How to Improve Your Content Writing Skills – 5 Tips to Follow to Develop Your Writing Style

improve your content writing skills

If you want to stand out in today’s digital marketing world, it’s time for you to use your writing skills as one of your strong weapons. Maybe, content writing sounds daunting for a lot of people, especially those who don’t write content regularly; but trust me, it’s not that difficult. Anybody can improve their content writing skills with some zeal and focus on learning. Besides, improving your writing skills may also reward you with a lot of money-making opportunities that were otherwise impossible even to imagine.

Do you have any idea about how you can hone and improve your writing skills? Well, let me show you a streamlined process that will help you make your moves in the right direction, and systematically brush up your content writing skills.

So without any further ado, let’s head straight to the topic.

Make a Daily Habit of Reading

Without a daily habit of reading, you cannot improve your content writing skills.

Initially, it will be challenging for you to know if your readers like your content or not. However, you can quite easily understand this by reading contents from other authors, which your readers and audiences love the most. Contents are meant for human readers, and none can deny that.

So start reading content, maybe a book, blog article, journal, or news, anything would work.

  • Try to understand the topic, follow the style, and think about how you can implement them uniquely in your writing. You can also take some notes for future references.
  • Don’t limit yourself! Go for general as well as more technical topics.
  • If you are a tyro and have just started developing your reading habit, don’t think too much about why you are reading a content. This will eventually help you build up your reading habit, and slowly, you will start enjoying it just like me.
  • While browsing the internet, keep your eyes open and look for the contents that interest you. You may additionally consider taking note of them and even can highlight a few that entice you the most.
  • There are a lot of online apps and devices available on the web for encouraging reading, like Google playbooks, Nook, Amazon Kindle, Oodles eBook Reader, etc. So, if you think that you can’t really spend much time reading, you can easily do that on the go using these web and mobile apps.

So, you see, it’s not that tough to make reading your daily habit with these easy-peasy tips.

Follow the Best Writers in Your Niche and Learn from Their Writing

Every domain has its own way of content writing that you must follow. Let’s say, in the digital marketing space; you must know how to blend the arts, science, and commerce in your content so that it tells a creative process that makes more profit and also shows the science behind the scene. Besides this, without gaining deep knowledge about several ongoing marketing trends, customers’ needs, your contents on digital marketing will sooner or later fail. And this isn’t different for another industry.

So, what to do?

Simple, follow the industry experts and their writings, on their blogs and other online outlets. Learn from them when your goal is to become a writer or blogger. Following them will help you keep yourself updated with the latest news from the industry and stay two steps ahead of others.

For example, if you are into digital marketing, you must follow Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, etc.

Neil Patel is one of the top internet marketers in the world who helps aspiring, and other pro marketers grow with his amazing contents. He is the man behind companies like NeilPatel.com, QuickSprout, and Crazy Egg, where he shares tips and strategies related to digital marketing. Follow him on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get the latest industry updates.

Jeff Bullas started his journey with a social media blog, and today he is one of the hotshot bloggers, who has millions of followers online.

If you love fashion and want to see yourself as one of the promising fashion bloggers in the coming years down the line, then you must follow the true fashion icons like Blair Eadie, Sara Crampton, Christine Andrew, etc.

So, the point is simple. Whatever industry you are interested in, if you want to grow your writing skills, you must follow the bests. This way, you will not only better your writing skills but also develop your style that will time and again excite your audiences and customers.

Know How to Analyze Data That Make Your Content More Powerful and Relevant

When writing content, sometimes you may have to cite relevant data to reinforce it further. So to improve your content writing skills, you must know how to collect pertinent data insights and how to use them aptly to amplify its visibility and multiply the profit.

  • Take help from Google because it is the first place where you can get a lot of data when you are about to start a new piece of content.
  • If you want to dig deeper into a particular topic, you can use social media tools like Pinterest and Twitter. They may help you discover some interesting facts and figures that you will love to unwrap in your writing.
  • Analyze the contents of your competitors and check the data they have presented. Next, follow the data sources, and you may find fresh data that will be more befitting to the current context.

So if you want to know how to write better content, never forget to use data. Spend some good time in researching data and use them appropriately to make your content better than the bests.

Write, Write, and Write

“Practice makes a man perfect”.


And this is indeed not different in content writing.

Hardcore practicing is a must-do thing in content writing too. Think like it’s your job and you have to write regularly.

  • Choose a topic and start small. Write the first paragraph and continue.
  • Find out the mistakes you made previously, and try not to repeat them. Improve yourself every time you write a content.
  • Don’t use complex words in the content. Consider using simple words instead.
  • Think first what you want to say, and then start conveying it through your writing.
  • While writing, try to keep the sentences short and simple. Don’t forget KISS – Keep it simple stupid.
  • Don’t try to become an expert writer from the very first day. This will actually backfire the process. Just write whatever is coming in your mind to improve your writing skills and speed.

Improving your content writing skills is not possible overnight. However, if you patiently keep working on it, you will surely observe significant improvements in your writing.

Proofread and Optimize Your Content to Make It Reader and Search Engine Friendly

The last thing that you should do to improve your content writing skills is to optimize the content for search engines like Google. The content you will create should always be exciting for human readers, and at the same time, it must be search engine friendly.

But how will you do it? How will you balance your content correctly so that it never fails to attract the audiences as well as the search bots?

The answer is, proofread the contents meticulously and optimize them optimally.

Content optimization is an enormous topic that has literally no beginning and no end. Therefore, I will point out those that are absolutely crucial for your content proofreading and optimization.

  • Do an extensive keyword analysis before you start writing the content. Double-check the keywords and make sure to use them meaningfully throughout the content.
  • Look for LSI (latent semantic indexing), and “people also ask” keywords. Use them contextually to improve the content further.
  • Optimize the onpage SEO elements like page title, meta description, content header, paragraph headers, images, internal links, etc.
  • Avoid writing small content that has no influence on your readers’ lives. Besides, Google doesn’t give any importance to thin content. Hence write detailed, long content that adds value and empowers your audiences.
  • While writing the content, you are free to take a few inspirations from other authors who have written on the same topic. However, remember, if you want to improve your writing skills and, more importantly, if you want to be a content writer, never indulge yourself in copying others’ contents.
  • Encourage your readers to share and engage with your content on social media channels.
  • While proofreading the content, your job is to ensure that there are no grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. So, after the initial draft of the content is written, read it a couple of times to spot the mistakes manually and correct them.
  • Besides doing manual proofreading, you should also use content proofreading tools. You will find a lot of useful proofreading tools on the internet. When some of those are free, some are premium. So, depending on your budget, you have to select and use the one that will make the job easier while not break your bank.

You should always prioritize and value your readers. But it does not mean that you can overlook the SEO part. Instead, you must keep a sweat balance so that the content gets the love of your readers as well as the search engines.

Now that you know how to improve content writing skills, you should now consistently work on it. I am sure if you follow these five content writing tips for beginners, you will be able to better your writing every time you create content.

Lastly, feel free to share the strategies you adopted to develop your writing skills. Our readers will be more than happy to know your tips and implement them in improving their content writing skills.

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