Top 25 Online Reputation Management Tools to Manage Your Brand Reputation Like a Pro

online reputation management tools

Why is your reputation so very important? Well, be it your business or your personal brand, your reputation speaks for yourself. But sometimes building it can be challenging. That’s where these top online reputation management tools come into the picture.

But, why do you need reputation management tools?

Well, reputation management is a tricky business, which if not done right can cause a reverse effect on your business or personal brand.

Once someone posts something online about you or the brand you own, it is likely to stay there forever. Hence, tracking them and keeping an eye out about the effects they can cause is essential. Luckily, with these powerful reputation management tools, you can manage them effortlessly!

Managing the online reputation of your brand includes neutralizing harmful sentiments about yourself or your brand, and also highlighting all the positive takeaways offered by you and your service.

The best 25 tools for reputation management, which I have listed in this blog post, will help you achieve all these without breaking your sweat.

So, let’s get started.

Top 25 Reputation Management Tools

  1. Reputology
  2. Mention
  3. Social Mention
  4. Buzzsumo
  5. Review Push
  6. Reputation Refinery
  7. Brands Eye
  8. Go Fish Digital
  9. Review Trackers
  10. SentiOne
  11. The Brand Grader
  12. Attentio
  13. Awario
  14. Brand 24
  15. Brand Mentions
  16. Brandwatch
  17. BrandYourself
  18. Buffer
  19. Chatmeter
  20. GatherUp
  21. Get Five Stars
  22. Grade.US
  23. IFTTT
  24. Infringement.Report
  25. Meltwater

1. Reputology

reputology reputation management tool

Reviews play an essential role in the success of your business. Needless to say, even one single review could be influential enough to create an impression, be it positive or negative.

Reputology is the perfect tool that allows you to track, monitor, and even respond to online reviews appropriately. But that’s not all:

  • It works seamlessly with all the major review sites like Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yelp to name a few.
  • If you want to eradicate or respond to any negative element in any review, then this tool can come to your aid.
  • It is a location-specific tool that can do wonders for any business targeting the local market.
  • You will also receive email notifications about new reviews and can even respond to them via this tool.

2. Mention

mention reputation management tool

Becoming the talk of the town is perhaps the best result you can drive out of a successful social media campaign. But how do you track it?

This is where Mention comes into the picture.

By quickly analyzing one million different sources like social media conversations, forums, various blogs, and other nooks and corners of the internet, you can find out how many times your business is mentioned online.

  • This is a wonderful tool for monitoring and social listening.
  • Thanks to the pulse alert feature, you will get notified in real-time when your business gets mentions more than usual.
  • With the sentiment analysis tool, seamlessly sort the negative comments from the positive ones and respond to them quickly.

3. Social Mention

social mention reputation management tool

Want to know how many times your business is being searched on social media on a real-time basis? Well, Social Mention can help you discover that.

Just enter your brand, specify categories such as blogs, microblogs, videos, etc., and Voila! You’ll get the results right in front of you!

  • Easily know about the mentions along with the sentiments behind them.
  • Find neutral mentions along with the top keywords, hashtags, and other parameters.
  • You can even have an overall statistical analysis along with relevant scores in different categories.

4. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo reputation management tool

Buzzsumo is perhaps the most unique tool among all the other online reputation management tools on the list. This is because Buzzsumo can help you identify any content containing your search term along with the statistics related to its engagement.

  • You can perform the search by using various filters available such as word count, content-type, etc.
  • Quickly get engagement reports for various platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and many more.
  • Know all about the engagement of every single content relevant to the search.
  • Create custom alerts for various categories such as backlinks, competitor mentions, etc.

5. Review Push

review push reputation management tool

Assimilate all the online reviews related to your brand or business easily with Review Push. You can also monitor multiple sites with the tool and access an unlimited number of locations.

  • A very useful tool for reputation management for businesses having multiple branches in various regions.
  • A powerful tool to compare the business outlook on multiple sites.
  • Get quickly notified via email for every new review you receive.

6. Reputation Refinery

reputation refinery reputation management tool

Reputation Refinery can remove negative sentiments from many sites that range from social media, blogs, online journals, and even media sharing destinations.

  • This tool allows you to have trials before settling for the perfect plan for your business.
  • With this, you can have Executive Insights.
  • Along with broad social media coverage, it offers you sentiment analysis for every related comment as well.

7. Brands Eye

brands eye reputation management tool

Want to know more about the people sentiments related to your business? Well, then Brands Eye can be the most reliable option for you.

You will be able to monitor all the important insights about the discussions containing your brand’s name, campaigns, as well as individuals.

You will get notified about the latest happenings related to your brand via email, Twitter, text messages, and even RSS feed. Also, it provides you with a reputation score to gauge the strength of your brand’s influence compared to your competitors.

  • You can tailor the analysis based on forty crucial reputation management parameters.
  • Get an in-depth analysis of your competitors and related online discussions.
  • Avail real-time notifications and get your brand’s online reputation score.

8. Go Fish Digital

go fish digital reputation management tool

Knowing about the negative reviews and complaints against your brand or website is essential. With Go Fish Digital, you can seamlessly scan over 40 complaint websites to see if there are any negative reviews posted with your brand’s name.

  • This is a fantastic tool to check your brand’s reputation and identify all the negative elements present about it on the web.
  • You can also find all the complaints made by individuals on various websites.
  • You can respond to the negative reviews appropriately using this platform and can even flag or remove them if they appear to be far from reality.

9. Review Trackers

review tracker reputation management tool

Review Trackers is perhaps the most sought-after tool on the internet to help you track the various reviews posted by clients in different corners of the web about your brand or business. It comes with a bunch of features like:

  • Easily read the reviews and understand the customer experience.
  • Get all the necessary insights about your customers across all locations.
  • It can consolidate all the reviews in one place and send them across to you via email.

10. SentiOne

senti one reputation management tool

What do your customers say about your brand? Have you ever paid attention to this aspect? Well, SentiOne can help you do that.

Not just the present reviews and comments, this amazing tool can help you track all the comments of different customers you received even before you started using this tool.

  • This tool scans tons of websites and sources and provides you with a plethora of information.
  • You can additionally filter multiple metrics to get more specific insights.
  • Easily identify the negative reviews and comments, and act on the ones that need your earliest attention in the crisis period.

11. The Brand Grader

the brand grader reputation management tool

Running short on budget? Well, what if you find a very useful reputation management tool for free? This is exactly what The Brand Grader offers you.

With just a simple click it can give you a comprehensive idea about your brand’s online presence in a jiffy!

  • From the key influencers on the internet to the locations where people are talking about your brand, you get to know all of them.
  • This tool can also help you understand the aspects where your brand is failing to meet the customers’ expectations.
  • You will get multiple insightful inputs about your brand’s online reputation to manage it better.

12. Attentio

attentio reputation management tool

Attentio online reputation management tool gives you the power to take control of your brand’s social media presence.

With this tool, you can easily track what is being written about your brand and where is it present on social media.

  • You can also identify the social media channels that create most of the buzz for your brand.
  • You will also get helpful analytics and segmentation for various platforms on the web.
  • Live charts and sentiment analysis are also some of the most notable features of this tool.

13. Awario

awario reputation management tool

Awario is one of the most preferred social listening tools, which can do wonders to manage your brand’s online image.

  • Every time your brand is mentioned somewhere in any of the major social media platforms, this tool will immediately notify you.
  • You can also respond to the reviews and mentions via this app.
  • Thanks to the sentiment analysis, you can promptly spot the mentions that demand your immediate intervention.
  • This tool can also notify you if there is a copyright infringement or if your content gets stolen by someone.

14. Brand 24

brand24 reputation management tool

Brand24 is an amazing tool that allows you to monitor social media mentions of one or multiple brands by creating projects.

  • To refine your search you can filter the results based on a list of keywords or even by specific key terms.
  • It can help you find all the real-time mentions of your brand on social media channels.
  • From news sites to blogs, videos, and even discussion forums, this tool can scan pretty much everything.

15. Brand Mentions

brand mentions reputation management tool

Want to expand your brand’s search on the web? Then Brand Mentions can do this for you. This tool goes beyond the major platforms and includes all the non-social channels as well.

  • Quickly delve into extensive analysis and easily identify the keywords you want to track.
  • Not just yours, but track the keywords of your competitors as well.
  • Seamlessly filter negative reviews and comments with in-depth sentiment analysis.

16. Brandwatch

brandwatch reputation management tool

Brandwatch is definitely one of the most powerful analytical tools. If you can spend the big bucks on your ORM campaigns, then this is the tool you need to opt for.

  • With features like image recognition and trending topics, needless to say, this tool can serve you the best results.
  • Thanks to its helpful demographic analysis, you can easily find out what people are saying about your brand across various platforms.
  • If you are up for a data visualization platform, then Brandwatch offers you a powerful tool called Vizia that can make your data analysis centralized and effortless.

17. BrandYourself

brandyourself reputation management tool

Along with your company’s brand, your own online image also matters a lot. If you wish to track or enhance your personal online reputation, then BrandYourself is the perfect tool for you.

  • It can easily track your presence and give you an overall reputation score based on the results.
  • Additionally, you will be provided with a detailed report that can help you understand how to improve the reputation score.

18. Buffer


On the face of it, Buffer looks like just a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your posts on various social media platforms.

But do you know Buffer can also help you improve your online reputation? Yes, this tool has some cool features that enable you to optimize and manage your online image.

  • It can help you come up with quality content that will frame a solid online impression of your brand.
  • Through this tool, you can also respond and reach out to your customers at the most appropriate times.
  • You can come up with customized messages for your customers that can build a good rapport.

19. Chatmeter

chatmeter reputation management tool

Chatmeter allows enterprises to analyze customer feedback data to improve customer experience and thereby build a strong brand influence.

  • This tool can instantly report you about every single review across multiple search and online review platforms, and also about new content posted with your brand mention.
  • At the same time, you can use this tool to keep an eye out for the performance of your competitors.

20. GatherUp

gatherup reputation management tool

If you have a business that sells products or services, then you should definitely be aware of the importance of positive customer reviews!

Having an impeccable brand image is essential to attract more customers. However, at times, it can be a little bit challenging to convince them to write a positive review. This is where GatherUp comes in.

  • This tool will help you obtain customer feedback consistently and improve your overall review-score to capture more prospects.
  • It allows you to connect and engage with your customers via email or text messages, and ask them to write a review for your brand.

21. Get Five Stars

get five stars reputation management tool

To increase the number of five-star reviews, you would need a steady flow of positive reviews written by your customers from the outset.

This is why you need the Get Five Stars – the tool encourages your customers to write positive feedback for your awe-inspiring services.

  • By convincing customers to leave positive feedback, the tool increases brand awareness and reputation.
  • It presents your brand more appealing and reliable before your prospective buyers.

22. Grade.US

grade us reputation management tool

With Grade.us you can get more positive feedback and responses from your customers. This tool can increase the incoming influx of reviews by automating review campaigns on multiple-sites through text messaging and/or email.

  • You can monitor new reviews and can even respond to them via this platform.
  • It also offers you a review campaign report to understand the review trends and ROI.

23. IFTTT (If This, Then That)

ifttt reputation management tool

IFTTT is a unique tool that can take care of a lot of things related to digital marketing, and ORM could be one of them.

  • Thanks to its multi-channel integration capabilities, you can get new review notifications immediately.
  • Due to the real-time notifications, you will be able to respond to the ones that require your direct involvement immediately.

24. Infringement.Report

infringement report reputation management tool

To put it simply, Infringement.Report can scan every nook and cranny of the internet for images relevant to your brand or business. If your business depends on images a lot, then this is indeed a must-have tool for you.

  • If the tool finds images related to you, it will index them and inform you about the image location.
  • You will also be notified if the images are sourced or used inappropriately which could potentially harm your brand reputation.

25. Meltwater

meltwater reputation management tool

Meltwater is currently one of the most preferred media monitoring tools available online. It started as a press monitoring and clipping services, however, today it can play a significant role in your online reputation management.

  • With this tool, you can know where your competitors are being talked about on the internet.
  • You can also track the number of mentions your competitors are getting compared to your brand.
  • Get comparison reports and analytics of the brand performance on your Meltwater dashboard.
  • You can as well share the reports internally with your team from the tool itself.

In a Nutshell

As they say, building a reputation is an uphill task compared to losing it in an instance. And believe it or not, just one loose end of your brand image can cost you and your business dearly.

These ORM tools can give you an upper-hand over your competitors and since your customers will be much more aware of your positive aspects, they will be more likely to do business with your brand.

From social media, forums, complain websites, to every nook and corner of the internet, with these tools in your kitty, you can spot all the negative sentiments against your brand, which demands your immediate involvement.

Prevention is always better than a cure! And this is exactly what you can do for your brand with these online reputation management tools.

So, that’s it for today.

Please feel free to share your favorite ORM tools that you use to take care of your brand’s online reputation. Your experience can help our readers to quickly get started with it.

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