digital marketing company in indore

Top 15 Digital Marketing Agencies in Indore, Offering Excellent Internet Marketing Services

In this article, you will discover 15 best digital marketing companies in Indore, which offer full-stack digital marketing services to hundreds of companies in India and abroad. Modern times need modern methods! Not to just coin a proverb, but this is absolutely true when it comes to businesses these days. Digital marketing nowadays determines the…
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net promoter score business growth hack

What is Net Promoter Score and How to Use NPS to Growth Hack Your Business and Sales

What makes your customers happy? Well, this is perhaps one of the simplest yet most important questions for your business. Believe it or not, this implies to you as much as anyone else. After all, every business owner is also a consumer of some sort, just like his/her own clients and customers. NPS or Net…
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determine digital marketing budget

How to Understand and Determine Your Company’s Digital Marketing Budget

It is a well-known rule in business policy that the bigger a company is, the larger percentage of their revenue they are going to spend on digital marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola, Ford, or Apple all spend a surprising amount of money promoting their brand and making their products well known. So, with this in mind,…
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growth hacking tools

30 Powerful Growth Hacking Tools to Stimulate and Turbocharge the Growth of Your Business

Let’s ask ourselves, what is the primary goal behind our business? A simple answer to that would be, having the right set-up in place so that it grows in leaps and bounds. But then growth is a relative term. So how do you give your business that growth spurt? This is exactly what this blog…
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browser extensions digital marketing

Top 10 Browser Extensions for Digital Marketers Recommended by 97% Top Marketers

Do you often feel shattered while working? Well, let me put it in this way, if you want to finish your work fast and effortlessly, then a few browser extensions should always be at your disposal! But is there any good bunch of browser addons for digital marketers? I know this is the first question…
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copywriting tips

Be a Better Copywriter: 15 Copywriting Tips to Become Better than the Best Copywriters

So you have just started copywriting. Are you enjoying it? Well, loving your job is very important, especially if it is writing alluring ad copies to make the sales graph shoot through the roof. Copywriting is indeed not an easy-peasy game. You have to be very patient as it takes years of practice to master…
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online reputation management tools

Top 25 Online Reputation Management Tools to Manage Your Brand Reputation Like a Pro

Why is your reputation so very important? Well, be it your business or your personal brand, your reputation speaks for yourself. But sometimes building it can be challenging. That’s where these top online reputation management tools come into the picture. But, why do you need reputation management tools? Well, reputation management is a tricky business,…
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