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net promoter score business growth hack

What is Net Promoter Score and How to Use NPS to Growth Hack Your Business and Sales

What makes your customers happy? Well, this is perhaps one of the simplest yet most important questions for your business. Believe it or not, this implies to you as much as anyone else. After all, every business owner is also a consumer of some sort, just like his/her own clients and customers. NPS or Net…
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best hosting providers

Best Website Hosting Providers: An In-depth and Unbiased Review from a Non-Affiliate

Do you feel pain the moment you hear about website hosting companies? Well, fret not, you are not alone! Finding the best website hosting provider is a bit of a challenge – simply because there is just more than one aspect to take care of. Brooding over different types of hosting services like shared hosting,…
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video marketing tools

10 Most Fascinating and Powerful Video Marketing Tools for New-Age Digital Marketers

Attention! The following paragraph is a bit about human psychology! Don’t fret; we’ll not deviate too much. But just take a minute and ask yourself, would you prefer reading a couple of too long paragraphs over watching a three-minute short video on the same topic? Well, exceptions aside, I know the answer is negative! Most…
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how to budget seo

How to Budget for SEO – A Complete Break-Up of How to Spend Money in SEO

Being logically economic can work as a great stepping stone to a successful business. Utilizing your resources to their maximum potency can not only make your end-results better but also saves a lot of your hard-earned cash. This is why companies must learn how to budget for SEO and acquire the best possible results without…
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google e-a-t seo

What is Google E-A-T in SEO, and How to Improve Your Website’s E-A-T Score?

What is the secret recipe behind outstanding search engine rankings? Starting off with a digression, are we? No, we are not! Think about it a bit explicitly. Take any SEO project; for example, you are trying your level best, yet the rankings are still utterly unsatisfactory. Wondering what went wrong, what are you missing out…
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seo myths

19 SEO Myths Your Clients may Tell You, which will Leave You Dazed and Shocked

In general, the origin of myths lies in the figment of our imagination. But when it comes to SEO myths, I believe it’s primarily because of our lack of knowledge and mere assumptions. SEO is an ever-changing process, and much because of its job-diversity, it has given birth to a number of myths that can…
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determine digital marketing budget

How to Understand and Determine Your Company’s Digital Marketing Budget

It is a well-known rule in business policy that the bigger a company is, the larger percentage of their revenue they are going to spend on digital marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola, Ford, or Apple all spend a surprising amount of money promoting their brand and making their products well known. So, with this in mind,…
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