google e-a-t seo

What is Google E-A-T in SEO, and How to Improve Your Website’s E-A-T Score?

What is the secret recipe behind outstanding search engine rankings? Starting off with a digression, are we? No, we are not! Think about it a bit explicitly. Take any SEO project; for example, you are trying your level best, yet the rankings are still utterly unsatisfactory. Wondering what went wrong, what are you missing out…
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seo changes and how to pivot strategy

SEO in 2020-2021: 4 Things That Have Changed and How to Pivot Your Optimization Strategy

Being the best in business is all about staying on top of the latest industry trends – and when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, there is a lot to keep up with. “SEO” refers to digital marketing campaigns designed to increase a website’s organic search presence. Essentially, it’s all about getting a…
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