15 Most Significant Benefits of a Digital Marketing Career in India

benefits digital marketing career india

They say only imitators go with the flow; creative people carve their own path. Well, but there’s another saying, “sometimes it’s fun to run with the pack” So what’s your philosophy? It’s hard to choose between these two, isn’t it? Both are subjective and appeal to a certain mindset!

But what if you get an option to choose both? Well, it’s possible with a digital marketing career. It’s the current trend as there’s a massive surge in terms of job opportunities, and I see no reason for losing out on this opportunity. Hence, let’s run with the pack!

Besides, it also gives you a lot of liberty to use your creative and analytical skills and make every digital marketing campaign unique from the other. This can’t get any better than this! But is that it?

Trust me; we are just getting started. In this blog post, I’ll tell you the top 15 benefits of the digital marketing career in India.

While everybody talks about the ongoing hype and buzz about the digital marketing field, a few can give you the actual story. This is what we’re aiming at in this post. So, let’s get started.

The Digital Marketing Industry is New and Booming in India

Believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons for you to choose the digital marketing career in India is not the growing amount of job placements, but the demand to manpower ratio.

In India, the degree of demand we have as far as the number of digital marketing projects is concerned is much higher than the skilled human resources supply. That’s why you get a chance to perform to the best of your caliber in various projects.

This not only helps you grow exponentially as a digital marketing professional but kills monotony and makes your life interesting. Plus, keeping in mind the current demand for the digital marketing workforce, it is safe to say that there will be no saturation point in the next 15 years!

In this world, where everyone is talking about the job security and relevance of their job role, not many new and booming industries can deliver this sort of confidence to its employees.

Digitization is the Future

If you are observant enough, then by this time, you should have already noticed it. Just look around you; we are living in a time of technological revolution that will only promote digital marketing further, helping it to come up with even better methods.

Gone are the days when putting an ad on the print and television media was the only way for the businesses to connect with their customers. Now, with the power of digital marketing at your armory, you can reach out to a much wider audience seamlessly with just a single click.

And the best part, for half the price you had to spend on advertisements!

With each passing day, more and more businesses are turning towards digital marketing and discovering its new avenues. Now, they can easily keep track of the money they have invested, and the ROI received. They don’t have to do prolonged market research as tools like Google Analytics is there to help them out. All of these make the business operations much smoother and more efficient.

Suffice it to say, digital marketing is the future in India and worldwide, and it is here to stay and increase rapidly. Businesses that are still reluctant to turn into it will sooner or later disappear anyway. Hence, with such demand in the market, your professional digital marketing expertise will not go in vain.

Government Policies

In these trying times, where every country is battling the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing economic crisis, it’s indeed hard to make a career choice.

However, you can have a vote of confidence for the fact that our Government is also promoting digitalization with agendas like “Digital India“. This proves that the growth opportunities in our country are getting recognized, and the future of the digital marketing industry is extremely bright here.

Apart from that, Indian policy reformers also have announced programs like “Make in India“, “Stand-Up India“, “Atmanirbhar Bharat” – all of these promote India’s goal to reduce its dependence on foreign countries in terms of information technology and IoT (Internet of things). Instead, we are ready to promote Indian brands and entrepreneurs who dare to make a dent in the near future.

With such encouraging policies around the corner, more Indian entrepreneurs will have the confidence to follow their dreams and create more job opportunities for the digital marketing aspirants and budding professionals in the country!

Anyone can Learn and Choose Digital Marketing Career

Another great benefit of a digital marketing career in India is that literally anyone can join this field and flourish with any educational background.

All you need is the will to learn digital marketing in-depth, and that’s it – you are good to go! You won’t have to think twice about your previous academic background or qualifications, as they will not pose a hindrance.

That being said, it can’t be denied that a student from a marketing background might find it a bit easier to understand the various facets of digital marketing, but that does not prove it’s not your cup of tea!

Persistence and hard work have turned many novices into expert digital marketing professionals coming from different backgrounds. Just stay focused on your goals, think rationally, learn digital marketing with a meticulous approach, and things will surely fall into the right places.

Digital Marketing Does Not Require Programming Skills

This might be one of the biggest reasons as to why digital marketing is a great career choice for you.

Frankly speaking, programming is not everyone’s forte – not only does it demand a specific set of skills, but it’s a different ball game altogether.

A lot of people perceive that digital marketing requires programming skills where the actual reality is – IT DOESN’T!

Just learn the SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, and other digital marketing roles, and you are good to go. This will quickly open up boatloads of opportunities for you and help you excel forward.

Short-Term and Extensive Digital Marketing Courses are Readily Available

Now, the question remains, how can you learn all the tricks and nuances of digital marketing in India, in-classroom, or online?

Of course, you don’t have all the time in the world to complete a full-fledged degree course in digital marketing just like you did in your bachelor’s. So how to do it?

Well, the solution is learning through various short-term and extensive digital marketing courses that are readily available in your city or on the internet. These are great ways to learn and, at the same time, get certifications that have become an industry standard now.

Even from an individual’s point-of-view, these digital marketing certification courses are great mediums for acquiring the necessary knowledge without spending a lot of time and money. You can find a plethora of digital marketing institutes in your city or online, which offer these expert-led certification courses for the best price!

Plus, you can learn it at your own pace from the convenience of your home. You don’t have to travel or pace up and down to get the certification as most institutes offer the digital marketing courses online. This makes it even more ideal for working professionals and students as it saves a lot of their time!

Digital Marketing Offers Multiple Career Opportunities

The next great benefit of a digital marketing career in India is your career opportunities are not limited in any way. You don’t have to do one single job for the rest of your life.

Here you’ll get multiple career prospects to explore as an SEO specialist, link builder, SEM-PPC consultant, social media marketing expert, content strategist, email marketer, web analyst, and many more.

You can cherry-pick any of these digital marketing job roles based on your forte and preferences. As a matter of fact, most well-known digital marketing companies in India are always in search of digital marketers who are experts in one core aspect rather than a jack of all trades.

Digital Marketing Allows You to Get a Job Quickly

Sometimes all you need is a little push to move forward.

When a lot of other industry professionals often feel extremely tired and frustrated getting their first job, in a digital marketing career in India, you won’t be facing such a predicament.

Here, you will get your first digital marketing job relatively quickly, thanks to the outrageous demand in the market. To tell you the truth, small-sized, mid-level, and big digital marketing agencies hire skilled human resources left, right, and center.

Even if you land up in a mid-level company for your first job, you’ll get wonderful opportunities to hone your skills and garner some valuable experience. This will surely add a five-star to your digital marketing CV, which will expedite your chances of getting a better job role in the near future.

Digital Marketing is a Day Job

As I have mentioned earlier, job security is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of the digital marketing career in India.

Digital marketing is a full-time job and not a contractual hiring position – so, you don’t have to worry about the contract being over after a point in time.

Plus, even in these pandemic situations, digital marketing is perhaps the only domain, which can give you job security. This field is always adaptive, and as more businesses are shifting towards it, it becomes all the more plausible for the professionals to thrive financially.

Most digital marketing companies have adapted to this unprecedented crisis by providing their employees with work-from-home provisions, so that not only can they provide the necessary support to the clients but also support themselves.

This has made a few people refer to digital marketing as a “recession-proof career”.

Digital Marketing Companies Offer Lucrative Pay Scale

As you are already aware, thanks to the extensive demand in the market, the need for expert digital marketers always exceeds the supply. Hence, it is safe to say that with such a demand for your skills, the paycheck in return will be equally rewarding, as most of the companies are willing to pay big bucks to the right talent.

Besides, since there’s a kind of skill-shortage going on, you can treat yourself or your digital marketing skill as a commodity that you can sell for the best price and negotiate your salary accordingly.

But bear in mind that there’s a huge competition between skilled digital marketers. However, this only creates bigger advantages for you as after acquiring the right digital marketing skill, you can easily demand a salary of your preference and other additional perks regardless of the market standard.

Long story short – acquire the necessary digital marketing skills and experience, and you’ll be able to quote the salary you’ve always dreamt of!

Digital Marketing Provides Jaw-Dropping Freelancing Opportunities

The more adept you’ll become in the digital marketing field, the more opportunities will knock on your door. One such opportunity is freelancing. If you wish to stretch your wings a bit wider and net some extra bucks, then freelancing is indeed a lucrative option for you.

Some digital marketers even devote their full-time doing freelancing while working professionals try the gigs in their free-time, exploring new challenges and exciting projects.

If you have good knowledge and skill, you can even make a career out of freelancing on digital marketing. A lot of people detest going to the office every morning, if you are like one of them then, just get a functional laptop and internet connection, and start freelancing today!

You can Start a Career in Blogging or Affiliate Marketing

One of the most significant benefits of a digital marketing career is all your experience as a digital marketer will never go in vain.

After working as a digital marketing employee for a substantial amount of time, you can start your own blog or affiliate marketing website and put all your acquired skills to encash for you.

Use your extensive content development and marketing knowledge to consistently come up with compelling posts to build a high-traffic blog or website.

Thanks to your digital marketing skills, you can turn your blog into a super-blog in no time and increase clicks and page-views every day. This gives you earning security for a life-time and an endless amount of other possibilities that is hardly possible in other fields.

Digital Marketing Allows You to Get Popular and Become Famous Online

Believe it or not, but it is absolutely possible. You don’t have to be a pop-star in order to be famous online and build strong global contacts. By becoming an influential digital marketer, you can be immensely successful as an expert consultant to various companies and even create international connections.

Almost every digital marketer has heard about Neil Patel, an Indian American. He is not just an expert marketer, but he has influenced and inspired thousands of other digital marketing enthusiasts around the world to take this path and follow their dreams!

Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency in 5 to 6 Years

If you have an entrepreneur inside you, who always dreams of doing things on his own independently, then this is the chance for you.

Learning and becoming an expert digital marketer will help you start your own digital marketing agency after 5-6 years, which is impossible in ninety percent of the other industries. Setting up your own company is not a cakewalk, but it’s indeed possible with a comprehensive digital marketing skillset!

Thanks to your skills of working as a digital marketing professional for all these years will help you implement the techniques that work best for you. You can use the right methods to understand the market, your own product, and promote it accordingly to the right audience.

You can also keep track of your gradual progress and deduce better strategies with analytical tools. Now, what could be better than this!

Live the Laptop-Lifestyle

Lastly, the most lucrative benefit of all – digital marketing allows you to live your dream laptop-lifestyle. Safe to say, digital marketing is perhaps one of the most plausible fields where you can actually afford to have such a lifestyle.

To put it simply, after you reach a certain height up the ladder or grow your business to an impressive size, you don’t have to toil behind a desk 10 hours a day in front of a computer – you can simply go mobile!

Just take your laptop with you and head out anywhere you feel good yet still manage all the necessary work from your laptop. While your business runs in the background with your supervision, you earn a fantastic living and do the things you truly love!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: 15 proven benefits of the digital marketing career in India. Bear in mind that flexibility and adaptiveness is the key here, as you’ll get opportunities to perform different job roles across various industries.

Digitalization is not only a possibility now, but it’s our impending future, and we are making steady progress towards realizing it. Hence, top digital marketing companies and employers seek out qualified professionals who can fill in the skill-gap and perform duties for the organization to the best of their abilities.

The digital marketing field ensures a steady job-market, challenging job roles, immense growth opportunities, and an enjoyable career with a handsome paycheck.

So, what’s your motivation for becoming a digital marketer? Let us know in the comment section below. I believe this post has helped you understand the significant benefits of a digital marketing career in India, but should you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

Till then, best of luck!

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