4 Realities of Blogging You Should Know and Embrace Before Jumping into it

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Gotta love it.

Fun, freedom, fulfillment, and a load of love flow through the life experience of a generous, fun-loving, abundant-minded blogger. Cool deal. But blogging is not all sunshine and roses, kiddies. Sometimes, we need to face certain truths on the way to becoming a successful blogger.

I had to experience some tough times before things opened up for me. I needed to face and own some genuine truths. Some bloggers walk around, claiming blogging is an easy, piece of cake way to make money online. Fat chance.

Blogging is no doubt simple but sometimes a highly uncomfortable endeavor.

For example, I currently find myself attempting to promote 124 eBooks. Each is a bite-sized number. I intend to get these suckers in the hands of a billion people. You bet ya I hustle like mad daily, calmly, generously, patiently and slowly building up my presence online by creating content and by building connections. Doing this stuff feels fun, rewarding and sometimes, maddening. I need to keep facing my fears to test my limits from a calm, relaxed, detached energy.

Take my day today; in the past 6 hours, from 11 AM to 5 PM, I created 11 pieces of content. You read #12, which I will have completed by 5:45 PM. How in the heck can one human being create this volume of simple, powerful, quality content? How can I have created 124 eBooks and 2 blogging courses? I faced blogging truths. I was straight with myself. More importantly, I did not laze away, in blogging lala land, aka dreamland, where most bloggers languish, lying to themselves.

Peep these 4 blogging truths.

Blogging Is Simple

Simple gig, blogging is. Create helpful content. Build strong friendships by helping fellow bloggers and expecting nothing to flow from the interaction. Simple, eh? But you would be stunned by how many bloggers believe blogging to be 10 times more difficult than creating and connecting. Bloggers look for silly, complex, difficult to execute hacks to create short cuts, to speed things up, but quickly learn that blogging short cuts lead to failure and quitting. Speeding things up makes simple, complex, which is stupid. Why make things complex and difficult when blogging is simply creating and connecting? So….go the simple route because blogging IS simple.

Blogging Involves Many Moving Parts

OK; blogging is simple but also involves many moving parts. Example; connecting with bloggers is quite simple at its core but involves learning how to comment genuinely on blogs, how to promote fellow bloggers on social media and how to promote fellow bloggers on your blog.

No worries. I got ya covered on blog commenting. Buy my eBook:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

Blogging can get a bit uncomfortable – more on that, next – because moving parts require study, learning, practicing and mastering, in order to become successful. I bet ya someone told you blog commenting is trying to get your link on 1000 blogs today. This is spamming and not acceptable if you want to build friendships genuinely. Again; buy the eBook. Learn the moving parts of blog commenting to practice and master this skill. Only upsides exist for bloggers who master the smaller skills, leading up to mastery of the core creating and connecting skills vital to all blogging success.

Blogging Is Uncomfortable

‘Tis uncomfortable guys. I cannot lie. Or, I have to tell you the blogging truth.

Blogging forces you to face deep fears, to leave your comfort zone and to do things you never did before. Blogging goads you to generously create and connect with no paycheck in sight. This feels especially maddening to employees who are conditioned to work jobs ONLY for paychecks. Blogging is different.

You work generously to lay the foundation for something special by creating and connecting to improve both your skills and exposure. Add multiple streams of income. Trust yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Be focused on the process, not outcomes. Do not panic if money does not appear to arrive quickly; money is on the way if you generous help people, trust in the process, slow down, calm down and open multiple streams of income.

Most bloggers resist deep fears, sprint back to their comfort zone, panic, do silly stuff, fail and quit. Other bloggers quit the moment they need to exit their comfort zone. Successful, happy bloggers slowly but surely leave their comfort zone regularly to live the life of their dreams.

Blogging Is a Nuanced Skill

I noted above how blogging is simple and requires study and mastery of moving parts. But blogging is not too unlike being a doctor or lawyer, or any skilled profession. Become super skilled in blogging requires 10 years of generous, diligent learning, study, practice and persistent effort. I can create 12 pieces of content in under 6 hours because I blogged for 20,000 hours during the past decade of my life. Doctors put in similar, serious hours, as do lawyers, because we all develop nuanced skills most of society never develops.

Pro bloggers, doctors, and lawyers are rare breeds because it takes a serious amount of energy, effort and focus to master each skill to eye-popping levels.

Blogging can be mastered but the truth is this: to become incredibly prolific and connected, you will spend 20,000 hours or more of your life blogging.


I laid out those truths for you to face, embrace and live.

Be a successful blogger.

If you need to get your head out of the clouds or out of the ground, learning and accepting these blogging truths smooths out your blogging journey as you head toward your dreams.

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