3 Ways You Can Encourage, Practice, and Instill Creativity in Your Brand’s Marketing

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In this digital age, business success is not about being bigger, richer, or working harder than your competition. Business success today largely depends on the entrepreneurs and marketers who can creatively surface realistic solutions to unplanned problems. And thus, creativity may be the most important decisive aspect of whether a marketing campaign is well backed to succeed or ultimately it will turn out to be a dead duck.

No single marketing approach will work forever for anyone. Over time, even your most exclusive and flagship products and services can get overshadowed if you fail to deliver something exciting to your audience and customers. Fortunately, there are multiple ways marketers can make themselves, their team, and the company more creative.

Here are the three ways you can practice creativity in your existing business to supercharge your creative quotient, flex your team brains, and get your task done.

Collaborate With a Group of Creative Thinkers

Entrepreneurs and marketers need creative products, resources, and ideas, just as artists need the right set of tools for creating their awe-inspiring masterpieces. As a marketer, it’s crucial to have the right kind of people for your project capable of instilling their creativity and stimulating the team. In this regard, collaboration works best. Especially when team members need to acquire diverse and complementary skill sets required to complete the project productively.

By showcasing others’ skills, giving them space to bring creative ideas, involving them in constructive knowledge sharing you can mobilize the collaboration to the next level. Not only this but apart from their professional collaboration, invite them to join social events where they can freely exchange their opinions and innovative thoughts in a lighter frame of mind. You never know what may come out from such informal conversations.

So, how to start connecting people with your marketing process?

Consider collaborating with experts within or outside your organization who have specialization in marketing, technology, design, finance, etc. This will help you lift the collective creative innovations that your investors and customers actually want from you. This way you will be able to utilize the right brain at the right place and make astute decisions quickly and firmly.

When you read enough or talk enough with experts, you will have adequate inputs and soon new marketing ideas will start emerging. So collaborating with a team and learning from others may be just what you need to give your marketing a creative boost.

Find Inspiration from Other Industries

Modern marketing is technology-driven and fast-paced and it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest trends in your industry. It can be even harder to find creative inspiration when it appears like you’re stuck trying the same thing day by day and hoping that something magical will happen.

Your next creative idea may not come from copying what your competitor has already done. Research what businesses and startups are dominating and look for innovation in different industries and niches. So finding inspiration and ideas from another industry that somewhat matches yours can be an ingenious way to boost your marketing creativity and propagate it throughout the team.

For example, a B2B (Business to Business) technology brand can learn from another B2B brand catering to another industry. Let’s say, if you are a corporate interior designer, you can find loads of innovative ideas from brands like Ikea that sells a variety of ready-to-assemble modular office furniture.

The key here is not to simply imitate other brands. Rather you should look at what works and what doesn’t, and learn what you can apply to your own brand’s marketing. If something doesn’t work for a brand in another industry, the chances are that it won’t work for you either. So you can take that knowledge and avoid repeating those same mistakes without spending a dime.

Ask for Creative Suggestions and Constructive Feedback

Feedback and suggestions are important for improving anything in our day-to-day life. But many a time people especially creative professionals may not be very much ready and keen to accept feedback or healthy criticism.

If you are such a person especially, if you represent a brand then you should quickly come out of this negative shell. Brands must be ready to accept feedback and suggestions in any form and shape. This is one of the few ways brands can directly communicate with their consumers and subsequently get many creative ideas which can afterward improve their marketing, products, and services.

Sometimes it seems difficult to figure out a creative solution to a problem all by yourself. So ask for help and advice from peers, friends, colleagues, customers, and people from your personal network whom you trust and respect. Every person has a unique skill set, experience, and knowledge to share with you, which may later on literally change your creative perceptions.

So, how do you set up the feedback system for your brand? Simple, plant it before you start the project. You may need suggestions and feedback at different phases of your project from multiple sources. Thus develop a system that will ease the process and encourage all of your stakeholders, employees, and customers to exchange their views and opinions seamlessly. All you need is fresh, unbiased, external perspectives, even if you don’t apply all of them in your marketing. However, at times a few of them may trigger some really cool creative ideas that you can bank on.

Final Thoughts

The aforesaid strategies will hopefully remove the creativity block that you are facing right now. So don’t forget to encourage growing creativity in yourself as well as in your team. Finally, these techniques for enhancing marketing-creativity work for individuals, startups, and large scale enterprises.

The only thing that you need to remember and apply is – instead of racking your brain trying to figure out creative solutions all by yourself, train multiple brains to achieve better marketing ROI.

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