Facebook contest.

Avoid Influencing the Specific Contest

You can avoid promoting as specific contests as if possible. It is better to add a date on the landing page with a follow-up of messages.

If you are hosting a monthly contest, you can choose a winner at the end of the month. No need is to provide a specific date to end the contest and declare a winner.

Pro tip – If you want an effective promotion of products, then you can use Email marketing at a list. The goal of growing a social platform is accomplished with the tip. You can show a full capacity to reach out and engage the audience in the promotion of a brand. It is essential for the growth and meeting of business goals at online social media services.

Follow up with Facebook Contest Participants

When people will sign-up at a contest, you can follow up a contest to convert them into a business’s loyal customers. It is necessary to confirm entry and second to promote brand and products to them. Do not do this too much when there is an announcement of the winner of the Facebook contest. The sole focus is on messages to earn customer’s attention for the business.

When you announce a winner of a contest, there is another reason available to you to reach out audience. The winner is excited about winning a prize from the contest on a social platform. The other participants are provided with consolation prizes which can provide a new offer to people. No difference is available between offers made available to participants.

Continue to do Marketing for More People

After declaring a winner, you should continue to market products and brands. Some monthly organizing of contests is providing desired results to businesspeople. Same opportunities are available to businesspeople every month. They should provide value to a prospectus and get more rewards and benefits in growth at the online social platform.

The business is getting more sales and profits through continuing Facebook marketing of brands by hosting Facebook contests.

Long-Term Follow-Up

An essential key for success is long-term follow up of the targeted audience at the social platform. Whether the products are cheap or expensive, it delivers the desired results in marketing and increasing sales of a brand. The timing is playing a significant role in getting more audience for the business.

It would be best if you stayed consistent about the follow-up of people on Facebook. There is no limitation available about how much you can do on a social platform.


Facebook contests and giveaways are the best methods available for boosting the sales of an organization. Plenty of offers are available for inviting customers to join contests and win them. The generation of the right leads is possible for individuals, and it is possible with the perfect design of a Facebook contest.

One of the crucial decisions is determining the prize to give to participants. The identification of products and services become comfortable with offering such a prize to an audience. As a result, remembrance of a name is for an extended period to increase an organization’s customers and profits.

Expert advice is also playing a vital role in getting success in online organizing contests. Facebook advertisements are playing a crucial role in nurturing campaigns in the customer journey after the content ends. You should gather information about it to have desired results on an online social platform.

In a nutshell, you should host a Facebook contest with the following steps to get success. The customer journey is excellent with participating in contests, getting giveaways or prizes and purchasing products, and getting services according to requirements.

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