10 Google Ad PPC Management Tools to Supercharge Your Google Ad Campaigns

google ads ppc management tools

SEO is powerful, indeed, but, Google Ads (PPC – pay per click) is equally essential for a business. Since years internet marketers have been using these two online marketing techniques together to bring in more traffic to the website and confirm more sales for the business.

So, even if your site ranks high for the top competitive keywords organically, still you shouldn’t dismiss Google Ads. Instead, you should run profitable ad campaigns to maximize the visibility and multiply the website traffic by manifolds. So, PPC is no longer optional for marketers to stay ahead of their competitors in order to get more leads and sales conversions.

In fact, Google Ads is incredibly powerful, and anyone with almost any budget can start running Google ad campaigns and upsurge their sales significantly. You have a global reach for your ads at the click of a few buttons, and it’s absolutely easy to get started. Select relevant keywords, set up the ad campaign, create ad groups logically, write persuasive ad copies, and start driving targeted traffic to your website.

However, getting traffic to your site is not the only thing you want, but you must know how to convert them into sales. And to do that competently, you need PPC tools.

While Google Ads account itself gives you plenty of features to set up and analyze your campaigns, there are a host of third-party PPC tools available online, which help you gain insights and strategic tips. The following 10 Google Ads PPC management tools will help you supercharge your Google Ad campaigns and make sure you get the maximum ROI.

Top 10 Google Ads PPC Tools

  1. Wordstream Advisor
  2. Optmyzr
  3. PPC BidMax
  4. Google Ads Editor
  5. iSpionage
  6. Unbounce
  7. AdNabu
  8. Adalysis
  9. Tenscores
  10. AdEspresso

Wordstream Advisor

wordstream advisor

Wordstream Advisor is an online marketing and advertising tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses to maximize results from their PPC campaigns. The primary purpose of WordStream Advisor is to make paid search marketing user-friendly and straightforward. With the toolset, it offers you can create, optimize, manage, and measure your high performing PPC campaign investing about 30 minutes every week.

Wordstream Advisor offers premium facilities and allows its users to integrate the tool with industry-leading products like Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc. This simple approach helps you streamline your Google Ads more effectively and efficiently, and that too, you get all the features in one place.


  • One-click optimization that actually impacts the traffic and sales conversions
  • Manage campaigns across platforms
  • Conduct search query analysis
  • Manage Google Ads Search Network and Display Advertising ads
  • Facebook, Instagram, Bing Search Advertising
  • Impression share and success reports
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking and website visitor remarketing
  • Full software training and support



Optmyzr is one of the best PPC management tools, which helps you manage your PPC campaigns using its simple and easy-to-use platform. The tool offers a powerful one-click PPC campaign optimization feature that suggests several techniques about how to improve the quality of your ads, be it by adding or discarding keywords, changing bids, adjusting placements on display networks like Google Shopping, etc. The one-click feature is truly capable of making your ad campaigns more attractive and profitable.

Optmyzr lets you automate the ad optimization processes that are mostly repetitive and consume a lot of time. You can apply the best PPC optimization practices in just a single click, and create well-structured shopping campaigns, perform A/B testing for different ads, and manage them easily.


  • Google Ads quality score tracker
  • One-click optimization
  • A/B testing for different PPC ads
  • Google Analytics integration and reporting
  • Custom Google Ads reports
  • Landing page analysis
  • Shopping campaign bidder
  • Geographical heatmap
  • Performance comparison

PPC BidMax

ppc bidmax

PPC BidMax is another automated pay per click management tool that helps you manage your online Google advertising campaigns within one simple dashboard. The tool offers an intuitive user-interface that allows you to create, manage, and optimize PPC ads effortlessly and quickly.

This software sets PPC bids automatically and generates ROI reports with up-to-date information across all campaigns. Moreover, it enables you to convert and import ad campaigns between search engines, manage thousands of keywords, and create customized branded reports for hundreds of accounts.


  • PPC BidMax helps you to automate your PPC campaigns and keyword bidding.
  • You can reach an optimal average position by managing the CPC needed to obtain maximum clicks and conversions.
  • It allows you to manage Google Ads and Bing Ads from a single platform.
  • It lets you create and import ad campaigns between Google Ads, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • PPC BidMax allows you to see the keyword bidding history.
  • You can create customized branded reports for multiple accounts in just a few clicks.

Google Ads Editor

google ads editor

Managing your online PPC accounts is a time-consuming process, especially if you’re handling large accounts with multiple pay per click campaigns and ad groups. But Google Ads Editor can help you optimize the efficiency and performance of your campaigns with its free to use application that allows you to manage multiple Ads accounts effortlessly even when you are offline.

Using the Google Ads Editor, you can download your PPC campaigns, make multiple necessary changes quickly, manage and review the changes you made, and monitor and analyze the key performance metrics.


  • Google Ads Editor allows you to search and replace text, move items, and make changes across multiple campaigns.
  • Google Ads Editor lets you work offline and make bulk changes quickly and easily.
  • You can export and import your campaigns.
  • Monitor crucial campaign KPIs like click-through rate, cost per click, ad positions, and goal conversions, etc.



iSpionage is an excellent tool for PPC campaign management and competitor analysis, which provides valuable insights on business competitors. You need to simply add your competitors’ websites and see which keywords they are targeting and, at the same time, get a complete idea about their ads and landing pages.

Apart from monitoring and tracking competitors’ keywords, the tool is also capable of analyzing the competitors’ user-journey and lets you make the right decisions quickly. Besides, the Ad Copy Effectiveness Index Score allows you to understand the effectiveness of your PPC ad copies so that you can improve them in order to increase traffic to your landing pages.


  • Generating profitable PPC keyword list
  • Intelligent keyword grouping
  • Estimating your competitors’ pay per click budget
  • Monthly ad traffic estimation
  • Identifying and monitoring competitor websites



Unbounce is certainly one of the efficient landing page builders in the market, which allows you to create more profitable landing pages that convert more visitors more often into more sales. With Unbounce, you can create, test, and publish your landing pages before you bring them to commercial use. It helps you enhance your customers’ experience significantly, which is a huge booster for your business and ROI.

Through the Unbounce platform, you can build and conduct A/B testing for the unlimited number of pages and publish your page to as many domains as you like.


  • You can add, remove or customize page elements with a few clicks
  • Hundred plus 100 percent mobile responsive landing page templates
  • Boost page load time by creating AMP landing pages
  • Add custom landing page functionalities quickly
  • Integrates with thousands of other CRM, automation, and digital marketing tools
  • Unlimited A/B testing and campaign grouping



AdNabu is useful Google Ads software for e-commerce, which is best known for its auto-pause campaign feature. It offers powerful optimizations for Google PPC ad campaigns and delivers a 30 percent increase in conversions from shopping and search ads for your e-commerce business.

The tool helps you create the best structure for your campaigns with powerful optimizations to increase your sales and reduce the cost of sale. Many large e-commerce brands use AdNabu to power their Google ad campaigns and increase ROI.


  • Create the best-structured e-commerce ad campaigns effortlessly and quickly
  • Auto Pause campaigns feature automatically pauses your campaigns when the website goes down and enables them again once it starts working
  • Create new campaigns and ad groups by analyzing your search terms
  • Create hundreds of ads in a minute using ad templates
  • Get bidding suggestions based on your goals
  • Use its powerful algorithm to monitor your account, quickly find mistakes, and fix them to improve the performance
  • Get automated reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis



Adalysis is a great piece of Google Ads PPC marketing software, which is the best fit for brands and businesses that focus on getting the best possible ROI from their SEM campaigns. This Google Ads optimization tool lets you create, test, optimize, and automate your campaigns. Besides, the tool also offers powerful and understandable reports that help you monitor and boost PPC performance.

Adalysis’s smart budgeting feature lets you create a bid strategy based on different goals like ROI, rank, and conversions. The functionality additionally helps you identify the underachieving ad campaigns so that you can switch your money to more profitable PPC ads.


  • Manage bulk PPC ads, build, edit, and test them all in one place
  • Watch the Quality Scores and follow the suggestions to improve them
  • Analyze keywords, grouping, and negative keywords to optimize PPC ads
  • Test and optimize landing pages, monitor the user-experience, track the broken URLs to improve the ad performance
  • Powerful data visualization feature along with custom Google Ads KPIs to monitor and boost the ROI



Tenscores gives you actionable insights and recommendations on how you can improve your Google Ads quality score. Since Quality Score is an essential factor that largely controls the CPC of your campaigns, improving it makes you pay less per click. Not only this, but high Quality Score will help you rank better on Google Ad spots, increase CTR and traffic, and thus boosts sales conversions.

The tool tells you how much money you are wasting on keywords that result in poor Quality Scores, as well as how much you can save targeting the relevant and high Quality Score keywords.


  • It provides a detailed analysis of Quality Scores on keyword, ad group, and campaign level.
  • It helps you identify keywords with low Quality Scores.
  • It lets you identify the underperforming ads
  • Tenscores helps you restructure your ad groups using its artificial-intelligence enabled regrouping technique.
  • Step-by-step guide for increasing account performance.



AdEspresso is a powerful tool with a simple user interface for creating and managing all Google Ads campaigns in one place. Apart from Google Ads, AdEspresso also allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram ads using its intuitive dashboard and essential features.

Besides creating PPC campaigns, analyzing and optimizing them, AdEspresso lets you dynamically sync the tool with hundreds of CRM and email automation tools, which saves a lot of your valuable time exporting and importing data.


  • Create, test, analyze, and optimize multiple Google Ads campaigns all in one place
  • Sync with almost all major CRM and automation tools
  • Create retargeting lists automatically
  • Review your campaign and offer expert advice to take your campaign to the next level


Though you cannot rely on automation and tools alone, but to improve your PPC campaign performance, these 10 Google Ads PPC management tools will certainly come to your aid. Even the smallest loophole in the automation process can easily cause a disastrous downturn in your PPC ad campaign, profit, and ROI. So, you have to monitor your Google ads performance closely, fix and optimize them quickly, and better manage your campaigns for incredible results.

Now, over to you.

Do you prefer using any other tool for managing your Google Ads campaigns? What features you like the most on those PPC tools?

We would like to know how you manage your Google Ads and the tools you use to optimize and automate them.

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